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"Limo One Is Missing" is the ninth episode of the first season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

President Jimmy Carter sends his car, "Limo One", to Georgia before he visits the state. The Secret Service men and the two state police motorcycle cops stop at the Boar's Nest for a fill-up and some coffee, where Cooter and the boys are just leaving. The boys spot the car, admire it for a bit, and then Bo and Luke leave, leaving Cooter to ogle over the car some more. In fact, Cooter becomes so entranced by the limo that he hotwires it, and takes it for a joyride. Boss Hogg has a chop shop operation going, and Rosco, who is usually in on Boss Hogg's scams, knows nothing about it. When the limo turns up missing, Rosco assumes that the same car thieves who had been working the county for the past month are the ones who stole it. Boss figures that he has got a sure disaster on his hands if it turns out that his men at the chop shop took the car and have cut it to pieces, until Rosco wonders how much of a reward he will get for bringing that "important car" back.

Balladeer: The Main Road into Hazzard ain’t exactly the Pennsylvania Turnpike, but occasionally it makes up in the quality what it lacks in volume. Now you’ve heard of Air Force One, the President of the United States’ private plane. Well there’s also Limo One, his official car. Now when he goes south for a visit, he sends it ahead so he can use it while he’s down there. Which makes the Boar’s Nest the ideal spot for refueling. Making eyes at Daisy Duke just goes to show that lusting in the heart ain’t necessarily confined to the Oval Office.

Boar’s Nest

Limo One is passing through Hazzard and stops at the Boar’s Nest to get some gas and coffee. Inside they order from Daisy, one of the guards flirting with her. Luke, Cooter, and Bo are at the bar, trying to get rid of Bo’s hiccups. The three leave, seeing the limo on their way out. After Bo and Luke leave, Cooter stays to look over the limo and decides to take it for a joy ride. The guards realize no one is watching the limo and go outside to find it was stolen. They rush after Cooter to get the limo back. Cooter passes the General and Bo and Luke realize what happened. Bo and Luke run from the guards and change signs on the road to make the guards take a dead end road. The bikes go the wrong way but the car sees Bo and Luke and chases them, thinking they are Cooter’s accomplices. Bo manages to trick the bikes into jumping and ending up in a pond. They leave to find Cooter.

Rosco arrives at the Boar’s Nest and excitedly tells Boss Hogg that his auto thieves had messed up by stealing the President’s Car. Rosco wonders how much reward that they will get. Boss says it would be a good idea they find the limo and thinks of how the President would write him a letter of thanks.

Duke Farm

Jesse scolds Bo and Luke for being Cooter’s accomplice. As he yells at them Bo keeps hiccupping and Jesse tells them to have Cooter leave the car where it can be found, don’t get caught, and get rid of the hiccups.

Mining Town

Balladeer: Now what you’re seeing here is a man who knows the territory and how to use it. This is a forgotten road to the old abandoned mining town of Choctaw. When the ore disappeared 60 years ago, so did the people. Boss used to use it to warehouse his moonshine. But Boss had kept up with the times. Now this here secret establishment is called a chop shop. And there ain’t a bite of meat on the premises. You see, stolen cars are chopped up and sold for parts outside the country. Couse old Boss ain’t bothered to tell Sheriff Rosco about it because he’d want a cut.

Boss has his driver take him to the car thieves. He arrives in the garage and they let him in. He asks them where the limo is and informs them that the president’s limo was there in Hazzard after the group shows no knowledge of it. Bumper says he wants to chop it but Boss says they are not going to do that before imagining the president would phone him and thank him for the return of his car.

Duke Farm

Cooter goes to the Duke farm, telling the boys about the car to Luke’s exasperation and Bo’s amusement, saying he got it up to 110. He teases Bo for still having the hiccups before telling them it’s in the Duke barn to their anger. He informs them that it was as far as he could push it after it ran out of gas.

Rosco calls Enos  to go check the Duke Farm for the preisdent’s limo, having heard about the boys havin helped whoever it was get away.

Cooter apologizes to them for what happened and the boys decide to put a gallon of gas in the car. However before they can do anything, Daisy informs them Enos is arriving. Luke gets a plan and tells the other three. Enos pulls up to the barn and talks to Luke. After signaling Bo and Cooter to hide the car behind the barn and having Daisy temporarily distract Enos to give them time, Enos finds the barn is empty. Luke takes Enos around to the back of the barn as Bo and Cooter push the car back inside. After being satisfied that the car isn’t there, Enos leaves. Bo, Luke, and Cooter then drive away in the Limo.

Rosco calls Enos and Enos explains that the Limo wasn’t on the farm. Rosco sees the boys in the Limo as he drives and chases after them. Bo hides the Limo by taking a sharp turn behind a structure, causing Rosco to drive away. Bo jokes that Rosco scared away his hiccups.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco reports to Boss about losing the car. Boss has a tailor fixing his suit claiming that he imagines the President will come with his wife to his house to thank him for finding the limo. When Boss threatens to fire Rosco if he doesn’t find the car, the Tailor asks if Boss will hold that until Rosco finishes paying for his uniform as he still owes the tailor $12. The boys hide the Limo in ‘Old Man Pettigrew’s barn’ as it ran out of gas. Cooter says Pettigrew isn’t going to like it and Luke says they didn’t have a choice.

Duke Farm

Rosco goes to the Duke Farm and talk to Jesse and Daisy about Bo and Luke. Rosco reveals that he saw the boys and Jesse throws him out. After Rosco leaves, Bo, Luke, and Cooter sneak in. Jesse yells that he gets rid of one fool and three more comes in. Jesse is furious with them.

Balladeer: Now Luke had already figured on driving the limo over to Collyer’s Corner but he needed help. Jesse was going to call the FBI and tell them where to pick it up, and Daisy was gonna play cat and mouse with Enos.


Enos is spying on Daisy, who knows he’s there. She stops to put on make up and pretends to be shocked to see Enos before driving off. Enos follows her down Weatherly Road. Rosco gets excited, thinking she will lead them to the boys. Daisy loses Enos, who ends up nearly colliding with Rosco on the road.

Bo and Luke take the limo with Cooter when they see a man unconscious. They stop only for the man to pull a gun on them. He and his partner take the limo.

Balladeer: Now there are two accepted ways of getting a car in Hazzard. You can buy one, or you can rent one. The third way is called a Hazzard requisition. Bo gets angry and Cotoer says they got rid of the limo and Luke reminds them Jesse just called the FBI. The three run off and meet up with Daisy, who didn’t see it. Daisy insists she never saw them. They realize the Choctaw Road turnoff. The four go the check it out. Boss Hogg is also arriving to check in with his chop shop. The Dukes and Cooter follow him in.

Mining Town

Luke, Bo, and Cooter run up to the barn where Boss has arrived only to learn from Dooley that the chop shop has the limo. They find there are six people in the shop. Bo snaps a twig, nearly giving them away. The guard, Chet, is called away before he can spot them. The four leave for Daisy’s car. They are about to call Jesse but listen to Boss calling Rosco over the CB, who is on County Road headed toward Tucker Ridge. Boss tells him that the limo will be delivered to him at 3pm at Boar’s Nest and for Rosco to have those looking for the car at his office before asking what profile would look better on a stamp. They reach Jesse, who is furious, and tells them where they are.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco meeting up with Boss at the Boar’s Nest, bringing arrows the Dukes had used in a possum shoot a week before in order to pin the whole theft on the boys.

Mining Town

Jesse meets up with the boys as Daisy approaches the guard Chet with her car. He asks if she’s having trouble and they talk about her engine. Daisy asks him to help her and at first he tells her he can’t. Daisy leaves to go find someone to help and hearing Daisy start yelling, he rushes to rescue her. Bo and Luke swing into the barn to see the shop cleaning up the car. Cooter attempts to pick the lock only to find it is a combination lock. Jesse distracts everyone with a car horn while Bo and Luke blows up the door. Chet catches Daisy. Bo and Luke take charge of the others. Daisy is found by Chet and captured. Bo and Luke are found by the other two in the barn and attack the four. Luke takes down one and goes back to help Bo with the other three. After Bo takes the Limo and Luke takes one of the cars, ramming the gate. Cooter and Jesse join Bo and they head to meet Daisy, who is being held by Chet at the road turn off. They distract Chet with Bo’s hiccups returning and a car horn, for Daisy to escape and the Dukes and Cooter drive away. They drive by the Boar’s Nest to torment Boss for a moment. They take the Limo to town to turn it in.

Balladeer: Naturally the FBI took Jesse’s word about finding the President’s car. That got Cooter and the boys off the hook and put the chop shop out of business.

At the Duke farm, Cooter and Luke are still trying to get rid of Bo’s hiccups with Daisy and Jesse watching. Jesse gets a phone call from the President to thank him for finding the Limo and returning it. Jesse remarks that he’s proud of the boys and he turns down the offer to have dinner. After Jesse hangs up Bo remarks he gets why Jesse didn’t want to go but why didn’t he invite the man there. Jesse says he might bring his family along and the Dukes only have six plates and two are chipped.

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  • Boss Hogg has a new driver in this episode. Previously his driver had been a young unnamed man. In this episode his driver is a middle aged man in a suit. After this his driver is changed to Alex
  • Bo has an issue with hiccups this whole episode. Luke says its because he scarfs down food. This is a running joke in the series.


  • Jimmy Carter was President at the time of this episode. When Enos asks Luke about Limo one, Luke remarks that he hasn't 'seen Jimmy around all morning'
  • Bo made a comment saying "Little Nell saved by Simon Legree" reverencing Charles Dicken's 'The Old Curiosity Shop and Harriet Beecher Stowe's 'Uncle Toms Cabin'