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Linc McKay is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Late J.D. Hogg[]

An escaped prisoner wanted for mail theft. While at the Hazzard Post office with Webber they find a poster of them. When Webber remarks they should have all the social security checks in a few hours from the mail truck, he says it’s thanks to the post office for shipping them through a ‘jerk water town’. He then says they should go as they still have a few last minute details to take care of.

While walking out of the Barber shop, they spot a car. He walks up to the passenger door and they steal the car. As they drive away they are chased after by Bo and Luke Duke, who’s friend owned the car. He says they aren’t cops and asks who they are. At Webber’s suggestion, he leans out the window and shoots at the Dukes. When Webber yells ‘uh oh’ he gets back in the car, alarmed when they are forced to jump across a ditch. They lose Bo and Luke.

They stop and change clothes into disguises.

They steal the mail truck and tie up the driver. As they drive away he says he figures they got 200 thousand. Webber tells him they are being followed by the Sheriff though and surprised, he checks. They are surprised further when two cars, driven by the Dukes, enable their escape. He remarks someone just road shotgun for them and when Webber goes to speak he says not to ask him why, just keep going.

They pull over and put the mail in Charlie’s car before driving away. As they drive they notice the jeep from before following. However they lose the jeep. As they pass under a bridge they see Bo jump on the top of the car. When Bo slides into the back seat he shows Bo a pistol in his hand. Luke pulls up alongside and Bo wrestles with him for the gun. They are forced off the road. He tries to run but is pushed back by Luke. Luke hits him and captures him. They are arrested by Rosco and Cletus.