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Lisa is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Lisa infiltrates diamond exchanges as a merchant before learning about high value transfers. She then organizes the plane to be hijacked and her and her partners take the diamonds. At the beginning of 1981 she infiltrates the Atlanta Diamond exchange and plan a hijacking to occur over Hazzard County six months later.


Diamonds in the Rough[]

While sitting at the Boar’s Nest while waiting for news on the diamond drop, she is radioed by Frank and Lenny to tell her about Bo and Luke taking the doll. Upset she asks if they mean to tell her that they just let the boys get away. Annoyed she vents that after all the trouble they have gone through and putting it together for six months, before being distracted by the arrival of the General Lee. She asks them what the car was that the boys were driving. After they describe the car to her she asks if one of them was blonde and one brunette. She tells them that the boys just arrived at the Boar’s Nest and for them to take highway 30 going south.

She goes in the Boar’s Nest, seeing the boys talking to Daisy. She sits a t a table and Daisy comes over to clear off the table, apologizing for the mess. She asks if she can get Lisa anything and Lisa says maybe some information. She asks about the two guys and learn they are Daisy’s cousin. Seeing a newspaper article, she gets an idea and asks Daisy if the boys know anything about moonshine. Daisy asks if she’s a cop and she laughs at the idea and tells her she’s Della Dawn, the news columnist. Daisy gets excited and she shakes her hand. Daisy introduces herself and Lisa says she’s looking for new information. Daisy says the boys would love to help her but she needs to talk to her Uncle Jesse. She asks if she can meet them. Daisy tells her she’ll clock out and she will take her to the Farm.

She and Daisy head out of the Boar’s Nest and Daisy tells her the Farm is 10 minutes away. She tells Daisy not to lose her. As she gets in the car she sees Frank and Lenny pulling in. She gets in the car and picks up the radio telling them to follow her but not to close and when she gets to where she’s going they stay outside until she tells them to come in. Lenny confirms they understand and she follows Daisy to the Farm.

She arrives at the farm to be approached by Bo and Luke who saw her pull in. Daisy introduces her to Jesse and the boys and Jesse says he’s been reading the articles and they are good but he had no idea they were written by someone as young and pretty as her. She approaches him saying he’s a charmer and Bo says that Jesse should not have sweet talked her like that, to which Luke says Bo wanted to. Bo nods and she asks how they are and Bo says they are very well. Jesse says they should go in the house and have some iced tea. He offers her his arm, which she takes.

Inside Jesse takes her to the living room saying the place has been in their home for three generations. As she sits on the couch, Bo and Luke rush over to sit on either side of her. She notices the doll but Bo asks if she is still writing the article on moonshine. She tells him yes and she’s doing research. Bo tries to tell her about Jesse but Luke talks over him saying Uncle Jesse was the best in the county. Jesse says he’d tell a few stories but they would have to be off the record, to which she says that is okay. She’s alarmed when they hear cars and Boss, Rosco, and Cletus arrive.

She watches Luke grab the rabbit and hide it behind his back. She watches him hand it over to Bo. She focuses on Boss and Rosco as they talk about searching for moonshine and Rosco lets it slip that they are actually looking for the diamonds. As they bicker about the warrant, Luke points her out and saying she’s a start reporter and she could probably come up with a story about lawmen in Hazzard trespassing. She says it’ll probably made the headlines. Boss and Rosco flee. She wipes away her sweat after they leave. As the Dukes talk about the others not finding the rabbit, she pulls out a gun and asks Bo where he hid the rabbit. She signals for Frank and Lenny to join her.

When Frank and Lenny come in, Frank asks if she got the diamonds. She remarks that she was just about to ‘now wasn’t I Blondie?’ However Bo tells her ‘no ma’am’ shocking her. Bo explains that the rabbit is in Boss Hogg’s car and when the other three Dukes start to yell at him for it she tries to get their attention. When they ignore her she shoots the ceiling and says it’s not time to argue and they should get going. Jesse snaps at her for shooting the ceiling. Frank reminds her the officers were in the car. She says that first of all, they don’t know the diamonds are in the doll and second they don’t know the doll is in the car. She says Frank and Lenny will stay with ‘old daddy’ and the ‘little girl’ and Bo and Luke are going with her. She asks that they know where ‘Tubby’ parks, which they agree and she says they are going to take her to him, that they will get the diamonds for her, and they are going to take her car. Bo and Luke follow her out.

As they arrive in town, Luke spots Boss’ car and she tells them to pull up behind it. The three get out and when Bo and Luke don’t see it she remarks she can’t tell them how sorry she is to hear that. Bo tells her not to jump to any conclusions and they start searching.

When Bo confirms it’s not there she says it doesn’t look too good. She goes toward the car, Bo and Luke following saying a lot of things could have happened and it may have blown out onto the road. She tells Bo to check the road but then they see Flash has the doll. Bo tells her not to get too close as Flash is kinda mean and takes the doll. She takes it from Bo and thanks him before telling them they can go now. They head to the car. As they leave the Sheriff chases after them. She tells them that she doesn’t have to remind them of what will happen if they don’t lose Rosco and Bo says she doesn’t and they’ll do it. After Luke jumps through a billboard to lose Rosco she says they drive real nice when they have to. Luke thanks her sarcastically.

They arrive at the Duke Farm and as she gets out of the car she runs into Bo before shoving past him to get in the house. As she comes in, Frank says he sees she got it, which she smiles saying she sure did. Frank asks what to do with them all but Daisy grabs the doll and flees into a nearby room, shutting and locking the door. She bangs on the door, trying to get it open. She turns back to see Bo, Luke, Lenny, and Frank fighting and fires her gun again. Jesse tells angrily tells her to hold it and starts yelling at her for shooting the ceiling again. She tells him to shut up and bangs on the door telling Daisy if she doesn’t come out with the diamonds then she will be ‘minus one uncle and two pretty cousins’. She adds she isn’t kidding and Daisy opens the door, handing her the doll. She tells her ‘good girl’ and her and her boys go to leave. Hearing Bo saying he had Frank where he wanted him, she says ‘yeah’ before telling them all not to do anything stupid and not to poke out their heads or they will get blown away if they do. They go outside and she tells Frank to get rid of the ‘blue heap’ as the last thing they need is a hot car. She leaves with Lenny.

They go to a nearby cliff and she watches Frank and Lenny push the blue car off and destroy it below. As they head away she opens the doll saying ‘now lets go spend some of these diamonds boys’ but finds it full of plastic jewelry. Furious she yells they have been had, calling Daisy a little snip saying she made a switch on them. She tells them to go back and they are going after the Dukes. They turn around.

As they head to the farm they see the General pass by them. Lisa yells it’s them and to turn around. They chase after the General. They watch the boys jump off the road and when Frank comments she tells him to take the long way around as he doesn’t drive like them. They catch up to the Dukes and she points them out. A few moments later they are surprised when the Sheriff comes in behind them. They follow Bo and Luke until they are forced to stop, sliding into Mason’s car as he stops as well.

She gets out of the car and claims the diamonds from Bo and Luke. Luke tosses them to her but Agent Caldwell arrives, taking the diamonds and her gun. They are arrested.


  • Linda Hart is a singer. This is the second time a singer has appeared on the show without a singing role, the first being Mel Tillis. However Mel Tillis does return to sing in season 5.