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Lisa Sue Pritchard, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Lisa Sue is president of Pritchard Industries. They have many companies and subsidiaries under them including Pritchard Coal.


Farewell, Hazzard[]

She works a deal with Boss Hogg to get the farms of Hazzard, claiming she wants to develop the county as ‘New Hazzard’. Meanwhile she has Garrett and Hudson testing core samples for coal. Garrett calls her to report that they ran the Duke vehicle off the road and that the last eight core samples were positive.

She arrives in Hazzard with Whitney driving and they are greeting by Boss Hogg. She gets out of the car and Boss is surprised, pointing out ‘you’re ah-ah” to which she says ‘Yes I am”. She assumes he’s the Commissioner and moves out of the way when the police department, Enos and Rosco, accidentally hit Boss with a red carpet. As Boss gets back up, she and Whitney exchange unimpressed looks. Boss presents her with a key to the city, hinting for her name to which she says as long as they are partners he can call her L.S. She takes the key and Boss says she can call him J.D. She says she wants to get down to business and asks how the land purchases are coming. He tells her it’s starting to roll, saying he bought six, repossessed one, and foreclosed on two. She tells him to hurry it up as she wants to finish her buying the land as soon as possible. As she goes to get in the car she tells Boss to take off the hairpiece as he looks ridiculous.

L.S. and Whitney meet up with Garrett and Hudson. Garrett gives them a report that all of Hazzard seems to be loaded with high density coal deposits. She is pleased. She says once she buys the land she will bring in the bulldozers and the mining crew so they can get to work, adding that the ‘dummy Hogg’ will be in for a big surprise. L.S. and Whitney then head back to town.

She comes into the Police Department to see Boss yelling. She asks what the problem is, and Boss says it’s the Duke Boys, pointing out Bo and Luke. She tells him to introduce them before shaking Bo’s hand and overlooking Rosco to shake Luke’s. She tells Luke she’s sorry about his farm but Bo gets upset again and Luke says they aren’t thrilled about the talk of new Hazzard. As Boss has Bo and Luke escorted out, she stops Luke saying ‘Getting angry, I like that in a man’. Luke brushes her off and leaves. She approaches Boss, saying that he was worried about the boys and Boss says without the Dukes the rest of the town would be a pushover. She says they can’t have the boys making waves, and if Boss can’t take care of them then she will.

When she goes outside she sees Luke standing by her car and tells Whitney to take a stroll as she wants to ‘do a number on that hunk of country boy’. Luke approaches her and says he wants to apologize for the ruckus. She asks if he would sit with her for a bit and chat about it. He agrees and she has him help her take off her coat before getting in the limo. She tells him to explain what he doesn’t like about her redeveloping.

She finishes telling Luke her ‘plans’ for Hazzard, saying he has nothing to fret about. Luke remarks that she tells it mighty nice, calling her ma’am. She tells him to call her Lisa Sue and says she loves a man with a strong jaw. He thanks her and adds that she hasn’t explained why Hazzard. The phone rings and she hears from Garrett that Bo found a piece of equipment. She thanks him before saying she has a business problem and asking Luke to continue the conversation another time. She and Luke get out and she kisses his cheek. She watches Luke walk away as Whitney arrives, seeing Bo drive into town. She tells her driver that she sees what Hogg meant and it looks like she’s going to have to take car of the boys herself. She laments that it is a waste. She orders for Garrett and Hudson to track down the boys and imprison them until the deal is complete.

When Garrett and Hudson can’t find the boys, she goes to Boss’ home. When Boss invites her for dinner, she snaps that this isn’t a social call and says he was right about the boys and she wants to speed everything up. She tells Boss he will call a town meeting at 9 am sharp. She gives him a check and says she doesn’t care how much he has to spend, that she wants him to use pressure, threats, anything. She wants to complete the land by the next day. She adds to make sure the Duke boys are not there. Boss says he’ll have his sheriff’s department set up a road block. As she goes to leave he asks if she wants to stay and try the deep fried hog jaws he is making. She says the only thing he better be making is phone calls. Outside she says she can’t count on the Hazzard Idiots and ensure their own men are watching the Hatchape road. When asked what about Hogg she says as soon as they don’t need him, they dump him and she wants to start hauling out coal within ten days.

She arrives at the Boar’s Nest before the meeting starts when Boss informs her that she has a phone call. She accepts the phone and makes Boss leave before she hears Luke’s voice, saying it is a pleasant surprise to hear from him. Luke asks if they can continue their conversation and she agrees to meet him at Lover’s Rock. She gets her jacket and tells her driver they have to go. As they pass Boss, he asks that she is going and she says for him to take over for a little while and she’ll be back.

As they head to the meeting with Luke, she tells her driver that as soon as she signals him, have their boys come down in the chopper and take Luke hostage. She says they will tell the Dukes that if they ever want to see Luke alive again, they will not interfere. She emphasizes not until she signals.

They arrive to see Luke standing and waiting. She greets him before asking for him to get in and they can talk for a bit. Luke says he wanted to be alone and suggests they go for a walk. Unable to argue that, she agrees and heads out with Luke, leaving the briefcase behind. She asks what Luke wants to talk about and when he calls her ma’am, she corrects it to Lisa Sue. She puts her arms around Luke as he tells her he would appreciate it if she would stop having her chopper chase them. She asks ‘supposing I did’ and he tells her he might forget to report to the FAA about the phony numbers. She says it appears he’s got more going for him than a strong jaw and they kiss. However after a moment she hears a car horn and realizes Luke pulled something. She asks Luke and he denies it but Bo arrives in the General. Luke says he enjoyed the chat, giving her a quick kiss before running to the car and Bo calls ‘bye ma’am’ before driving away. Whitney comes over and informs her that Bo has the briefcase. She yells that they can kill the whole deal and runs back to the car, yelling for Whitney to get the chopper as they gotta stop the boys.

After the boys escape, she is arrested by Enos and Rosco.