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Little Cousin is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Strange Visitor to Hazzard[]

An alien that is looking around Hazzard County. They are dropped off by their space ship in Skunk Hollow where they see Enos, who had seen the landing, drive away in shock.

The next morning, they start looking around. They spot Buck Simmons and Mickey Larsen and get closer to investigate. They accidentally step on a stick and when Buck shoots at them, they teleport into a tree. After they continue to watch the two men from the trees. They watch Bo, Luke, and Daisy arrive and start gathering apples and teleports into the back of the General Lee. When they see Rosco and Boss Hogg arrive, they duck down further in the back seat. After Bo, Luke, and Daisy run from Boss; they are tosses around in the back seat as Luke speeds to escape. They are further surprised when Luke jumps the General.

When the Dukes arrive at the Farm, Daisy notices them and screams, causing them to recoil in shock. The boys and Jesse all look at him in shock. He teleports out of the car and onto the house. When Daisy points them out, the four get closer and they pull back a few steps. Luke tells them to come down and Daisy says they won’t hurt them and to please come down. They watch the four interact and Luke says they are friends and they watch the Dukes hug and shake hands. They try to talk back to Luke but the Dukes don’t understand. Luke tells them to come down and they teleport to the porch. The Dukes slowly approach and Luke holds out his hand. Confused, they shake Luke’s hand, then Bo’s, then Daisy’s, and lastly Jesse’s. Jesse invites them in. They all go into the house.

In the living room, Jesse shows them around and introduces each of the three younger Dukes individually before introducing themselves. They try to say their name and Bo remarks that is a nice name before asking how to spell that. Daisy says to call him Little Cousin. She asks if that is okay and they nod. Jesse offers them cookies before eating one to show what it is. They get food tablets from their belt, giving one to Bo then Luke, then Daisy and Jesse. They eat the cookie and they eat the tablet. However they don’t like the cookie.

When Enos arrives, they go outside with the Dukes, holding Daisy’s hand, to meet him. When Enos comments ‘possum on a gum bush’ Bo explains that means hello and Enos is from another planet too. Enos shakes their hand. When Boss and Rosco arrive, they teleport into the General. When Flash keeps barking at them they stick their head up, being spotted by Boss and Rosco. They teleport into a nearby tree. When Boss and Rosco start yelling, they teleport into Rosco’s car and drives away.

They attempt to drive with their feet, nearly causing an accident. However Luke jumps over to the car and forces them to move over so he can pull the car over. Little Cousin gets excited and tries to speak but they aren’t’ understanding. They shake Bo and Luke’s hand again and points back, inquiring about Boss and Rosco. Bo says they aren’t’ friends but he and Luke assure Little Cousin they won’t let them get to them. They ride back to the Farm with Luke. When they get back to the farm they take Daisy’s hand and goes into the farm house with the Dukes and Enos. They go with Daisy to hide in the house.

Little Cousin comes out and tries to mime to the Dukes what they need to say. When Bo suspects they mean a spaceship they mimic again and when Jesse says that he thinks Little Cousin mean’s someone is coming to get them, they grab Jesse’s overalls. Daisy says they must want to go back to Skunk Hollow. They agree and they grab Daisy’s hand, taking her and the others out the to General. Bo helps them into the car and they leave with Bo and Luke.

As they drive, they hear a broadcast about Hazzard being attacked. Little Cousin tries to deny it is their people and Bo assures them that they don’t believe they have anything to do with it. Luke apologizes and says they need to take a detour into town. They pull up to the Radio Station and Bo tells them to stay in the car. However when Bo and Luke get attacked by Mickey and Buck, he teleports into the station. Luke protests and tells him to leave. Bo tells him to get out of there but instead they teleport to Bo and Luke’s side. Mickey knocks them out and captures them.

They wake up in the back of the car as Mickey and Buck are shooting at Bo and Luke. They use laser blasts to force Mickey to drop the gun to protect Bo and Luke then again to force Buck to pull over. After the car stops Bo tells them nice going and Luke says they’ll take care of it from there. Luke helps them out of the car and they follow Bo and Luke. Daisy runs over to check on them. Luke carries them into the General and they leave to get them back to Skunks Hollow.

As the sun goes down, they start to get agitated. Bo assures them they will get them back in time. They arrive in the Hollow and get out of the car, Bo helping them. Luke apologizes for it being a rough time and Bo says they don’t know if they understand the boys but he’s always welcome back. They shake Bo and Luke's hands before going to their friends. The stop to say goodbye to them and tell them to say goodbye to Jesse and Daisy for them. They return home.