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Loggins is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Bad Day in Hazzard[]

While testing the escape route for the get away, they accidentally run Bo and Luke off the road. Mr. Thackery calls them to his car and he gets out of his own, opening the door and asking that Mr. Thackery wanted to talk to them. Mr. Thackery calls him an imbecile. His boss continues, saying Loggins could have cost them the ten million dollars and he explains they were just timing the escape route like Mr. Thackery ordered. Thackery says he still shouldn’t have tipped off the orange car and is reminded that is belongs to Bo and Luke Duke. Recognizing the name, he says they are supposed to pick the boys up at three o’clock. Thackery says he will not tolerate the slightest error, which he says he understands before being sent to get photographs.

Loggins and Dennis go into town where they begin taking pictures of the bank. Dennis points out a car as Bo and Luke’s as it arrives in town and he decides they have enough pictures of the bank and the escape route and they leave. However Bo and Luke spot them and give chase. As he drives, Dennis points out the boys are keeping up with them and asks if Loggins can shake them. Loggins asks why should they and says they will change plans and pick the boys up now. He stops and Luke runs over to his door, saying to get out as they are making a citizen’s arrest. He pulls out a gun saying Luke got it backwards, calling him country boy and telling him they are coming with them. Luke offers to forget the whole thing and he says to shut up and get in the back seat. After the boys are in, they head to meet up with the rest.

When they arrive at the Boar’s Nest and he sees the ‘closed for alterations’ sign, Dennis remarks it’s on schedule and he asks what Dennis expects from Mr. Thackery. He gets out of the car but Luke suddenly hits him with the car door, forcing him to drop his gun. Luke grabs him, twisting his arm behind him but Dennis captures Bo and Luke is forced to release him. He reclaims his gun and takes Luke’s knife. He follows Luke and Bo into the Boar’s Nest, shoving Bo forward when he isn’t moving fast enough. Inside Thackery, Peters, Daisy, Jesse, and Boss are all waiting. Thackery comments they weren’t supposed to pick up the boys until three. He says they had to bring them in early as the boys saw them taking pictures. Upset Bo asks that was what they were doing as he assumed they were looking for another car to run them off in. When Bo moves toward him he takes a step back and aims his gun at Bo. Thackery calms everyone down. He listens to Thackery explain that they are robbing a truck with ten million dollars on it to the captives.

He goes with Boss, Bo, Luke, and Thackery into Boss’ office to allow Thackery to play the recording of Boss calling  Rosco and Cletus to the Boar’s Nest, keeping the three prisoners covered. When Thackery leaves he gets up and points the gun at the boys and Boss.

While waiting for Rosco and Cletus to arrive, he keeps a gun on Bo and Luke in the main room. When the two officers come in, Bo and Luke flip a table onto him. He stands up as Luke reaches him, firing his gun in the air and knocking over Bo. Luke manages to back him against the wall, forcing him to drop the gun. Luke hits him hard enough to stun him and throw him on the pinball machine. Luke leaves to go after Peters and he gets back up. He tries to grab Luke from behind but Bo pulls him off. Bo then knocks him out. He manages to get up as Thackery takes control of the situation. At Thackery’s order, he takes Rosco and Cletus to the office and takes Boss’ candy from him to force him in as well. He goes with them to keep an eye on them.

When Thackery comes in and asks Rosco and Cletus to sit down, Rosco objects and Loggins moves toward him to which Rosco agrees to sit. As they do, he keeps them covered. When Boss calls the radio station under Thackery’s orders and Rosco comments to ‘say hello from Rosco’ he gestures for Rosco to remain silent. As Boss talks about fruit flies, despite knowing it’s a lie, he starts scratching at the phantom flies. He watches Rosco smack Cletus. When Thackery goes to leave, Rosco stands up and he shifts his attention to Rosco, but allows him to follow Thackery out of the room. Rosco returns in.

When they hear gun shots, Boss storms out to find out what is going on. He goes after Boss, grabbing him and yanking him back into the office. He watches Boss and Rosco argue.

Thackery allows Jesse to talk to Boss and he watches the interaction before Jesse goes back to the main bar. After Bo and Luke attempt to escape and are caught. They all listen to Boss say that the boys will keep trying to escape and propose to lock them up.

He sits at a table in the office with Thackery as he reviews his plan, continuing to watch Rosco and Cletus. Peters comes in and informs them that it’s time for phase three and he watches Peters leave with Rosco.

While Dennis and Peters take care of the prisoners, he changes into a sheriff’s uniform. After Thackery addresses their captives, the two of them leave. He drives into town.

After arriving in town, they wait in the bank for the trucks arrival. He goes outside to meet it with Thackery and when the men pull out the money for Hazzard they are all stunned by the General’s arrival. Taking advantage, he knocks one man out with a hit before attacking the other man. They drag them men off and drive away with the truck. The boys follow and Thackery shoots at them before telling him to wait until the boys pull up alongside. He comments it’s no sweat and is like an army tank crushing a kids scooter. Luke climbs on the top of the truck and he tries to shake him off. Luke uses his shirt to block his view and unable to see, he stops. He gets out and Bo meets him. The two fight and he gets a lucky punch in. Annoyed, Bo knocks him down and captures him.

They are taken to the police department and he is locked up by Rosco and Cletus.