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L.B. or Longstreet B. Davenport is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


L.B. is Cooter Davenport's cousin. Like Cooter and B.B., he is a long time friend of the Dukes. When Cooter is out of town he helps mind the garage for him.


Duke of Duke[]

After Bo, Luke, and Gaylord are arrested, he helps Daisy by keeping her car waiting so they can break out of jail, cheering when the four arrive. After all four are in Daisy’s car, he drives them to the Shawnee Indian Caves were Jesse said he’d be.  Bo introduces Gaylord to L.B. as a good friend of theirs. Gaylord says that any accessory in their escape is a good friend of his and it’s a pleasure ‘Mr. Davenport’. He is stunned at the formal address and calls him cousin Duke saying he talks nice, funny, but nice. Daisy says he’s an Englishman and L.B. says they can’t all be perfect.

They meet up with Jesse and learn that Boss is trying to keep them from paying the back taxes on the land Gaylord owns. When Gaylord says that Boss sounds like a thoroughly reprehensible character, he shakes his head saying ‘oh no, no way, that man’s just plain bad’. When Gaylord asks for someone to explain shucking and jiving. He smiles saying ‘sure thing cousin Duke. Them’s just reprehensible words’.

The Runaway[]

L.B. goes to pick up the General Lee after it sank in Putnam’s Creek and take him back to town. He leaves the General out back of the Police Department to allow the boys to escape from jail.

Later Bo, Luke, and Suzy come to hide out in his garage. When two investigators come in asking if he’s seen the General he tells them ‘every day’ adding it belongs to the Duke boys calling them ‘ornery critters’ and they have 'a mean streak in them a mile wide'. When the men ask when he last saw the General he tells them about two minutes ago, that they came screeching around the corner and went to the Hazzard drug store. He tells them bye before blowing a raspberry in their direction as they leave. He taps Bo and Luke, who are hiding under a nearby car hood, to let them know the men are gone. Bo and Luke ask him to watch over Suzy, which he agrees but reclaims his hat from her that she used while pretending to work on a car.

After Daisy arrives, they listen to the C.B. and learn that C.J. and his men have kidnapped Jesse and want to swap him for Suzy. He puts an arm around Suzy to try and comfort her. He and Daisy try to assure her it will be alright.

Later Bo and Luke return to the garage and he listens to them set up a meeting at Crystal Lake Bridge at 3:45. He drives Bo, Luke, and Suzy out then watches for the show as Daisy approaches after bringing the General, putting an arm around her.

He cheers the boys on as they throw the investigators off the bridge and smacks Bo with his hat as the boys run by. They drive after the General and the road is flooded. He swerves but manages to keep driving and Daisy pats his arm, praising him.

After he attends Suzy and Fred’s wedding, getting dressed up and throwing rice. When Daisy is presented with a new car as a bridesmaid's gift, he cheers for her.

Follow That Still[]

Bo and Luke go to see him about a bent link pin from the APC. He heats it and hammers it out, telling them ‘that ought to do it’ before dunking it in water and telling them 'all that for $5'. He asks if there anything else he can help with. Bo explains that Daisy is out with the General decoying Rosco and asks if they can borrow the truck. He tells them if it’s for shucking Rosco, they are welcome to it. Luke says he is a true friend and he tells them he knows and that is why he’s only charging them ‘two bits a mile’.

He meets up with Daisy and Luke and follows Luke’s plan to decoy the cops. He takes a CAT and drives on the road to leave a set of tracks. He then waits until Rosco pulls up, greeting him and telling him if he keeps this up he will have to give himself a ticket. L.B. laughs as Rosco threatens him. After Daisy warns Bo about the officers, he comes on the radio saying ‘this is old L.B. on the C.B. breaking in and babbling back. I’ll pick up that old decoy one and decoy two and drop them plum in your lap’.

L.B. drives past where Luke was, who runs over and climbs on the truck. He then drives by where Daisy was and she jumps on too. After they climb into the truck he heads to Twin Forks Junction. He calls Bo to let him know that they are near him and Bo tells him anytime he’s ready. Seeing Enos he tells Bo that he can’t slow down and to hold the vehicle steady so they can ‘fly’ the decoys aboard and then he’ll take care of Enos to ensure they get away. He tells Daisy it will be alright and to jump as Luke and Hard Luck will take care of the landing. After both Dukes are off his truck he heads back toward Enos. He slows down Enos for a bit but Enos gets around him.