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Loretta Lynn is a real life country music singer who featured on Dukes of Hazzard. Note: this wiki page is specific to the show and her appearances in it.


Loretta Lynn was raised on he family farm to her parents Clara Marie and "Ted" Webb, a coal miner. She married Doolittle Lynn in 1948. She became a country singer liked for singing about real world issues.


Season 1[]

Daisy's Song[]

While not appearing in the episode, she was contacted by Jessi Colter's Manager Carson for assistance against a record pirate named Lester Starr. Having issues with record pirates herself, she agrees to help and sends a rehearsal tape of herself so someone can pretend to be her sound alike.

Season 2[]

Find Loretta Lynn[]

While on her way to the state fair and reveiwing her songs, her bus driver stops. When the driver says they are loosing oil she tells him to take the detour and maybe they’ll find a truck stop or something.

When they stop at the Boar’s Nest, she is told by the driver that the people outside would like her to join them for a drink. She and Leona go out, meeting Boss, Bo, Luke, and Daisy among the many others. Boss offers her his hand, welcoming her. She thanks him before saying it looks like she was coming. Boss says they are all big fans of hers and the moment they saw the 'detour' go up, everyone knew she would be passing by. Bo tells her they don’t get many celebrities around there and Luke says especially not like her. She thanks them before saying they are polite and cute, making the boys squirm. She introduces Leona and Boss invites them in the Boar’s Nest, putting a hand around her shoulders to lead her in. Inside she gets a picture with everyone in the Boar’s Nest, sitting by Boss.

As she sits at the table with Boss and Rosco, Bo approaches her and explains he and Cooter got her bus fixed. She tells them that’s terrific and Cooter tells her it’s as good as new. She tells them she appreciates it and she needs to get her bus driver so they can go. Cooter says there is no charge for the bus but asks if he can have a picture instead. She says certainly before handing one over. After Boss escorts her to the bus. Boss tries to make a speech and she tells him they really got to go and maybe some other time. She says goodbye to everyone as she gets on the bus.

As they leave she is confronted by Squirt and Bubba where she realizes she’s been kidnapped. Squirt tells her that if she does as she’s told, no one will get hurt. Squirt tells her he’s just doing what he got to do and she asks what is it they got to do. When he says they need some money she asks how much do they need and she can give it to them. The kidnappers decline, saying they could never take her money and that its between them and someone else. She tells Squirt that she has a show to make and he tells her he’s sorry and offers for her to go into the bedroom and rest. She agrees, saying that is a good idea. She goes into the room and after a moment of thinking she pulls out her pictures before opening the back window and dropping pictures out one by one to leave a trail.

While in the bus after they are hidden, Cindy tells her it won’t be long now as Squirt is making the call. When they ask if there is anything that she wants and say they want her to feel at home she asks if they have been in a smokehouse too long.

Loretta has Leona get the makeup case and put the makeup and the powder on the counter while she listens to Squirt, Bubba, and Cindy sing. After they finish she tells Cindy that they are pretty good. They tell Loretta about their band and their goals to make it in Nashville. Loretta offers to call a few friends in Nashville but they refuse.

After a bit she tells Leona if they don’t do something soon, she is going to miss the show. Loretta tells her that she is going to create a ruckus and when she does, Leona needs to escape. She approaches Cindy, Bubba, and Squirt, telling them they are sounding really nice, but Bubba is coming in just a little flat. When Bubba and Squirt argue she signals to Leona to run. After she is alarmed when they realize Leona is gone.

When Bubba hears something, they flee with Loretta still in the bus. As they go she asks why don’t they give up. Squirt says not until he gets his 1,136.15 and she asks that is what they think she’s worth and she figured they would have gone for more than that. He says that is what they were charged by the record company. Loretta asks why are they holding her as she doesn’t even know that record company. He asks that she is out of Nashville right and when she confirms he says it all the same to them. She says if that’s the case he’s crazier than an old mare full of dynamite.

She watches Bo and Luke drop into the Bus, and Luke trick Bubba with a banana as Bo hangs Squirt on the wall, chuckling.

At the Boar’s Nest she hugs Daisy and thanks the boys for helping her. She also offers to help Cindy, Squirt, and Bubba and refuses to press charges. She gives Rosco and Enos a number of pictures for their cousins. She then shakes Boss’ hand is amused by his' Loretta Lynn wig'. She then tells them that she really does appreciate all they have done for her and as a thank you she wants to sing them a song. They all agree to help her and they sing “Y’all Come.” During the song she ends up dancing with Rosco and Boss.