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Lori Comfurt is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Southern Comfurts[]

While on their family farm, her mother calls for Jesse. When she sees him arrive, she runs over and jumps on him to hug him, happy to see him. She listens to Jesse be told the company will buy their property for a quarter of a million dollars in shock.  

After selling the property and being paid, they head to Savannah but choose to stop to see the Duke Family first. After they pull up in the Rolls Royce, she gets out of the car and hugs Luke, Bo, and Daisy. Inside they give the Dukes presents and after Daisy gets a number of dresses, she hugs Lori to show her thanks. They are all interrupted when Boss Hogg arrives announcing his intention to have Bo and Luke arrested. Rosco comes in and Boss throws him outside. Her mother smooths everything over and the officers leave.

Later she is outside with Iggins when he explains the car won’t start. Bo and Luke approach and ask what is wrong. Iggins said it 'exploded a packing' and she tells Bo that she thinks he means it’s blown a basket. Bo chuckles and Luke says it’s actually a gasket and offers to look at it. Bo quickly offers to look as well. However they quickly realize they can’t do anything as 'it ain't Americn'. She rides in the back with them as they go to town to get help, smirking at them as Cooter tows the car.

At the Garage, Cooter tells her he sees the problem and asks if she is in a hurry. She says she is and he says she got bigger trouble. She tells him not to evade the issue and asks what is it. He tells her they don’t have a foreign part store and he has to sent to a friend in Atlanta. She walks away to get the suitcase out of the trunk as Bo and Luke fight. Cooter shows her a car she can use and she isn’t impressed but says that she can’t live in an ivory tower forever and they’ll take it. Bo and Luke offer to get her bag and she tells them she has to get a few things and she will be back before they can say ‘Sugar Ray Robinson’. The boys follow and as they go toward the store she sees the car Cooter loaned her drive by. She yells at Bo and Luke not to just stand there and to do something. Bo asks what and reminds her they towed the car over. Luke remarks that the car wasn’t worth much and she explains that the money was in the trunk as her mother doesn’t trust banks. She is exasperated by Bo and Luke fighting.

They go back to the Duke Farm and inform the others of what happened. When her brother asks what are they going to do she asks what can they do as they have no money and no home to go back to either. Holly tells her not to get upset and they will think of something. Bo and Luke say they’ll find the money and she tells them it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. They decide to look for the car and Luke says she will go with him and Bo to Center City. She gets in the General and they leave.

As they chase after a gray sedan that Luke sees, one of the General’s ties go flat. She stands by the car as Bo and Luke change the tire. She is not amused and Bo tells her not to worry as they will find it. When Bo and Luke start to bicker again she yells at them saying they gotta stop all the petty bickering and getting their hormones all worked up. She says they got a job to do and there is only one way to settle it. Bo asks what that is and she says she will fix the tire, pushing them both out of the way. Luke tells her to get back and changing a tire isn’t women’s work. She remarks necessity is the mother of intervention, startling Luke. He backs up and she changes the tire. When Cooter radio’s in to tell them he sees all the cops headed to Possum Hollow, they finish the tire and scramble into the car before heading to Walter’s Auto Paint shop. Luke tells her to tighten her seat belt. When they arrive Luke asks her to take the car around back. Bo and Luke get out and Bo tells her to keep the car started and wait for them. She remarks ‘you got it cousin’ before doing as they asked.

While waiting Enos comes to talk to her and apologize. When Bo and Luke come over she gets in the back and they greet Enos and climb into the car. Enos says he needs to arrest them and the boys say goodbye before driiving away. As they leave from Enos she watches a truck help them by slowing down Enos.

They stop and she helps Luke paint the General by taping newspaper over the windows. Bo complains and Luke blames Bo for the mess when she yells at them asking if they can stop with the fussing and feuding or they will never find the money. They agree. After they finish they get back in the car and head toward Center City.

When Luke calls for help after they learn the grey car has been sold and headed to Hazzard, Iggin’s informs them John Henry and Daisy are on a date, to her amusement.

They arrive in town and they hear a loud bang. Luke suggests a backfire and she snaps to call it a woman’s intuition but she’d say it came from the bank. Luke agrees. They head toward the bank. They spot the grey car leaving the bank and follow. A passenger in the car starts to shoot at them and her and Luke duck, Luke telling her to get down. Luke asks her to give him the bow in the back and she asks that they are going to fight with bows and arrows. Bo reminds her they are on probation. While Luke shoots at the grey car she taps Bo and tells him that there are two cars behind them. Bo says it’s Enos. After Luke shoots out the tire and the robbers run, she chases after Boss who is running off with her money from the trunk. She tackles him to the ground and pulls it from him as he says about investing it. Her mother and brother arrive and they all hug.

Later they go to leave the Duke Farm and she hugs Daisy goodbye as Daisy says she’s going to miss her. She gets in the car with her mother as they drive away.