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Lorna Mallory, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Ding, Dong, The Boss Is Dead[]

After being hired by Floyd Calloway to kill Boss Hogg, Lorna and Matt head to Hazzard. She stands on the side of the road, trying to flag down a car while Matt looks at the blown radiator. When Vance and Coy stop and ask if they need help, she tells them that they were just driving along when ‘suddenly it went poof like a volcano’. She introduces herself to the boys, saying Matt is her brother. The boys introduce themselves. Coy identifies the problem but Vance says they don’t have the tape to fix it so they offer to drive them to town. She says it sounds good to her and it will be the first time she got in a car through the window. Vance offers to help, picking her up to put her on the windowsill and she remarks that country boys think of everything. He says they try before helping her in the middle.

The boys take them by Cooter Davenport’s garage to introduce them but Cooter is out. She smiles at Vance while Matt says they planned to stay a few days anyway. She says they’ll check into the hotel and wait until Cooter can fix their car before they go fishing. When Vance puts an arm around her she says something tells her that she is going to like Hazzard ‘a whole bunch’. While driving around the square, Matt notes the number of places that J.D. Hogg owns. Coy says he owns just about everything in town and she says that the man sounds like a real character and she would like to meet him. Vance says it’d be easy as all she has to do is hold out a dollar.

They stop at the hotel and Vance helps her out. She drops her purse and he quickly picks it up for her. She thanks him, calling him Vance Honey before kissing him. She thanks him for coming to her rescue twice in the same day. Vance says the pleasure is his and they will get Cooter to fix up the car. As the boys drive away she comments they were real nice, which Matt responds they would be after the way she was treating them. She reminds him that you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar and says now they know where J.D. holes up and his car. They go into the hotel.

In the hotel room, she looks around town with binoculars. When Matt asks if she spotted anything interesting, she hands them to him and points out the county building where scaffold is set up. She hangs off his shoulder as he concludes they can use that for their job. She remarks that she hopes Boss has plenty of accident insurance as his widow will need it once they knock him off. The two kiss and she asks for a second one ‘for the road’.

To get a new car, she waits by the pond Vance told them about. When a man stops to go fishing she gets in his car and drives away. She returns to town and waits in the square. When she sees Boss step out of the county building she signals Matt with flashing lights. However when the scaffold is dropped, the Dukes see it and save Boss. She speeds out of town, picking up Matt and screeching tires as she does. As she drives out of town she asks if the Dukes recognized them but Matt says they didn’t. They decide to ditch the car. They lose the Dukes and ditch the stolen vehicle.

After getting back to town, she calls Floyd Calloway. He asks where she is and she tells him she’s using a payphone in Hazzard since she didn’t want to go through the hotel. He praises her before asking if she killed Boss, which she explains she hasn’t. He gets mad and she tells him not to worry as they are working on something now.

After returning to their hotel, Lorna and Matt watch Boss leave in his car. She says Boss is going towards Petersville and Matt says the road is downhill.

When the breaks fail to kill Boss, they hide a pipe bomb in his car, but it fails too.

After being told Boss is dead, she goes to the wake with Matt. At the door they shake Lulu’s hand before going to look at Boss in his coffin. When Matt remarks that he needs an apple in his mouth, she shushes him. The two then sit down for the speeches. They listen to Jesse speak, trying not to laugh. When the coffin is taken outside, Lorna and Matt follow and watch it being loaded into the hearse.

While having a beer at the Boar’s Nest, they see Floyd Calloway arrive. After he talks to Daisy and Enos they go outside with him. She tells Floyd that she told him he didn’t need to come out there as everything turned out just perfectly. They agree to follow Floyd to the cemetery anyway.

While following Floyd out to the cemetery they get blocked by a police car. They hit the car, causing it to flip so that Floyd could go after the hearse.

They are arrested by Enos and to get a lesser sentence give up Calloway as a conspirator.