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Lou Ann Moffet is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


In 1983 her husband passes away. To make matters more difficult for her, the bridge to get to her farm is washed out in a storm and cuts her off from the rest of Hazzard, making anyone who wants to see or help her have to pass through Chickasaw County to get to her farm.


The Boar's Nest Bears[]

While she is home, Daisy and Jesse come to visit her, asking how she is. She happily greets them, hugging Daisy and saying it’s good to see them. Daisy asks how she is and she tells her they are just fine. Jesse says Daisy brought her one of Daisy’s famous peach pies, which she happily accepts before putting an arm around both and telling them it was real nice. Jesse says they thought they would come by and see if they could help and that he noticed the storm took out some of her fence. He says he’ll bring Bo and Luke by and they’ll fix it. She thanks him, saying it’s hard for her and Rod to keep things up by themselves. The three spot Rod shooting hoops. After greeting Rod, Jesse remarks how much he’s grown. She says Rod is at the age he could really use his daddy and Daisy says it hasn’t been easy on any of them. Jesse offers Bo and Luke’s help there too before saying they need to head home. Jesse says they will be back and she hugs Daisy, thanking her for the pie before going back to watching Rod.

Bo and Luke come out to visit and they stand on the porch while Lou Ann prepares dinner and Rod sits next to her. They explain that they are coaching the Boar’s Nest Bears and want Rod to play on the team. She says she appreciates what they are trying to do, but that is J.D. Hogg’s team. Luke agrees but the boys insist they are the coaches. She says she doesn’t know, she thinks her late husband would turn over in his grave if he knew Rod had anything to do with J.D. Hogg. She relents saying it is Rod’s decision, and Rod decides he doesn’t want to.

A few moments later, they are surprised to see A.C. Tate Jr. and Ruel arrive. The two men greet her and Tate tells her that they are there to recruit Rod for the basketball team and he will pay her for Rod’s participation. Offended, she says her boy isn’t for sale and Ruel tells her she doesn’t refuse a man like Tate. She stands up before saying there is nothing Mr. Tate can do for them and to leave her property. Tate threatens her by reminding how cut off she is before they leave. She comments that A.C. Tate and J.D. Hogg are two rattlesnakes out of the same nest. Luke agrees and Bo promises to come back and fix the fence next week. They smiles as they watch the Dukes leave.

Later Jesse comes to visit to go over everything with her again. She says she wishes it wasn’t Boss Hogg’s team and Jesse says the boys aren’t doing this to help Boss but instead they are doing it to help the kids. She tells him to see if he can talk Rod into it as it’s up to him. Jesse agrees and leaves to do just that. Lou Ann watches from the porch, sweeping. Rod agrees to play and he and Jesse come back, asking if she has any pie left. She nods, smiling and says she sure does before putting down the broom to get it.

The next day she gets a call from the Duke Farm informing her that Rod has gone missing. Later she is informed that the Dukes found him and he is okay.

On Friday she goes into town to watch the game when Tate comes out with an objection. She and Daisy wait at the court house to figure out what is going on. They ask Bo and Luke what is going on and Luke just says ‘a lot’ before asking if she has a copy of the birth certificate. She asks why and Bo explains that the records say he’s 13. She protests that Rod is 12 and says she ought to know as his mom. Luke asks where he was born and she says Capitol City Hospital. Luke says the game will start without Rod and Bo and Daisy will go get the right copy.

At half time, she watches Luke address the team. As the game goes into the second half, she cheers on the team. After a while she worries about Bo and Daisy, asking Luke where they are but Luke waves the concern off. Later Bo and Daisy arrive with the birth certificate and she celebrates as Rod is allowed to play. She cheers as Rod plays. When the Bears win, she jumps up and down, cheering. They celebrate with ice cream in the gazebo.