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"Now let me get this straight, Strate"


LT. T. Joseph Broggi is a character from the series Enos. He was a Lieutenant in the LAPD, working for Captain Dempsey. Supposedly, he never got to meet his mother[1] but according to him, she wanted him to be a priest,[2], a vet[3], and practically anything besides a police officer. He had at least one brother or sister who had a daughter named Carol. Carol is like a daughter to Broggi[4]. At some point he arrest Turk Adams for a minor crime.[5] According to Turk, Broggi was promoted to Lieutenant because a few years back he was 'shot to pieces' on a raid and still 'nailed the three dudes'.[6]

After 27 years on the force, LT Broggi is able to create a program to broaden the recruits for the LAPD metro squad in 1980.[7] Among these recruits are Turk and Enos Strate. Broggi is easily frustrated and has a special dislike of Enos and Turk. He tries to appeal to CPT Dempsey, even taking credit for other officer's ideas to look better in front of his supervisor. He particularly does not like Enos' driving, taking medication to keep calm when he is ordered to ride along with Enos[8]. Even though Broggi is quick to dismiss Enos and Turk, he has shown a level of faith and trust in both. When Enos was accused of stealing $5,000 Broggi was very quick to defend Enos and not only did he go against orders by informing Turk of the investigation so Turk could create his own counter investigation; but he also was very upset to temporarily fire Enos and even told the investigating officer who brought the charges against Enos that he did not like them[9].

Enos often misinterprets many of his insults as compliments. He also does not have a high opinion Hazzard and the individuals from the county. At one point when Enos talks about Hazzard, Broggi comments that every time he hears one of Enos' stories he 'trembles'.[10] When he meets Rosco Coltrane, who assisted the LAPD in an arrest while he was in town, Broggi was very interested and facilitate of the man. When Rosco invited him back to Hazzard, he said he would go when 'Hazzard don’t froze over.'[11]


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