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Lucinda Meadows is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Lucinda was from Hazzard, where she knew Jesse, Boss Hogg, and her late husband Cyrus. All three men courted her.


The Legacy[]

While returning to Hazzard she loses control of her car. She starts honking on the horn to get the attention of the car in front of her, the General Lee. She screams for them to get over, waving to them as she tries to hit the brakes but they are gone. She manages to get around the General. As she drives she notices one of the people from the car, Bo Duke, climbs out the window. He jumps into her backseat and tells her she’ll be alright and he’ll take care of it. He tells her to slide over and she does. Bo tells her they are going to have to grind it to a stop. As they slam into the General she looks at Bo and he tells her not to worry about a thing and hang on. They hit the General again and slow down. Bo says he told her they would slow down and they come to a stop. She gets out yelling ‘let me out of here!’ Jesse runs up asking if she is alright and she says she thinks so thanks to all of them. She looks up to see who she’s talking to and yells his name before happily hugging him. Jesse says she looks as beautiful as she ever was and she says he hasn’t changed much either except maybe his beard is a little white. Hearing Luke clear his throat, Jesse introduces Bo and Luke. She greets them. Jesse tells the boys she is the first lady he ever courted in his whole life, embarrassing her. She laughs remembering how J.D. also courted her. Luke remarks between J.D. and Jesse he’s surprised she escaped unscathed and she remarks that as she recalls they were all so busy arguing at the time that Cyrus just sweet talked her into eloping with him. She says they have an awful lot of catching up again and Jesse says they should get her towed to Cooter’s garage. She is stunned when Jesse says the repairs are on him and orders the boys to get moving, laughing. Jesse says he’ll ride with her and they can talk.

They arrive at the Hazzard Garage and Cooter looks over her car before telling her the breaks are completely shot. He says it’s a wonder she made it to Hazzard. She says she put herself in the hands of the lord and he put her in the hands of the Dukes and she guesses you can’t get a better combination than that. Cooter agrees and tells her he’s going to have to get her a break kit. He tells her it’s going to take most of the day to get it running. She says she doesn’t mind and that will give her some time to do some business. She opens a paper and hands it to Jesse. Jesse asks what is that for and she tells him to read it. She shows them that she is there to claim the $5,000 Boss promised Cyrus in 1940.

She goes to the Boar’s Nest and shows it to Boss. He screams before trying to calm down, calling her 'Lucy Ducy' and says he just can’t believe that the gal he loved and cherished so would come back after forty years and show her a think like that. He smile falls and Boss asks if she is sure he hasn’t gotten her mixed up with some other old flame. She smiles saying that it is his signature. Cletus vogues for her and Boss says while he would love to do anything for her, the statute of limitations ran out after seven years. She asks him what is that supposed to mean and he says the note isn’t worth the paper it is written on. She gets upset and Boss remarks he would love to help an old sweetheart any other way he could.

Lucinda goes to the Duke Farm. They are having dinner where she meets Daisy. Jesse says he finds it hard to believe that J.D. can’t pay the money. When Daisy says that it is a new low for Boss to cheat Lucinda out of her retirement money, she says it just means she won’t retire as soon as she thought. Jesse tells her that as long as he or any of his kids have the Farm, she has a place to live and can retire any time she wants. When Bo snaps about Boss and Jesse says there will not be any more talk about Boss at the table as it might curdle the milk, her and Bo share a laugh. She tells the Dukes that before Cyrus passed, he told her if things ever got rough to ask Jesse to help her find the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow. Jesse remarks that Cyrus might mean the Rainbow Mine as part of it is under Duke property.

She calls Jesse in the house and goes into the kitchen to see Jesse and the boys. She sees a bottle of shine on the table and says seeing as how they were at the Rainbow Mine, she assumes that is her pot of gold. She asks how much there is and Bo tells her there is nine barrels. She remarks that would be just like Cyrus, as he promised to take care of her and she reckons he figured that shine would do it. She tells them ‘if only he hadn’t been such a terrible moonshiner’. Jesse asks that she knew and she laughs saying she just made sure that he never knew that she knew. They all laugh and she asks what is she going to do with nine full barrels of second grade shine. Luke says she could turn it into gold by selling it to Boss. She says it wouldn’t be fair and Bo says it wouldn’t be any more unfair than him not paying her for that IOU. Jesse says she would be collecting her money and a little interest. She says she never thought of it quite like that and she’ll try but she wouldn’t lie. Luke says she won’t have to, just slip him a sip of Jesse’s finest and Boss won’t be listening to her at all. She agrees.

In the office she pours a shot glass of the shine from Jesse. Boss tells her he would be happy to drink a toast to the old days. Cletus puts out a cup asking if he can as well and she goes to pour it but Boss crushes his cup. Cletus leaves and she takes the chance to turn on the CB. Boss tastes the shine and says it’s the best sipping shine he ever tasted. She tells him she has nine more big barrels full ‘just as old as that sample’.  She asks if Boss knows someone who would want to take it off her hands. Boss says he does but his friend would only go for $60 a barrel. She apologizes saying that unless he or rather his friend makes it $600 a barrel she will have to go elsewhere. Boss stampers that it will be $5,400 and she says exactly. Boss asks whatever happened to that sweet, kind, and generous girl he knew and loved 40 years ago. She says he hasn’t changed except she has 40 years of smarts behind her. She asks for 10% down and Boss says she drives a hard bargain. He says but to show he doesn’t hold it against her and to prove the hot fire between them ain’t all ashes yet he will give her 50% down, shocking her. She watches him get out the money from the safe and his wallet. Boss tells her he will give her half before cutting it in half and handing it to her.

In the car heading back to the farm, she shows the boys the bills and Luke tells her he knew they were in trouble and Bo says she can’t use her half until she gets a hold of the other part. She says that won’t be until the shine gets delivered at three o’clock tomorrow.

After night falls, her and Jesse sit on the porch swing and Jesse remarks it’s been a long time and she laughs saying she remembers. She takes Jesse’s hand saying some things they never forget. Jesse explains that after Martha passed away, without the boys and Daisy to look after he would have gone crazy. She hears something she asks if Jesse heard it. When they continue to hear noises, Jesse goes to get his shotgun, however Jesse remarks it sounds big enough to be a jackass. They go to check to see Cletus running away. She covers her ears as Jesse shoots a branch, trapping the intruder and runs over to see Cletus. She laughs along with the others when Jesse scares him off.

The next morning she helps see Bo and Luke off. When Bo tells them all to wish them luck she comments ‘oh honey, good luck’. Daisy decides to go as well and as she watches Daisy leave she says Jesse ought to be mighty proud of her as she has plenty of spunk. Jesse says Daisy reminds him of Lucinda when she was Daisy’s age.

While in the house with Jesse, they hear Daisy on the CB. They go outside and Daisy tells them that the pickup and all the shine was stolen. Jesse tells her to stay and she gets in the jeep saying it was her shine that was stolen and she isn’t about to let him and the boys pull her chestnuts out of the fire and yells for them to go. Jesse says she’s headstrong just like the old days and ‘like I said, let’s go’.

In the jeep she is excited and Jesse says she should have stayed at the farm. She asks if he means to miss all the fun and she hasn’t seen driving like this since they were all running shine. Jesse and her pull up to Cherokee Crossing and Jesse says they need to get out of there until they get the van in their lap. They watch the van flip. They watch Bo and Luke chase the two men. When Bo and Luke start losing she asks Jesse if he’s going to help them and Jesse says they will never forgive him and not to worry as his boys are good scrapers. When Bo and Luke win she says she reckons they take after their uncle when he was their age. They watch in amusement as Boss tries to save the shine after Bo and Luke fill the barrel with arrows. Bo and Luke apologize about the shine and she says it’s all right and she doesn’t often to get treat an old friend to a $5,400 shower.

Later she gets both halves of the money from Jesse as Bo and Luke pack her car for her to leave. She says goodbye to Daisy, shaking her hand and saying ‘darling, it was wonderful’ before shaking the boys hands. She turns to Jesse and they kiss goodbye.