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Lue Ann Milsap is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Miss Tri-Counties[]

When Hazzard County holds a Miss Tri-County Beauty and Talent Contest, she enters with the sponsorship of her police department.

At the Boar’s Nest before the first contest, Boss introduces her as a deputy of Riverton County who is sponsored by the Riverton County Police Department as Miss Riverton County. She smiles and waves to everyone before watching him introduce her contenders, Melanie and Daisy. She is unamused at Melanie flirting during her introduction. When the contest starts she goes into the booth and after the curtain is pulled down, she turns on the light before rebuilding the carburetor. However before she finishes she hears Melanie and Daisy finish. Daisy forfeits first place.

As they prepare of the Tri-County Race, she sits in a patrol car, being coached by a male friend. When Boss starts the race she drives off, pulling in front of Melanie. As she drives she smiles proudly until smoke suddenly comes over the road at Willow Creek. Unable to see, she flips her car taking her out of the race. She gets out of the seat to fix her hair in annoyance.

She participates in the swimsuit competition at the Boar’s Nest, coming out first in a multicolored swimsuit. She waves at the judges and spins before getting up an the stage. She walks to the end and spins. She is given two eights and a seven before Cooter helps her off the stage and she waits by the bar. She watches Melanie come out and hears Boss declare that she will win before she is even scored, making Lue Ann upset. She watches Melanie get a higher score than her. However Daisy arrives and wins and Lue Ann smiles and claps happily for her.