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Lukes story

Luke's Love Story" is the seventh episode of the first season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

In the annual Hazzard County Obstacle Derby, a notoriously dirty race, Amy Creavy (Roz Kelly), who is from Placid County, becomes the first woman ever to enter the derby. Luke is smitten with her, and they build a relationship together which means they became boyfriend and girlfriend. But Luke has a hard time accepting the fact that he cannot chase other women if he and Amy stay together forever. Things get dangerous when it is discovered that Amy's ex-boyfriend, her former mechanic Turk Foley (David Hayward), is bent on either getting her back -- or killing her. Amy had fired Turk and replaced him with Francis Lee "Frankie" Olmstead (Marya Small) because Turk had put nitrous oxide in Amy's engine. Nitrous oxide soups up a car's horsepower, but using nitrous oxide can get a driver disqualified. The Racing Association barred Turk as a driver for life, knowing that Turk had severely injured a total of four drivers in his career in his efforts to win. Boss Hogg needs to win the race because Mama Hogg's ashes are in the winning trophy, but honest deputy Enos Strate is driving for Boss, so Boss has Rosco threaten to sell Cooter's truck unless Cooter becomes a crasher in the race in order to make sure Enos wins. Turk sabotages Amy's race car, and then sneaks into the race himself, using Cooter's car. The race to the finish ends up between Luke, Amy, and Turk, and Amy and Luke do not know that Turk has taken Cooter's place.

Boar’s Nest

Balladeer: Christmas is the biggest event of the year in most parts of the county but in Hazzard County it’s the Annual Hazzard Obstacle Derby. It’s an illegal stock car race over an obstacle course. It’s the dirtiest race in America, there ain’t but one rule: finish first, any way you can.

Daisy serves drinks in the Boar’s Nest while Bo and Luke arm wrestle to see who will drive in the race. Cooter crashes into the Boar’s Nest on a motorcycle, giving the trophy to Rosco. The owner of the bike, Moss, starts a fight with Cooter but it is ended by the bartender giving Cooter a beer. Luke wins the arm wrestling match and Rosco announces the racers, being Enos, Cooter, one of the Duke boys, and Amy Creavy. No one in the bar recognizes the finale name and Amy introduces herself, surprising everyone by the fact that 'he' is actually a 'she'.  Bo and Luke protest and tease her prompting Amy to introduce her mechanic Frankie. Daisy greets the women and they have a toast. Turk wants to approach Amy but his friend Roy tries to stop him. He goes to Amy anyway and tries to force her out of the bar. When Luke stands up to him he hits Luke. A fight breaks out in the bar. Everyone is enjoying the fight including Rosco, Enos, Cooter, Daisy, and the rest. Bo is concerned and Boss tells Rosco to stop the fight. Rosco manages to stop the fight by shooting at the ceiling. Turk and Roy leave. Luke asks Amy to dance and Enos assures Boss that he will win before being sent away by Rosco. Boss says Enos better win and Rosco says that Boss has won the last three races. Boss explains’ that he must have the trophy because his mother’s ashes are in the cup. Boss explains Lulu hated his mama and put the urn with her ashes into the garage so Boss sealed his mom’s ashes in the trophy. Rosco assures him that Enos is a good driver and Boss says that he needs Rosco to make sure that Enos wins.

Duke Farm

Bo and Luke return to the farm, going into their bedroom. Luke expresses interest in wanting to find Amy while Bo vents about Frankie. As they go to get into bed they find Amy and Frankie are already in their beds and Jesse sends them to sleep in the barn for the night.

Boar’s Nest

Balladeer: Now that’s Uncle Jesse, and underneath them long johns you’ll find every one of them ten commandments. Most folks eat when they’re hungry. Boss Hogg Eats when he’s nervous. If he didn’t burn it off worrying, old Boss would weigh a ton.

Rosco goes to see Boss the next morning. Boss admits he had a nightmare the night before of his mother telling him she will whip him if he doesn’t win. Rosco tells Boss he’s getting a crasher into the race.

Duke Farm

Bo backs the General into the barn where Luke, Frankie, and Amy are. Luke asks Bo to go into town and get a case of oil and Frankie decides to go with him. Amy and Luke stay to talk.

Town of Hazzard

In town, Frankie takes the pickup's keys and heads into Rhuebottoms. Annoyed, Bo heads over to the Garage. He catches Turk and Roy messing with Amy’s car 'Lucifer' and says something. Turk and Roy attack him but Bo gets the upper hand by dumping buckets of oil on them. The three wrestle around until Rosco arrives. Turk and Roy flee and Rosco comes in asking Bo where Cooter is. Bo tells him about Turk and Roy but Rosco doesn’t believe him, telling Bo to not harass the tourists. He then says Bo is a mess before leaving. Bo looks over the car when Frankie returns. They argue before making a bet, the winner of the race gets both pink slips.

Boar’s Nest

Boss and Rosco bring Cooter to the Boar’s Nest and Boss Hogg asks Cooter to be his ‘crasher’. Cooter laughs saying they got the wrong guy. Rosco shows him a number of  citations for everything from ‘reckless driving to stampeding Marshall Ferguson’s turkeys over a cliff’. Cooter says he thought the turkey’s could fly. Cooter admits he doesn’t know how to pay for them and Rosco suggests selling his truck at a public auction. Reluctantly, Cooter agrees to be the crasher for Boss.

Balladeer: Looks like Boss and Rosco got old Cooter by the tickets.

Turk and Roy talk about what to do next, implying the car is more damaged then Bo or Frankie would find. At the Duke Farm, Bo goes to talk to Jesse about betting the General. Jesse tells him to swallow his pride and get out of the bet as what he’s risking with Luke is more valuable than a car. Meanwhile Amy takes Luke for a drive in her car. However on a steep down hill they find they have no breaks and nearly crash. Luke checks the car to find the lines were cut. Cooter goes to the farm and tells Bo, Jesse, and Frankie about how he’s working for Boss. Cooter is confused when they are amused by the news and Bo says Cooter is just going to act. Cooter is excited by the idea and Frankie says she wishes Turk was that easy to deal with.

Boar’s Nest

Daisy is working at the Boar’s Nest when Bo, Luke, Amy, and Frankie come in. Ernie tries to pick up Amy to Luke’s annoyance. Bo tries to get out of the bet but Frankie doesn’t allow it. Luke tries to enter a relationship with Amy, but he wants to be allowed to date other girls while she isn’t. Annoyed, she goes off with Ernie. Luke gets upset and Daisy asks him about it. Luke snaps at Daisy before storming off. As Luke storms out Daisy tries to polish the trophy when Moss takes it. He and another customer toss it between each other when Rosco and Boss come out of the pack office. Rosco tells them to stop.

Duke Farm

Jesse wakes up to see Luke is sitting in the living room. He asks if Luke wants to talk and Luke says it’s about Amy. Luke explains that she is different and that he never felt like this about anyone. Jesse sits him down and tells Luke that he doesn’t have any sensitivity when it comes to women. Jesse explains Luke doesn’t know what he wants and reminisces about his late wife before going back to bed.

The next morning Amy returns. Luke and Amy nearly make up but Luke admits he can’t stay with only one woman. Furious she storms outside and tells Frankie, who informs her that both cousins are idiots and Bo bet the General. Turk is watching them from a distance.

Balladeer: One things for sure in a race willed with jackals and cows, a pretty chick needs more than just brains to survive. Especially when there’s a vulture out there someplace just waiting to pick the bones clean. Unless somebody wanted to wind up in the hospital with a half a ton of auto parts dug out of his hide, he’d do well to stay off the streets during the Hazzard Derby. And since the Boar’s Nest was the cultural center of the county, it seemed fittin to start and end the race there. That way, folks could begin the victory celebration just as soon as the starting celebration kind of died down.


As the drivers get ready to race, Luke tells Bo to calm down. Frankie taunts them about the bet but Bo still hasn’t told Luke. Luke is still concerned about Bo due to how edgy he's acting. Daisy talks to Amy and Frankie about Amy not really going out with Ernie the night before. Rosco and Boss check with Cooter, telling him to be sure Enos win’s the race. Cooter is confused when Boss brings up his mama counting on him, saying that Boss’s mom is dead. Daisy starts the race with the help of Mark, lighting a cannon. The racers take off, Luke in the front followed by Amy, then Cooter, and lastly Enos. Amy passes Luke taking the first place but Luke retakes it. Amy and Luke fight for the lead and Enos and Cooter fight for third. During a hard set of turns, Cooter takes out Enos. However everyone learns it isn’t Cooter but Turk, as Turk knocked Cooter out and took his car. As the race continues, Amy remains in the lead. On the finale run, Turk starts ramming Luke before passing him. Luke realizes what happened and Turk tries to run them both off the road. Luke forces Turk to crash and Amy wins.

When everyone goes inside to celebrate, Frankie tells Luke to hand over the keys. Luke is confused and Bo explains the bet. Luke is furious and Bo says he didn’t know Luke would let Amy win. Luke hands over the keys and explains to Amy what happened. Flattered, Amy gives Luke the trophy and Frankie, also impressed, returns the General to Bo. Rosco arrests Turk and Boss, sobbing, tells Luke to keep the trophy in a warm safe place. At the farm, Luke puts the trophy on the fireplace, kissing it in memory of Amy.

Balladeer: And that’s the legend of how a little ol’ girl won the Hazzard Derby, and how mama Hogg went to stay with the Dukes for a spell. Uh, unbeknownst to them of course.

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  • Boss Hogg’s mother had died at some point, implied to be recently. Boss was very close to his mother but Lulu hated her and would not allow Boss Hogg to keep her ashes on the mantle place. Some time during the last three years he puts his mother's ashes in a trophy.
    • Boss remarks that his mother was a good baptist woman
  • At the beginning of the episode, both Luke and Bo make comments about how women shouldn’t be race car drivers or mechanics. Through the later seasons they do not seem to have much of an issue with this.
    • Part of this may come from the fact that they knew nothing about Amy and Frankie and they still beat the boys in points for the year
  • This is the first episode to reference Luke Duke's time in the military. During a bar fight Bo told Luke he should use the fighting techniques they had taught him.
  • Luke tells Amy his dream is to put together the car that wins the Charlotte 500


  • When Luke tells Amy, "You're the only girl I know with million dollar legs and a lead-foot," it actually references another cast member. Catherine Bach (Daisy Duke)'s legs were insured at Lloyd's of London for one million dollars.