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"Lulu's Gone Away" is the first episode of the sixth season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.


Lulu is frustrated over Boss Hogg constantly taking her for granted, so she walks out on him. Lulu is invited to stay on the Duke farm for a while, to sort out her emotions, but her stay is short-lived. Lulu is kidnapped by Billy Ray (Chris Mulkey), Anna Lisa (Shanna Reed), and Eddie (Lewis Van Bergen), who demand that Boss pay a $100,000 ransom for her safe return.


Balladeer: You’re watching the Duke boys testin’ General Lee’s shocks. If y’all know of some army that wants to road test it’s tanks, I recommend a cruise through Hazzard County. If that stimulating repartee tells you Hazzard is one snappy culture spot, you’re right. And the brightest jewel in it’s crown is the Flower Club, of which Mrs. Lulu Hogg is the recording secretary. I don’t think these folks are part of the Hazzard Culture Scene. Well as they say in the city, these folks kinda got it together. Whatever it is, they done it.

Bo and Luke are driving down the road, Bo driving and making a few jumps. Bo asks who Luke is planning to take to the Tri-Counties Amusement Park when it opens next week and Luke says Mary Sue. Bo laughs saying Luke was a leg man and she’s got them. Luke says it’s better than the hulk Bo took bowling on Friday and Bo becomes offended saying that isn’t fair.

Lulu leaves a meeting from the flower club, a car with three people watching her. As Lulu leaves in her car, the three follow her. Anna Lisa tells the two that three miles down the road is a place called Crabapple Lane and that is where Lulu will turn into town, which is a good place to take her. Meanwhile Lulu is listening to her meeting notes, becoming upset as she realizes the number of promises Boss has broken lately. As she turns her car stalls out and Lulu becomes even more upset as she remembers Boss promised to fix it. The three following realize this is a better opportunity and attempt to make a move but Bo and Luke pull up. The boys stop, asking if she needs help and look at the car and tell her that the fuel filter is clogged up. The boys offer to call Cooter to get it fixed and take her wherever she needs to in the meantime. Lulu agrees but asks if she can drive. The boys are surprised but agree, asking why and she says she doesn’t want them to get in trouble as she’s in a hurry. Meanwhile Eddie, who has been in Hazzard for a few weeks suggest they forget the whole thing but the others insist they are going to do it.

Lulu speeds off toward the Boar’s Nest with Bo up front and Luke in the back seat. Lulue drives recklessly, making the boys nervous. Luke asks that she seems anxious to get home and Lulu says she’s going to the Boar’s Nest to confront Boss. Bo and Luke exchange worried looks, Luke even resting his head on Bo’s shoulder in concern. They pass by Rosco, who assumes the boys are using Lulu and becomes angry. Bo says they have company, noticing Rosco and Lulu tells them he ain’t staying long. Bo turns a worried look to Luke and Lulu tells the boys the General handles real nice as she takes it off road, assuring the boys that it’s going to be alright as she jumps a shack. Rosco tries to follow but goes through the shack instead, ending up with a bed and a sleeping man on his car. Rosco tells the man to get off his car.


Billy Ray tries to call the Hogg Family home only to get no answer and conclude she isn’t home. They decide to try to Boar’s Nest and Billy Ray and Eddie leave.

Boar’s Nest

The boys help Lulu out of the General and tell Lulu they will wait inside. Lulu tells them not to listen to what she says because it’s not fit for nice boys like them. As she goes in, the boys realize they don’t feel good and go inside to get a beer. Lulu storms into the office and when Boss refuses to get off the phone with a business partner she cuts the cord. Boss is upset and Lulu confronts him about the promises he broke. Boss brushes it off, and suggests she goes home to make dinner since Rosco is coming over. Lulu says for twenty years Boss hasn’t had time for her and Boss realizes Lulu is really upset. Boss says after dinner they can talk about it and Lulu says they won’t because she no longer has time for him. She storms out and into the bar where the three Duke kids immediately go to her. The boys offer to take her home but Lulu says she is only going to pack as she is going away for a while. They offer for her to come out to the farm and Lulu declines saying she would be intruding. The three insist she wouldn’t be and they would love to have her. They decide it’s settled but Bo is going to drive, which Luke and Daisy quickly agree to. As the boys and Lulu leave, they are spotted by Eddie and Billy Ray who continue to follow.

Hogg Family Home

Boss and Rosco come to the Hogg Family home for dinner, Bos telling Rosco about the argument with Lulu. Boss brushes it off as how women are. He calls out for Lulu, saying he forgives Lulu for all the fussing she did. While Boss looks for Lulu, Rosco finds a letter on the table and Boss opens it to read that Lulu left. She wrote that Boss probably wouldn’t notice until supper and she doesn’t know when or if she will be back. The two are stunned, also concluding that means they won’t get dinner that night.

Duke Farm

As Lulu eats dinner with the Dukes, Billy Ray and Eddie watch from outside. They say they aren’t leaving until they get her. Inside the Dukes notice that Lulu hasn’t been eating and she admits she’s got a lot on her mind. When Jesse tries to talk to her, Lulu cuts him off saying Jesse isn’t going to talk her into going back right now. Jesse denies it, saying he knows J.D. can be trying but he has some good points. Unable to come up with any, he calls on the boys to help him. Bo, unsure, agrees but can’t come up with anything and looks to Luke, who just says he couldn’t have said it any better himself. Jesse says Boss is probably worried about her.

Hogg Family Home

Boss and Rosco are eating Chinese takeout and Boss asks why did she leave. Rosco asks if Boss thinks it’s another man, shocking Boss who finally tells him not to be a jackass.

Duke Farm

The next morning Daisy is leaving for work and Lulu follows her out, giving her something she made for Daisy’s lunch. Daisy suggests she stays but Lulu insists she will be fine and Daisy leaves for work. Meanwhile the boys get ready to go deliver some hay at Peevee Hawkins house before returning. Lulu offers to make them a huge breakfast. She goes inside as Jesse and the boys leave. The two men realize all the Dukes are gone and Lulu is now alone.

The masked men head into the farmhouse as Lulu records her practice confrontation to Boss. Noticing the men she asks what they want and when they capture her she tells them that Boss won’t pay any ransom they have for her. They leave with Lulu.

The Duke men return to the farm and Bo and Luke joke about racing for the coffee. Daisy comes back, surprising them and Daisy says she forgot she had magazines that Lulu might like. They go inside to see Lulu and her stuff are gone. They get excited at the idea Lulu went home to Boss. They wonder if she left a message or something and Bo jokes that he was looking forward to Lulu driving them again. Luke tells him life if full of disappointments. Jesse tells them to go check on Lulu anyway. None of them notice the tape recorder Lulu left on the couch.

Hogg Family Home

Boss and Rosco dust the house, singing a song about how women’s work is never done. Boss yells at Rosco for not doing a good enough job and not being help. Rosco snaps at him that he’s doing Boss a favor by helping clean. Boss suggests Rosco just go arrest the Dukes for something to cheer him up. Meanwhile he gets a phone call. Billy Ray puts Lulu on the phone and Boss first thinks she is begging to come home. However they make it clear to him it’s a kidnapping. Boss tells the kidnappers that if they harm one beautiful hair on the beautiful head of his beautiful wife then there is no place that they will be safe from him. Boss demands to talk to Lulu again. Lulu tells him how much she loves her but they take the phone away before Boss can say it back. After Boss rushes over to the bank.

Duke Farm

Jesse finds the recorder and calls the boys and Daisy over the CB, playing it for them. Luke asks if he called the FBI and they figure they have already contacted Boss. Jesse says just in case they need to find him and help him any way they can. The three are upset, wishing they had stayed with Lulu but Luke says what is done is done.

Bank of Hazzard

Boss is looking at pictures of his wife, waiting by the phone when Cooter approaches saying ‘Boss here is your ransom’. Boss is alarmed and Cooter tells him he’s just making a mortgage payment. When Boss looks at a picture of Lulu, Cooter says that is a good picture and asks how she’s doing. Boss becomes upset, asking how dare Cooter ask something so incentive. Cooter is confused and the phone rings. Boss answers it, being told to bring $100,000 to Sheep’s Hollow, which he echoes out loud. After they hang up, Boss tosses everyone out and Cooter asks about his payment to which Boss says he isn’t interested in. After locking the door, Boss sets about getting the money.

The Dukes arrive and ask if they have seen Boss. Cooter says he isn’t sure that was Boss because he didn’t want to take his money, shocking the Dukes. Cooter tells him abut how he threw everyone out. The three approach Boss saying they got to talk to him but Boss tells them not now. Luke says they know Lulu was kidnapped and Boss asks where they heard such a vicious rumor. The Dukes says they just want to help and Boss tells them he hasn’t called in any law and he isn’t going to because they threatened Lulu. He tells them he is grateful but to leave him be to do what he’s gotta. As Boss leaves, the Dukes are worried. Cooter asks them what in the world is going on. Luke asks if he got a hone call and Cooter admits he did, saying Boss said something about Sheep’s Hollow. The Dukes leave and Cooter says if they need anything call him, he has a run over to Chickasaw but he’ll be listening.


Boss heads to Sheep’s Hollow, worried about Lulu. Meanwhile Rosco sees the Dukes and chase after them. Luke says they need to lose him but Bo and Daisy both protest, saying that Lulu is his sister and it don’t feel right. Luke says they promised Boss not to let anyone else in on it. They race down the dirt roads, causing Rosco to run off the road and into a bush. Rosco gets back in his car and gets it on the road again.

Boss reaches a fork in the road and follows it to Sheep’s Hollow. When the Dukes reach it, they take Eagle’s Pass instead to watch what is going on. Rosco reaches the intersection and doesn’t know what to do so he flips a coin and heads to Sheep’s Hollow. He calls Enos on the CB and tells Enos to come in from the other side.

Sheep’s Hollow

Boss arrives with the money and puts it where directed. Meanwhile Bo, Luke, and Daisy watch from above and Luke gets the license number, telling Bo to write it down. 2D9N16. Meanwhile Boss tells them he refuses to do anything else until he sees Lulu and hears her voice. They bring Lulu out to see him and Lulu assures Boss she is okay. However a police siren gets all their attention and the men leave with Lulu, saying they warned Boss. Boss tries to get Rosco to leave but it’s too late. Bo, Luke, and Daisy rushes to get in the General to try and help, cursing Rosco as they do. Rosco pulls up to Boss, confused and Boss screams at him. As they leave the hollow, they pass Enos and remove their masks. Enos, thinking he is passing normal citizens, waves.

The Dukes pass Boss and Rosco but Enos sees them and stops them. The Dukes are upset but Enos was following Rosco’s orders. They explain the situation to Enos and Rosco, and Luke says that the kidnappers are probably going to let Boss sweat for a bit. Bo gives Rosco the license number so he can run a make on it. Bo says they have a trailer hitch, so they probably have a trailer. Luke says for Boss to just wait at the bank, and Boss agrees. Enos offers to give him a ride to his car, since it was up the road.


Eddie wants to give up but Billy Ray yells that they are not leaving the town poorer than when they came. They agree they are going to teach Boss a lesson after getting their money.

Police Department

At the department, Rosco gets a report while Bo, Luke, Enos, and Jesse hover.

Phone Company

Daisy goes to the phone company

Police Department

After learning the car and trailer are stolen and get a description of them to find. Rosco proposes they split up and everyone agrees, Luke going to Cooter’s to get another car.

Phone Company

Daisy convinces Gussie to take a long lunch while she mans the phones. Gussie makes her promise not to tell Boss.

Bank of Hazzard

Boss continues to wait by the phone for a call.


Luke takes one road in a white car while Bo goes in the General, Enos in his patrol car, and Jesse in his pickup. Rosco finds a trailer that meets the description and charges in only to find two people on their honeymoon. Meanwhile Bo also spots a trailer and a car that meet the descriptions and radio’s in to the others what he found. He says he’s going to climb down the side on a cliff and see if Lulu is inside. Bo gets a rope from the General and ties it to the car before rappelling down. Meanwhile Luke gets worried and decides to go check on him. Jesse agrees to meet them there.


Bo creeps up to the trailer and looks in the back. When he spots Lulu, he doesn’t hear the person (most likely Billy Ray due to the sleeve color) behind him and gets hit on the back of the head with a log. Billy Ray carries Bo into the trailer (offscreen), tossing him on the bed, and talks to Eddie and Anna Lisa about it, complaining about how Hazzard is “full of heroes”. Lulu asks who they found, and Anna Lisa comments that “He’s blonde and beautiful”, and threatens to kill Bo if Lulu keeps acting up. Billy Ray starts talking about their escape route: After getting the money, they would take Route 7, past an amusement park, and straight towards the Tri-State Highway, but unbeknownst to them, Lulu silently writes it (“RT 7 - TRI”) on the table with her lipstick, realizing Bo is next to her (after hearing Anna Lisa’s description of him). Billy Ray tells the others to get Lulu in the car as he’s fixing up something else. As they do, Lulu’s blindfold falls off and she sees them, prompting worry from Anna Lisa, but Eddie reassures her to worry about it later.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Luke both arrive at the General. They conclude Bo made it down safely, but they do not see the kidnapper leave with Lulu, or set the trailer to go. Neither know what to do for a moment, until they see the trailer going down hill. Fearing Bo is in it, Luke takes the truck and takes off after the trailer.

As the trailer starts shaking due to being out of control on the bumpy slope, things start falling and shattering. A few blankets and clothes fall on Bo, slowly waking him up. Meanwhile, Luke gets in front of the trailer with the pickup, hoping to let it ram into the back so he can guide it. When it hits the pickup, the trailer shakes so hard, that Bo ends up falling off the bed. Luke meanwhile guides it to a safe stop. Enos, Rosco, and Jesse all come as Luke goes into the trailer, finding Bo tied up on the floor, groaning in pain. Luke asks if Bo is awake as he unties him, which Bo obviously confirms. Luke helps him up asking if he’s alright and Bo says he’s fine, but Luke doesn’t look too good. Luke just replies that he was worried.

Bank of Hazzard

Boss gets a call from Billy Ray, informing him that the ransom has just gone up due to Rosco’s interference. (Though, Boss tries to claim that Rosco “was chasing some traffic violator”.) Daisy listens in on the conversation, learning that the ransom is now $300,000 (with Billy Ray suggesting that Boss should “count it out in small used bills”), and is to be paid at Bluebird Canyon. When the call ends, Eddie says that Boss might tell someone about the call again, but Billy Ray says he was counting on it.


While Jesse, Luke, Enos, and Rosco check on Bo, they hear Daisy calling on the CB. Digging through the wreckage, they find the trio’s now-discarded radio under the table and are able to respond, learning Boss is going to Bluebird Canyon with the ransom. Luke tells Daisy to follow him. Meanwhile, Jesse says there is only two ways out of said canyon and Bo suggests they split up again.


Boss frantically puts the money in a bag, possibly having counted them out in small used bills, per Billy Ray’s instructions.


As Bo drives the General down one of the paths out of Bluebird Canyon, he asks Luke what’s bothering him and Luke says it’s all too easy. He says if he was the kidnappers, then he would be heading out of the county, but they aren’t. Bo just says it’s because they are greedy and Luke isn’t.

Rosco and Jesse ride in the former’s car down the other path.

Town of Hazzard

Daisy watches on, as Boss attempts to leave with the money, only for the kidnappers’ car to pull up in front of him. The three masked kidnappers simply snatch the money out of Boss’ hand, claiming that they changed their plans by taking the money immediately in case Boss told someone about the earlier call again. They show him Lulu in the back and the worried Boss tells her that she is worth more than any money, and even “all the gold in Fort Knox”, and tries to get her out of the car, but Billy Ray shoves him away and tells him they will leave Lulu at the county line, providing that all of the demanded money’s in the bag, before driving off, leaving Boss devastated and Daisy attempting to comfort him.


Anna Lisa kisses Billy Ray and they celebrate their victory. However, Lulu informs him they don’t know Boss if they think that, and she “can already hear those country trumpets sounding”. Meanwhile, Daisy calls the boys to tell them what happened, getting in Boss’ car with him. Afterwards, Enos, who stayed in the trailer to look for any extra clues, also calls in to report Lulu’s message about her kidnappers taking Route 7 to the highway, and that he also found her blindfold on the floor, which told them that Lulu saw her kidnappers’ unmasked faces. Everyone realizes that this means the kidnappers are going to renege on letting Lulu go due to how they have been obscuring their faces throughout the whole crime.

Bo and Luke also realize that the kidnappers have a huge lead, but they cross-country to try and catch up. Rosco and Jesse also burn rubber and join the chase. Boss and Daisy head for Route 7 as well, with Daisy driving since Boss is in no condition to drive.

Meanwhile, Eddie asks why Billy Ray promises to give Lulu back if Lulu saw their faces, but Billy Ray remarks he was giving Boss false hope since they plan to kill Lulu to leave no identifiers. Lulu tells them that she isn’t afraid of them, and that right now, she’s thinking that Boss “is John Wayne with the whole US Calvary behind him”, and is actually feeling somewhat sorry for them, and if she’s more precious than all the gold in Fort Knox, then the kidnappers “are just yesterday’s news”.

Luke suggests they take the access road behind the amusement park and cut them off before the main highway. Bo reminds him it’s a rough ride, but agrees. Meanwhile, Jesse tells Rosco to drive faster, and Daisy continues to drive Boss’ car, while reassuring Boss that if they catch the kidnappers, the boys will.

Amusement Park

Bo and Luke find the access road and cut the kidnappers off into the amusement park. The crooks drive through the gate and are forced to flee on foot. Eddie and Billy Ray get away, but Lulu manages to stop Anna Lisa. She tells Bo and Luke that she has her and for them to go get the remaining two, before sitting on Anna Lisa, incapacitating her long enough for the authorities to arrive.

In the park, Bo chases after Eddie, while Luke goes after Billy Ray. Bo manages to catch Eddie at one point, but gets a hard hit to the face and falls down a flight of stairs. He gets back up and continues the chase. Luke follows Billy Ray into a series of swinging bags, before getting hit by a fleeing Billy Ray swinging the money bag at him. Luke chases him again after getting back up. Meanwhile, Bo has caught Eddie again on a raised path, but Eddie shoves him away and jumps off, prompting Bo to jump off as well. Luke meanwhile chases Billy Ray up a playground area, where the latter accidentally drops the money bag, before trying to throw the former off the structure. Luke gets back up and sees Billy Ray running down and retrieving the bag, prompting the former to run across the structure’s bridge and jump down onto the latter, before knocking him into a ball pit and capturing him while retrieving the money. In the park’s water zone, Bo continues to chase Eddie to the water slides, before punching him into a pool of water next to one of the slides and capturing him, as he simply surrenders.

Boss, Jesse, Enos, and Rosco all arrive where Lulu is waiting. Lulu tells them what happened and Boss charges off to find the men. Bo and Luke meet up, bringing their two prisoners back when Billy Ray makes a run for it. Boss charges at him and hits him in the stomach headfirst, knocking him down. Boss then carries him over to Lulu, presenting him to her before they reunite. Boss promises to be better for her.

Balladeer: And a grateful Boss wanted to reward the Dukes for their help in getting Lulu back. So he counted out the money the kidnappers didn’t get, and he gave the Dukes the satchel that it came in. I reckon adversity had softened up old Boss’ generous streak. The least he could have done was replace the shocks that Lulu had worn out on their car huh?

Hogg Family Home

Boss gets his money back before giving the Dukes the bag the money was stored in. The Duke boys find some money left over, which Boss quickly takes.


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Hazzard County[]


  • Bo and Luke are again teasing each other for their taste in women
    • In One Armed Bandits, they joked that Bo liked skinny girls while Luke liked girls with more to them. Now it's flipped. Luke did tease Bo previously about liking girls who looked like 'trucker's though.
  • Lulu drives the General Lee
  • Lulu says that Boss has not had time for her for twenty years, implying they have been married at a minimum that long.
  • Bo states that Jesse is the best cook in Hazzard, something most characters agree with
  • Boss says he gives Lulu an allowance of $25 a week and that he doesn't ask what she spends it on