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Lulu Coltrane Hogg is a fictional character on the television series The Dukes of Hazzard played by Peggy Rea.


Lulu is Boss Hogg's wife, who she married in 1958, and Rosco's "fat sister", making Boss and Rosco brothers-in-law.

Boss and Lulu are childless and live in a large mansion in Hazzard County.

Like Boss, Lulu is overweight and has a voracious appetite. She is most often seen wearing muumuus and is known to frequently indulge in such dishes as large pizzas, fried chicken, blueberry pies, and her cherished chocolate bon bons.

Lulu constantly challenges her husband for authority and rallies for the equality of women in Hazzard.

Unlike Boss, Lulu is friends with the Duke family, especially Daisy.

She often acts as Boss's moral conscience, something that often grates him.

Boss, while always keeping he and Rosco's schemes from her, seems to genuinely love Lulu, and even frequently calls her by pet names, such as "Angel Food Cake", "Marshmallow", "Sugarplum Puddin'", and "Chick-a-Bitty."


Season 1[]

Repo Men[]

Season 2[]

The Rustlers[]

Season 3[]

Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane[]

Bye, Bye Boss[]

The Great Hazzard Hijack[]

Season 4[]

Sadie Hogg Day[]

Nothin' But the Truth[]

Boss comes home and tells her a number of things that infuriate her. She chases him onto the porch, saying he is a lowdown polecat is there ever was on. Boss calls her Lulukins, saying he meant what he said. He tries to explain he meant it but didn’t’ mean to tell her that and he can only say the truth. She asks about him saying he married her for her money, to which he says that was the only way he would get it. She asks him saying she’s as big as a house and he says there are all different size houses. She says that he said when she went to the beauty parlor it looked like she never got waited on. Boss asks didn’t she. Angry she grabs a potted plant and when Boss says he doesn’t know what has come over him she yells ‘this is what come over you’ before breaking it on his head and storming inside to grab his bags saying he is out.

She is sitting on the porch eating candy when the phone rings. She answers it and Rosco asks if Boss is there. Angry she asks if he means the no good brother in law of his who said life with her was so dull he looked forward to seeing his dentist. Rosco says the only reason he said that was he took truth serum. Annoyed she says she only has two words for him ‘good bye’ and hangs up.

New Deputy in Town[]

Lulu calls Boss at work and he tells her he can’t talk to her right now, calling her precious, saying he’s very busy and tells her to eat another breakfast before hanging up.

Lulu calls Boss again. He addresses her as Lulu dumpling and tells her that hes’ too busy and to have another breakfast before hanging up.

Lulu call’s Boss at the office again, and he addresses her as his ‘little apple pie’ before saying he still can’t talk to her and he’s busier than ever and for her to start on her lunch.

Frustrated, she decides to go see Boss. As she goes to knocks she hears Boss and another woman talking. She becomes upset and when Boss says “ain’ this fun?!” she becomes enraged yelling ‘FUN?!’ before storming in. She yells at Boss, addressing him as ‘Jefferson Davis Hogg’ and saying the woman he’s with is why he’s been too busy for her. Boss protests saying he was showing Linda May, the new acting sheriff, how to roll a pizza dough. She says when he comes home tonight to just forget it cause he isn’t getting in the door. Boss tosses the pizza to try and prove his point and when it lands on his head she snaps at him, calling him an animal and storming off.

Boss comes home with Alex and she begins to toss his bags at him. Boss quickly pleads with her, calling her lamb chop and asking they act like civilized people. She hits him with another few bags and Boss begs her to stop calling her ‘jelly doughnut’ and to think of the kids. She hits the mail box and screams they don’t have any kids. She calls him a beast and an animal as she continues to throw his bags at him.

At home the phone rings and when she answers it she hears’ Boss call her cupcake. Angry she goes to hang up but stops at Boss’ pleas, him saying he wants to clear up the misunderstanding and hates to see her pumpkin face all sad and miserable, that he wants her happy and smiling with all 12 of her dimples showing. She hangs up.

A little after five she decides to make up with Boss as she misses him. She gathers a basket of food and heads toward the Police Department. As she reaches the building, Rafe Logan suddenly grabs her. She is surprised, saying they almost spilled her goodies and asks what are they doing as she wants to see her ‘chicken bitty’ as she has decided to forgive him. Rafe yells at her to get in the car and she protests, but does. She yells for Boss to help her as they drive away.

As they ride she comments she is Ms. J.D. Hogg and they will never get away with this. Rafe screams for her to shut up and she snaps ‘you shut up!’ She starts screaming for help. Denny announces they are being followed by an orange car and she knows who it is. She eats chicken while they talk about the boys. When Rafe and Denny start shooting at the boys, she starts screaming. Denny tells her to shut up and she screams louder. When Bo an Luke stop, Rafe says to dump her. Linda May stops and Denny pulls her out saying she’s getting off. She tells him to let go of her but gets out of the car. He hands her the bag and she sobs on the side of the road, eating her chicken. A few moments later, Bo and Luke drive by, Bo yelling they will be back to get her ‘Miss Lulu’.

Lulu goes to Boss’ office where they celebrate with chicken and Champaign, drinking out of their glasses with their arms intertwined. They kiss before going back to eating.

Share and Share Alike[]

Lulu founds and becomes president of an organization named H.E.R.S. or the Hazzard Equal Rights Society. She goes to the Boar’s Nest to see Boss, bringing a basket of lunch with her. She says they need to have a talk and Boss says to talk. She expresses that as the president of H.E.R.S. she has an obligation to set an example by assuming her legal rights. Boss asks what is she talking about and she tells him that from here on out and from this day forward, according to community property, she is his full and working partner in all business enterprises. Shocked, Boss says he’s too hungry to discuss this. He goes for her basket and she slaps his hand saying that is her lunch and for another thing Boss will have to fix his own vittles. Boss protests that it’s her job and she rolls her eyes saying not anymore. She says it’s share and share alike. Boss says her job is in the kitchen. She waves it off and Boss says she’s too frail. She goes into the bar but remembers she forgot her lunch. She returns and grabs the basket before going back into the bar.

Seeing Daisy she asks if she wants something to eat but Daisy says no. She says she and Daisy need to talk and asks what kind of work is this for Daisy to do.  When Daisy says she gets to keep 25% of her tips, she says that is slave labor and tells Daisy to put down the dish towel as she will set Daisy free. She says she wants Daisy to be her personal secretary and chauffeur at twice what she is making now. She says if Boss doesn’t like it he can complain to H.E.R.S. and Daisy agrees. They leave to buy office furniture.

Lulu and Daisy take the new furniture to the office. Daisy asks where she wants a chair and Lulu tells her right where Daisy is will be fine. Boss and Rosco come in asking what she’s doing and she asks what it looks like, saying they are following the motto. Boss tries to protest but she ignores him, asking Rosco to help set up a hat rack which he immediately agrees. Rosco asks where she wants it and she gestures to where but Boss tells Rosco to take it all out. Rosco asks what she means by branch office and Daisy explains they already took over the Boar’s Nest. When Boss says Daisy should be waiting tables she remarks ‘no more, Daisy is a H.E.R.’ Boss says she is a woman, she is frail, and running tough things are men’s work. Annoyed she snaps that it isn’t anymore, addressing him as a male chauvinist Hogg. She says women can do anything a man can just as good or better. Boss yells that they can’t and she says they can. Cletus comes in to tell Rosco there is a call for him and Boss and Rosco leave, saying Cletus has one hour to get everything out. Daisy asks what to do and Lulu tells Cletus he will but the hat rack where J.D.’s one is.

Lulu and Daisy go around, repainting a number of businesses to show Lulu’s ownership. At the Used Car lot, Murkin remarks that he hopes Boss doesn’t fire him but she assures him he will always have half a job with her around. She asks Lulu what is next and Lulu reads off a lift. She tells Daisy that they should get to it and the time has come for the women to take their place alongside the men. They start to leave, singing the anthem of HERS when they see Sheriff Little pull up. Surprised, she asks what brings him all the way from Chickasaw. Little explains that he’s looking at all the used car lots for a car for his new deputy. She points to a police car saying they have one there, rearing to go. Murkin tries to talk to her and she tells him to hush as they can take care of it. He tries to talk again and she tells him to but out as it’s a Hogg lot now. Lulu walks over to the car, telling Little she will give him a fine deal and throw in four new tires. When he says the color is wrong Daisy offers to repaint it and he agrees.

While her and Daisy drive the car to Chickasaw, Boss calls her on the CB. She answers and Boss tells her to bring the car back to the car lot. She tells him that the car was sold and they are delivering it to Sheriff Little. Boss says that the price Lulu got for it isn’t worth what it is. She says that maybe so but a deal is a deal. Boss says he is giving her an order and she says she is a free woman and she doesn’t take orders from anyone. She hangs up the CB. Daisy says Boss sounded pretty upset and she remarks it’s typical male chauvinism and a man can’t stand to see a woman get ahead before offering Daisy a bon-bon.

While they drive, Luke calls and tells them that the police car is loaded with stolen credit cards, shocking her. The two men who originally stole the credit cards catch up to them, forcing them off the road. She gets out of the car telling him that he may think he owns the road but they have just as much right. Daisy calms her, telling her there is no such thing as equal rights when someone is holding a gun on you. Lulu is stunned seeing the gun. She is told to get in the back of the car, which she does with Daisy’s assistance.

As they go she sees Bo finds them. Bo is told to leave but stays following them and is joined by Luke and Jesse. When Dickens leans out the window to shoot at the boys, she rolls him up in the window. Daisy gets control of the car and she announces she had to man all ‘trussed up’ to which Daisy praises her. Cooter, Luke, and Bo help them stop. Luke helps her out of the car.

She holds a private party at the Boar’s Nest with Daisy’s help. She quiets everyone down to announce she is throwing the party for two reasons. She says the first reason is she wants to thank Daisy and all the Dukes for saving her life. She then explains  that she will no longer be running her half of Boss’ enterprises. Boss says that is a relief and Daisy says it’s because the next election for County Commissioner she is running.

Season 5[]

The Revenge of Hughie Hogg[]

When she learns that Boss has withdrawn his support of Rosco in the Sheriff election, Lulu starts lecturing him at home, even taking his fork as he tries to eat. She demands to know why Boss is kicking out Rosco for the ‘pole cat of a pig you call a Hogg’. Boss tries to explain but he can’t and says he doesn’t want to discuss it. Lulu says she does want to discuss it and until he does and supports Rosco again, he will have to find another place to eat and sleep. She wraps up his lunch in the table cloth and takes it back to the kitchen. She ignores his protests and when he follows her into the kitchen she hits him on the head with a slab of dough.

Lulu attends a support rally that the Dukes put together for Rosco. She addressed the attendees, saying she doesn’t believe in J.D.’s backing of Hughie and she says not to put the crook of Hughie in the Sheriff’s office but put him in jail. After she kisses Rosco and listens to Jesse speak about voting for Rosco. Rosco tries to steal her banana, which she slaps his hand. A few moments later they hear Boss in the back, ordering Rosco to arrest everyone. When Rosco refuses she is horrified to see Rosco get fired and Hughie made temporary sheriff. When Barclay and Norris go to arrest the Dukes, she drops a banana peal to trip one. When Hughie goes to help his men, she pushes him over and sits on him. Boss Hogg runs over, saying she doesn’t know what she’s doing. Lulu slaps him with her purse before patting his cheek with a smile.

Furious that her brother was arrested, Lulu chases Boss down the stairs and out of the house. She yells that she has put up with enough over the years. As she chases him out there is a knock at the door and she opens it to see the Dukes. She yells at them to come in before telling Boss that he s getting out until Rosco is out of jail and having his job again. Surprised Vance asks if he heard her right, which she confirms. When Daisy asks for what she calls Hughie a worm, saying he claimed Rosco tried to accuse Rosco of robbing them. They hear a police siren and Daisy informs them that the ‘worm’ has arrived. Hughie and Barclay come in, announcing they are arresting the Dukes but she pulls Hughie’s hat down and holds him so the Dukes can escape.

After Rosco is re-elected, her and Boss make up and she congratulates Rosco on the win while Hughie is forced out of town.

Ding, Dong, The Boss is Dead[]

Boss and Rosco come home, Boss shaken up from nearly dying in an accident. As she helps calm Boss down, she gets a phone call from Gussie. Gussie asks if she can speak to Boss, which Lulu agrees and hands over the phone. She listens as Boss asks if Gussie has heard any interesting phone calls. Boss becomes horrified on the phone, yelling at Gussie about Calloway. As Boss hangs up, she hears him and Rosco say about Boss turning states evidence against Floyd Calloway twenty years ago. Boss concludes that Calloway is going to kill him and she grabs him arm, calling him her butterball and telling him not to worry as Rosco will stop Calloway. Boss says he needs her to pack him a suitcase and vittles, which she does.

She goes outside to see Daisy, Vance, and Coy have arrived. She tires to talk to Boss but he tells her he has to go now and if anyone comes looking for him say he’s off to Alaska for the Polar Bear Festival. She goes back into the house but when she hears a bomb go off she comes back off. The Dukes offer to protect Boss but they say the condition is Boss has to come back to the Farm to have a 'pow-wow' with Uncle Jesse first. Boss asks her if she want's to have the pow-wow, to which she says 'yes.'

At the Duke Farm, she helps Boss and Rosco try and barricade one of the doors. Jesse asks what are they doing. Daisy holds her as she sobs when the Dukes realize that Calloway sent two hired killers out after Boss. Boss says he would be better off dead and buried. She becomes upset saying for him to not say things like that as they will get him killed. She adds that she looks terrible in black. Vance says Boss is right, upsetting everyone before he explains he means to pretend Boss is killed.

At her home, Rosco helps her with her makeup before telling her to start acting. Lulu starts sobbing loudly, calling for help. Jesse, Daisy, Vance, Coy, and a number of people come to her and the Duke boys help her into the house as she tearfully tells everyone they cannot revive Boss and Rosco had to carry him to the sofa. Lulu sobs by his side while people looked on before angrily whispering to Boss, demanding to know why he had to eat raw onions at a time like this. The boys help her into a chair and she tells everyone that Boss ate himself to death. Daisy rushes over, reassuring her. She says she will do this all like Boss would have wanted, a wake at the Boar’s Nest with food and beer and only a two dollar cover charge.

Lulu helps with the wake the next day, greeting people. Enos comes in with a flower, shaking her hand and telling her he’s sorry and he doesn’t know what to say. She tells him he doesn’t need to say anything, calling him dear and invites him in to eat saying if there was anything J.D. liked to see it was people enjoying food. A few minutes later Matt and Lorna come in and shake her hand.

When Jesse makes a speech about how much Boss meant to people she says he ate his way into her heart and her fridge. She sobs as Boss is taken out to the hearse. She continues to sob until the hearse is closed by Rosco.

She rides out to the cemetery with Rosco when she is horrified to see the casket fall out of the back. They follow the casket to see Boss get stuck in a tree. After he falls out, she asks how he feels and he tells her like he’s been on a great big roller coaster ride.

When Boss starts yelling at Rosco about the door, she snaps at him not to pick on her baby brother as he was comforting her.

When they get back in the car, they hear Daisy inform everyone Calloway is there and she tells Rosco that he has to do something as she can’t stand the thought of being a widow twice in the same day. As they drive, Calloway and the hitmen come up behind them. Rosco tries to slow them down but Matt hits them from behind and Rosco flips the car. As they sit upside down she tells Rosco he was supposed to stop them.

Daisy and Enos arrive and Daisy gets out of her jeep, asking if Lulu is okay to which she says she is fine.

Lulu gets a new red dress and holds a party at her home. Her and Boss dance until Boss gets tired, then Jesse steps in to dance with her.

Season 6[]

Lulu's Gone Away[]

Lulu leaves a meeting of the flower club, saying goodbye to Betty and Norma. She thanks Dorothy for her hospitality of hosting the meeting. She gets in her car, driving home and listening to her meeting notes. Hearing herself mention that Boss promised something, she becomes annoyed and turns it off, saying Jefferson is always promising and he never delivers. As she keeps driving, she realizes her car is stalling out. Getting out, she curses Boss and sits on the front to pop off a hubcap.

Seeing the General Lee, she flags them down and when Bo asks if the car is giving her trouble she snaps that J.D. Hogg is giving her trouble. She says Boss has promised to  have the car fixed the last two weeks and as the boys look at it, she says she’s going to come down so hard on Boss that he’s going to have to reach up to touch grass. Bo says the fuel filter is clogged but they will call Cooter and he can take care of it for her. Luke offers to take her wherever she needs to go and she agrees before saying she will get her stuff. After gathering it she asks if she can drive. The boys agree but ask why and she says she’s in a hurry and she doesn’t want them to get in trouble with the law, asking don’t they understand. They agree and give her a hand into the car. She tells them just to shove her in, which they do.

Lulu speeds off to the Boar’s Nest, telling the boys to hang on. Luke says she seems anxious to get home and she tells them that she’s not heading for home, she’s heading to the Boar’s Nest. She says she has a lot to say to Boss and she wants to say it while she’s still hot under the girdle. As she passes Rosco’s speed trap, he comes in behind her. When Bo points it out she says Rosco ain’t staying long. She goes off road, telling the boys the car handles real nice. Bo protests as she heads to a stack of hay and she tells them not to worry as she jumps the hay and a shack. When they lands she asks if they are alright.

When they arrive at the Boar’s Nest, the boys help her out and she asks if they are okay. Bo says they are fine and Luke says they will wait for her inside. She tells them to close their ears because what she has to say isn’t fit for nice boys like them to hear before going through the back door. She slams the door, hard, surprising Boss who is on the phone. She tells him to put down the phone but he says for her to ‘hush up honeysuckle’ before going back to the conversation. Furious, she picks up a pair of scissors as Boss says she has to wait until the transaction is finished. She announces he is finished before cutting the cord. Boss gets angry asking if she lost her senses and she tells him she just found them. She reminds him that he promised about the car and it broke down, and the hot house he promised for the Flower Club isn’t ready. Boss asks her to go home and cook dinner as Rosco is coming to dinner. She is infuriated and Boss says he doesn’t have time to deal with this. She says for twenty years he hasn’t had time for her and all she does is cook his meals, do his laundry, and take his sass. Boss addresses her as butterball, saying she really is upset and offers to talk about it after dinner tonight. Lulu tells him they will not as she has decided she doesn’t have time for him before storming out.

Bo, Luke, and Daisy come up to her asking if she’s alright. She tells them she never felt better. Bo says that is great and they will take her home. She announces she is only stopping long enough to pack a suitcase. Daisy asks if she’s going someplace and she says to a hotel where she can do some serious reflecting at a place J.D. won’t find her, not that he would come looking. Luke says she can stay at the farm and Bo says the guest room ain’t much but Uncle Jesse is the best cook in Hazzard. She says she would be intruding but Daisy insists she wouldn’t be. Lulu says if they are sure and they do. She says they are something special. Bo says he will drive, which Luke and Daisy quickly agree with and Daisy says she heard about Lulu’s drive. The boys help her in the car and they head to town.

After packing she leaves a note for Boss saying he likely didn’t notice she was gone until supper time and she doesn’t know when or if she will be back. She then goes to the Duke Farm and has dinner with them. Daisy says she hasn’t touched a bit of her dinner and she comments ‘I know child’ before apologizing to Jesse, saying it doesn’t have anything to do with his fine cooking. Jesse says he knows but he has something he does want to talk to her about. She cuts him off, asking that he’s not going to try and talk her into going back to J.D. Jesse denies it, saying he knows J.D. can be trying but he does have some good points. When Jesse prompts the boys to help, they just agree. Jesse says he bets Boss is pacing the floor, pulling at his hair wondering where she is.

The next morning she follows Daisy out of the farm house and tells her she made something real tempting for her lunch. Daisy thanks her and she says she has to fatten Daisy up. Daisy asks why don’t she just stay with Lulu today but Lulu says there is no need and for her to run along. Daisy leaves. She then goes over to greet the boys, who are loading Jesse’s pickup and they tell her they are taking a load of hay but they will be right back. She tells them that she’ll unpack and then she will fix them a breakfast fit for J.D. Hogg before chuckling then saying that just sort of slipped out. She goes back inside and Jesse says they’ll be back before the coffee is hot.

She uses her tape recorder and practices what she will tell Boss. She remarks she might come back but Boss has to change his ways. She is startled when two masked men come in and asks who they are and what they want. They say they want her. She tells them to get out of there because she calls the law and they inform her it’s a kidnapping and she won’t get hurt as long as Boss pays the ransom. She says they made two mistakes before saying she ain’t going before trying to bolt. They grab her and ask for the second mistake and she tells them that her husband won’t come up with a nickel.  

She is blindfolded and taken to their trailer before they call Boss. She is put on the phone, and scared she tells Boss ‘this is your Lulu talking’. They take the phone from her though. The phone is returned to her after a moment, and she tells Boss she is one and she still means everything she said yesterday, that he doesn’t have time for her and does keep her cooking and cleaning 24 hours a day, and she does take all his sass, but she still loves him, every flabby roll and wrinkle.

Eddie and Billy Ray take her to Sheep’s Hollow for the random. Boss refuses to hand over the money until he sees her. The two move her into his view and Boss demands to have the blindfold removed. When the men refuse, she tells him it’s alright as she can see Boss out of the eye of her heart. When they hear siren’s though, the men yell that they warned Boss and she is taken away. She is forced to lay in the back as another cop passes.

She is taken back to the trailer and the three argue over what to do. Billy Ray says they will make Boss sweat it out for a bit then try again.

She hears Billy Ray talk about someone he caught and brought into the trailer. She asks who they got and starts getting upset. Anna Lisa tells her the person is blonde and beautiful and if Lulu wants him to stay that way she will settle down. Billy Ray says after they get the money they will take Route 7 past the amusement park to the tristate highway and Lulu grabs her lipstick from her purse, leaving a note on the side of the table. As Anna Lisa and Eddie go to move her, she objects telling them she refuses to leave as long as Bo Duke lying there but her blindfold comes off and she sees them. They move her to the car and leave.

They stop at a payphone and Billy Ray calls Boss to issue a new ransom. After Eddie says that Hogg might tell someone about it, and Billy Ray says he’s counting on it.

They go to town where the crooks take the money and Boss asks where she is. The men pull a blanket off of her and Boss calls her his little pumpkin pie, saying she is more precious than any bank account, negotiable bond, or even all the gold in Fort Knox. Boss tries to claim her but the men don’t allow her out, saying they will drop her off at the county line before driving off again.

As the three celebrate their win, she remarks they don’t know her man if they think that. She remarks she can already hear the country trumpets sounding. She listens to the kidnappers talk about killing her since she can identify them. She tells them a day or two before she would have been afraid of them, but right now she sees her husband as John Wayne with the whole US Cavalry behind him, and she feels sorry for them. She says if she is more precious than all the gold in Fort Knox, then they are yesterdays news.

Bo and Luke arrive, cutting the car off and into the theme park. Unable to drive, the three crooks try to abandon the car and flee into the park. Lulu gets out, managing to stop Anna Lisa, yelling that she got her. As Bo and Luke come up, she says she has Anna Lisa and for them to get the guys before telling Anna Lisa that she is going to sit on her, which she does. A few minutes later Boss, Rosco, and Daisy all arrive and Boss yells that he’s coming. They reunite and Boss asks what they have done to her and if she is alright. She says she is fine but the boys need some help and point in the direction Bo and Luke went. Boss assures her he got it and heads after them, Rosco telling her Boss is awesome when he’s mad. Her and the others are impressed when Boss knocks out Billy Ray and Boss brings the kidnapper back, saying he brought her a real trophy. Lulu steps over Billy Ray before hugging Boss, telling him that he is her hero. Boss asks that she will never leave him again, and she promised. Boss says everything will be just like it was when he said ‘I do’.

Later at home, she celebrates with Boss, the Dukes, Rosco, and Enos.

Too Many Roscos[]

Boss informs her that Rosco had an accident and drowned in the pond. They are unable to recover his body. Distraught, her and her husband hold a picture of Rosco, trying to counsel each other as they sob. Lulu says Rosco has gone to his reward and they have to give Rosco the biggest wake Hazzard ever seen. Boss puts an arm around her, calling her angle cake and promising it will be and half the county will be there.

The next day at the wake, she is sobbing. The Dukes arrive and Daisy goes to her side, telling her they are so sorry for her loss. Suddenly Enos comes running inside, screaming about the Sheriff. Lulu gets up, thinking Enos is upset but Enos yells that Rosco is alive. Shocked, she asks what and Enos says Rosco is outside. She runs outside to see ‘Rosco’ and hugs him, saying ‘oh, my baby brother!’. When ‘Rosco’ explains he hit his head getting out of the lake, she looks at the bruise commenting that his poor head is all black and blue. ‘Rosco’ claims to have seen a doctor about his head and is surprised when Flash snaps at him. When ‘Rosco’ reminds Boss of an armored car delivery, Boss rushes inside to get his hat and Lulu follows.

Later she learns that the 'Rosco' who they thought was Rosco, was a con man named Woody. She happily reunites with her real brother and watches him give a parking ticket to Bo and Luke.

Targets: Daisy and Lulu[]

Boss sends her to go dress shopping at New Orleans for a 25th wedding anniversary present. She takes Daisy along with her. When they return to the Capitol City Airport she finds one of her bags are missing. Daisy asks which bag and she says the little carry on case. Daisy asks if she left it somewhere and Lulu goes to check. Not finding the bag, she returns to Daisy and their luggage. She tells Daisy she couldn’t find it and she thinks someone walked off with it. When two men pass, she recognizes the bag in their hand and remarks ‘speak of the devil’ before pointing it out to Daisy. Daisy runs up to Mr. Lipton and Wilbur and she tells Lipton to hold on a minute as he has her case. She tries to take the case and he says she is mistake but she insists she isn’t and it’s hers. He addresses her again and she snaps that she is not ‘your dear lady’ and that he is a liar before trying to take the case. Daisy suggests they open the case but the man quickly says he made a mistake and apologizes before giving Lulu the case. She accepts his apologizes and Daisy informs her Bo and Luke have arrived. They leave with the boys, greeting them.

Lulu sits in the back with Daisy while Bo drives home. She tells the boys about the trip, telling Bo that they had gumbo as well as everything the city had to offer. They are startled when the car behind them suddenly starts shooting. She ducks down as Bo speeds off. Luke tells her they lost them, to which she says ‘thank goodness’ and Bo tells her to relax as they are almost home. Daisy says the boys didn’t have to plan such a great reception, to which she adds ‘I’ll say not’.

After arriving home, she and Daisy head upstairs to try on the dresses. Hearing a loud commotion she comes downstairs with Daisy asking what is going on. Seeing Boss and Rosco, with Boss holding a necklace she assumes it’s a present for her and gets excited. She addresses him as a sweet dear little old darling and asks if he plans to give it to her. Boss accuses her of buying the necklace and she tells him that she didn’t buy that and admits she has no idea where it came from. Daisy tells her that the man with the carnation is the proper owner. She comments that the poor man is probably worried about it and Boss says he and Rosco will ensure the necklace will get to its owner and he’s sure there will be a reward in it. She snaps at him to forget the reward and do something decent for once in his life. Her and Daisy then go up to try the dresses.

They move downstairs as Boss and Rosco leave, and she shows Daisy one of the dresses that Daisy tells her is gorgeous when two men, Pete and Mick, come in with guns. When they say they want the case, she quickly says there is no need to be upset as it was a mistake and she is very sorry. When the men find the case empty, she becomes upset explaining that he husband said he would return the necklace to its rightful owner. The men say they will stay with them until the necklace is returned. She cries and Daisy says they are telling the truth.

The two force her and Daisy out of the house but Bo and Luke come racing in the General. Daisy knocks one over and tells her to run for it, which she does. Lulu runs into the street, flagging down Bo and Luke. The boys run off the road, losing a tire. She runs up to them with Daisy, saying thank goodness they arrived and Bo says so long as they are alright. Luke says that the men stole that necklace and Lulu becomes upset for apologizing to them for getting the wrong case. They hear the men who attacked them call for the boys over the radio, threatening to kill her and Daisy if they don’t get the necklace. She becomes upset saying they are going to kill them and Daisy assures her that they won’t. She says the men are all talk and not to pay them any mind. She tries to get the boys to assure Lulu that he’s bluffing but Luke says he isn’t so sure.

She rides with the Dukes out to the Boar’s Nest where they tell Boss everything that happened. Learning someone threatened her life, Boss becomes upset and hugs her saying he would just curl up and die if anything happened to her. When Daisy asks for the necklace Boss admits he sold it to Big Dan, enraging her. Her and Daisy stay with Jesse while the boys go after Big Dan.

Bo and Luke return to the Boar’s Nest, saying the two men were arrested. They inform the boys about the third man. She explains the third man is the one she took the case from. The boys leave to find him and Jesse and Daisy invite her to the farm, which she accepts.

At the Duke Farm, Daisy makes her a snack, which she says Daisy makes the best snacks. Daisy answers a call and then informs her that they have been asked to go to the police station to identify the third person in the robbery. She gets in the jeep with Daisy and they head toward Capitol City.

A car comes head on and Daisy avoids them. She says the driver must be drunk or crazy. Daisy informs her it’s the third man who is in the car and she cries saying they are going to kill them but Daisy says not if she can help it. Luke calls on the CB and promises to catch up to them. As the man start to overtake them, Daisy tells her to hang on. They ram into the jeep a few times, alarming her. The Dukes arrive however and the men quit the chase. They find the boys and she thanks them for saving their lives again. Rosco and Boss arrive too and Boss hugs her saying she is safe now. Jesse says the men will be back and she cries. Luke says he has a plan.

Lulu and Daisy dress up Boss and Rosco as women before going back down stairs where Enos and the Dukes are waiting. Seeing the others didn’t follow, she calls J.D. down. After a moment she adds ‘you too little brother’. Rosco comes down too. She and Daisy say that Boss and Rosco don’t need to pretend to be them, but Boss and Rosco insist they can do it. She says if they say so, and Bo assures her they need her around. Her and Daisy go to the CB and pretend to set up a meeting in town to go shopping.

After all the men are in jail, they have a proper anniversary party at her home with the Dukes, Enos, and others present. Her and Boss try to blow out the candles on the cake but are unable to. Bo and Luke help Boss, but accidentally blow icing onto his face.

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  • In the subsequent made-for-tv-movies for the 'Dukes of Hazzard, which reunited the surviving members of the original cast, Rea did not return to her original role as Lulu. Thus leaving her fate unknown.
  • Lulu Hogg physically appeared in 19 episodes through the series run, but was mentioned frequently through the series.

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