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Ma Harper is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Described as the ‘slickest bookie and slot marker this side of Vegas’. She was also barred by the mafia for giving them a bad name.


Duke vs. Duke[]

At home, after teaching her son’s for the day she says to see how good they learned their lessons and to begin with Billy Gene. She has three rules, the first to always try to get someone between your kin, two use your own deck so you know how the cards are marked and three always deal from the bottom of the deck. She pats Junior’s hand saying it just does her heart good to hear her baby son’s learn the important things in life.

Hearing the phone ring, she goes outside with her sons following. When Boss calls she looks at Billy Gene, remarking ‘well Jefferson Davis Hogg, you old darling. It’s been some time since I heard your sweet voice’. She asks what can she do for him and Boss says she is the biggest bookie in the tri-county area. He tells her he wants to place a bet with her on $5,000 for Rosco to win a car race. She tells him ordinarily she doesn’t mess with such piddly amounts but for old times’ sake he’s on. Boss thanks her and he says he knew he could count on her. She says that there is something else he count on, if he loses, she is going to send her boy Junior to pick up the losings.

When she hangs up she tells her sons that ‘that fat hairless hog’ has never risked a dime on anything that wasn’t fixed. Billy Gene asks why did he take the bet then. She says because she is going to turn around and place another bet with a Bookie along with $5,000 of her own. She then remarks 'come children' and leads them back inside.

Boss calls her again to raise the bet. She remarks ‘of course it ain’t no trouble J.D. honey’ and agrees to raise the bet to $10,000. She says only this time if he loses she will send all three boys to collect his losings. After hanging up she remarks that it is time to insure their bets. She puts on a wing saying she doesn’t see any sense in too many people knowing she is in Hazzard.

She and her sons arrive at the Boar’s Nest and Daisy apologizes but says they are not open for lunch yet. She explains that is why they came when they did ‘honey’ saying she knows what kind of food Boss serves. She then heads to Boss’ office. She opens the door remarking ‘why J.D. you old rascal’ and Boss stands up to hug her saying she is a sight for sore eyes. She introduces the boys. Junior squeezes Rosco’s hand and Ma tells him to turn Rosco lose as they aren’t ready for him yet. Rosco asks what does she mean yet and she explains that since Boss has enough confidence in him to place $10,000 on him, she did the same and she brought the boys to protect her interests. When her sons say they are entering cars, Rosco says they didn’t get an entry in on time. She remarks they should remember the two entry’s that came in the mail post marked earlier than the rest. Boss agrees. She ask Boss to give a special showing of the secret weapon and Rosco says no. She has Junior pick up Rosco and take him to the car. They go outside to watch, seeing Rosco jump the car and spotting two other cars. She hears Boss express concern about Cooter’s car and Luke and Bo both driving. Boss says no one can beat that and she  agrees saying ‘they sure can’t J.D. sugar, after all, they gotta show up to beat him.’ She then cackles.

A half hour before the race she goes to the Hazzard Garage. Seeing Cooter sleeping with a shotgun, she wakes him. Cooter points the gun at her before actually seeing her and quickly apologizes, putting the gun down. He asks what he can do for her and she says she’s looking for the Duke Farm and was hoping she could pay a surprise visit to her old friend Jesse. Cooter says Jesse would be thrilled and he’ll do better than that and call the farm to have Daisy or one of the boys come get her. She tells him that is nice of him and if she had boys of her own she would hope they would all be as kind and considerate as him. She pretends to be interested in Cooter’s car, telling him her late husband drove a car just like it. Cooter says her late husband has as good taste in cars as ladies. She asks Cooter if he will let her sit in the car while he calls the farm. He agrees and she gets in. He tells her to be careful as he goes to the CB and she snaps ‘not on your grease gun buddy’ before starting the car and driving off.

She drives down the road in the car, taking off part of her disguise yelling as she passes Uncle Jesse going off Old Mill Road toward Seminole Canyon. When she pulls in the meeting place, Junior helps her out of the car and carries her over to Boss’ car, which they stole. She gives him instructions on how to hide the car and he asks why can’t he just come back with her. She says there is an engine in that car worth a lot of cash and they might as well have it instead of Boss. She tells him to put her down so she can drive Boss’ car back to town before he misses it, which he does. She tells him to ‘be sweet now’ before leaving.

Knowing Cooter would recognize her, she stays by the race track and talks to her boys through a radio and she reminds them that they are not in the race to win, to wreck every car that gets near Rosco but be sweet about it and that she wants to be proud of them. When Billy Gene says they can handle it she says they better and if they don’t they are not too old to get their britches warmed with a hickory stick.

After they lose the race, she forces Boss to hand over his $10,000 he lost to her and pay the $10,000 she lost on the race. When she gets home the State Police were waiting and she is arrested.