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Mabel Tillingham, also sometimes called Myrtle Tillingham or Maybelle Tillingham, is a reoccurring character in the Dukes of Hazzard.


Mabel is Boss Hogg's cousin. He also owns the mortgage on her farm.[1] He had told her that any time she hears anything interesting to call him and inform him. She also has a soft spot for the Duke Family, particularly Bo and Luke. She works at the Phone Company and regularly calls Boss about anything occuring in town.


Season 2[]

The Meeting[]

Luke calls her on the phone asking her to get him the FBI in Atlanta. She tells him sure thing and when she disconnects his line, she calls him ‘dear’. At some point a few men come in and tie her up before blowing up the equipment for the phone. Bo and Luke find her and take her and the chair she is tied to outside. Luke and Bo untie her as Bo asks if she is alright. She tells them what happened. She listens to them talk about needing to get out of town before the men find them.

The Ghost of the General Lee[]

While at work, someone dials for the operator. She answers and Daisy tells her she needs the Sheriff’s station. She connects it.

Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough[]

While at work, she is approached by the Jethro Brothers looking for Cale Yarborough, but she can’t help them.

Later she sees a telegram and calls Boss, who answers as 'Hello Cousin Mabel". Boss tells her that she knows she shouldn’t be reading other peoples telegrams and tells her to read it to him but for her not to listen. She reads out the telegram about a turbo charger Cale Yarborough is testing. When she finishes Boss thanks her and tells her to look for something extra in her pay envelope at he end of the month.

The Runaway[]

Suzy Holmes calls her from the Duke Farm and ask her to connect to Asheville. When the lines are clear she calls back to the Duke Farm to let Suzy know that she has patched her through.

After two men come in to find Suzy. She refuses to say anything but they put down some money and she says she can’t tell them where the Duke boys went. They give her some more money and she says that she can’t turn down cash on the barrel head 'especially when you're barrel is empty". She says the boys went to the Duke Farm. She refuses to say any more until they give her more money and she says the Farm is on Mill Pond Road. After they give her more she says to hang a left at the next corner and go 18 miles to Mill Pond Road.

Later the investigators return and use the phones again.

Return of the Ridge Raiders[]

Jesse comes into the office and uses the phone. She helps run the switch board and he tells her that he’s still got a busy signal at the treasury department and asks her about the governor. She happily tells him that they have her on hold. He asks if she has had any luck at the white house and she says she still hasn’t made the connection. Jesse thanks her before going to leave. She calls out to him, asking ‘about the dance?’ and when he asks what dance she tells him the ‘Catfish Insider Stomp’. She asks which one will Jesse have take her to the dance, Bo or Luke. Jesse says he’ll ask both before musing out loud that they might start a big argument over her and they would have a problem and he can’t take it right now before saying she should ask someone else. Upset she waits until he leaves before calling Boss Hogg and informing him what happened.

Mason Dixon's Girls[]

While listening to the phone, Mabel hears Luke call Jesse to inform him that they got caught running pot, which they didn’t know they had, and they hid it all at Cooter’s. She immediately calls Boss to let him know.

Season 3[]

The Late J.D. Hogg[]

While working at the phone company, Rosco calls her on the C.B. She switches the switchboard over to answer him. Rosco  asks if she will patch him to Doc Carney’s office and she does.

After learning from Doctor Carney that Boss isn’t dying like they thought, she helps call around to find Boss. When calling the Boar’s Nest, Daisy answers and she tells Daisy that it’s an emergency before switching the call over to Carney.

Baa, Baa White Sheep[]

While at work, Boss calls her and has her connect him to Judge Druten. Later Boss also has her call the Finchburg Sheriff.

Duke vs. Duke[]

While at work, Boss calls her and has her connect him to Ma Harper, mentioning 'Hello from Rosco'. A few hours later, Boss has her make the call again.

My Son, Bo Hogg[]

When Bo goes missing, Jesse tells her he knows she's been listening in on the phone and to patch him through to Rosco. She tells him he's out and Jesse says to give him Cletus. She tells him he's out too. Jesse demands to know what she means and she hangs up on him.

By-Line Daisy Duke[]

Vic calls from from Boss Hogg's main office in the Boar's Nest and has her connect him to the Boar's Nest Bar. After a few moments Daisy calls her to connect her to the Hazzard Gazette. A few hours later Daisy calls her again to be connected to the hotel.

Season 4[]

Double Dukes[]

While at work, Jesse calls her and has her connect him to Cooter at the Garage.

Diamonds in the Rough[]

Jesse calls her and tells her to connect him to the FBI in Atlanta. She hears Bo and an FBI agent talk about a bag of diamonds the boys found. After Bo hangs up she calls Boss and tells him what she heard.

Coltrane vs. Duke[]

After Rosco was in an accident, Cooter has her call the Duke Farm. After she contacts Jesse to fill him in on Rosco wanting a $50,000 claim for the 'accident'. Later when the Dukes call Doc Appleby to come testify at the trial, she calls Boss to inform him of the witness. He thanks her saying she sure knows which side of the bridge her butt is on and tells her he won't forget it.

10 Million Dollar Sheriff: Part 1[]

After hearing about Rosco inheriting 10 million dollars, she calls Mrs. Turner to tell her the news.

Rosco calls her on the phone, saying ‘It’s Rosco P Coltrane, the P is for prosperous’. He asks her to do him a favor and asks if she can go looking through the Atlanta telephone directory and find an investigator named Jason Steele. Alarmed she says he can’t mean the real Jason Steele. Rosco says it better be and she says he can’t bring a sidewinder like that into Hazzard. She says she had been told that Jason is the 'dirtiest, lowdownest, meanest' but Rosco cuts her off saying to never mind his good points. Rosco tells her to just go ahead, get him, and ring him back as it could be the most important phone call he’s ever made in his life.

After finding him and contacting him, she calls Rosco and puts him through. Not long after she calls Daisy to warn the boys about Steele.

Trouble at Cooter's[]

Luke calls her while at work to connect him to the Duke Farm. After Luke tells Jesse where 19 stolen furs are, Jesse has her connect him to the police in Atlanta. She asks him what for and he tells her to never mind that.

Cletus Falls in Love[]

When Rosco sets out to arrest Bo and Luke, he calls Mabel to have her find Cletus. She finds him at the Boar's Nest and informs him that Rosco is currently looking for him.

Miz Tisdale on the Lam[]

Luke calls her at work, asking her to connect him to Scoop Whittman at the Capital City Gazette.

Nothin' But the Truth[]

Boss calls her at work and tells her to get him the State Crime Commission in Atlanta and let him know when she got them. He hangs up on her and when she connects to them she calls Boss back.

Later Rosco calls her to have her connect him to Lulu. Not long later Luke asks her to connect him to Cletus.

Dear Diary[]

Luke calls her to connect him to Boss Hogg at the city hall.

New Deputy in Town[]

Luke calls Mabel to connect him to the Roseville Police department.

Bad Day in Hazzard[]

Boss calls her while she was at work, saying hello from Rosco. When she asks him how he is, he says he's delightful and asks for her to put him through to his 'delightful radio station' which she does.

Miss Tri-Counties[]

Boss has her connect him to Sheriff Little in Chickasaw to tip him off that Bo and Luke are going to his county.

Share and Share Alike[]

Mabel is recruited by the Hazzard Equal Rights Society. When Boss calls her and tells her to get him a number in Atlanta, she demands he say please. He protests but then agrees, addressing her as Mabel again. She corrects him saying to address her as Miss Tillingham. He does and tells her to connect him to 555-2555. She again forces him to say 'please' before she agrees.

Dukes in Danger[]

Boss has her connect him to Laverne at the bank to see if Jesse has paid his mortgage. Later he calls her again from the Duke Farm to connect him to Cletus, saying Cletus is in charge while he's taking inventory at the Farm.

The next day Cletus calls her and tells her that if the Governor calls she is to take a message. After he drops off the call.

Season 5[]

Lawman of the Year[]

When the fire alarm goes off at the gravel pits, she calls the police department and informs Enos of a possible fire. Enos informs her that Rosco wants to know what she is bothering him for before apologizing and hanging up.

Coy Meets Girl[]

Boss calls her at work and has her connect him to a partner of his at the Apex Rent-A-Truck.

The Hazzardgate Tape[]

While at the Duke Farm, Boss calls her and has her connect him to Boss Sharkey's car phone.


  • While Mabel only appeared in 7 episodes, she is constantly alluded to through the show as overhearing calls and informing Boss of what is occurring.
    • The episodes she physically appears in are The Meeting, Dukes Meet Cale Yarborough, The Runaway, Return of the Ridge Raiders, Mason Dixion's Girls, The Late J.D. Hogg, and 10 Million Dollar Sheriff Part 1. Mabel's last physical appearance was in season 4.