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Mabel Wooser, or Mabel Potter, is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


People's Choice[]

12 years ago she became engaged to Emery Potter and they have met every day in the Town Square for lunch. She asks Emery when are they going to set a date to be married and he says when he can financially support her eating habits. They are approached by Boss and Rosco, and Boss explains that he wants to finance their wedding. She is shocked but happy. She hugs Emery expressing that the day has finally come. Boss adds that he is going to let them use his summer cottage for the honeymoon. She gets excited. She begs Emery to do it. She decides to go for it and packs up, pulling Emery to her car.

Mabel and Emery go to the chapel to be married. While the preacher is marrying them, Bo, Luke, and T.C. come running up. Luke asks her to excuse him and she is alarmed when the boys say they need Emery for a moment. When Emery signs the paper and explains it needs to be stamped with the county seal, she becomes alarmed an asks if they can please get on with the ceremony. Luke tells her he’s sorry, but they need to take Emery back to Hazzard. Bo promises that they will bring him right back and the Preacher explains that his schedule is tight. She is horrified when the preacher says if it’s not now he can’t marry them until Thursday. When T.C. begs and Emery says it’s his job, she tells the preacher to put them down for Thursday. The boys thank her before taking Emery away. She tells him to wait for her and runs after them, taking T.C. with her. She comments the boys drive like maniacs.

Her and T.C. arrive at the county building and she hugs Emery. Rosco comes in and announces he is arresting Bo and Luke. She clings to Emery, holding him even harder when Rosco tells her not to threaten him. She watches Bo and Luke flee. She, Emery, and T.C. laugh with Enos about what happened.

Thursday she votes at the election poles. She then tells Emery not to mind her ballot and that they are getting married that day after the poles closes and she will be waiting for him before kissing his head and  leaving. When Emery announces the election is over, Mabel runs in saying they have a date with a preacher before dragging him away.

When Bo and Luke arrive at their wedding again, she grabs Emery, upset. When the boys say they need Emery again as he needs to vote she says they can’t have him. She gets frustrated as Bo and Luke explain the situation and tells them not to listen to the boys and that he can’t leave her at the altar again. To appease them, Luke has them married on the back of the pickup with Luke as the witness and Bo driving them to Hazzard. During the marriage, when Luke tells Bo to drive faster, she snaps that he heard what the preacher said and to hold his peace. When she kisses Emery, Luke says they have no time and pulls Emery away. She follows the boys into the county building. She stands by him as he votes for T.C. She is alarmed when Boss fires Emery, but T.C. says he can’t since Emery now works for her and Emery stays. After they celebrate T.C.’s victory. When T.C. kisses him she pulls Emery back, kissing his cheek and decides to leave, giving T.C. her flowers and telling her better luck next time.