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Mama Coltrane is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Mama Coltrane has three children, Hortense, Lulu, and Rosco. After her children grow up she continues to live with her youngest Rosco and his dog Flash. (Baa, Baa White Sheep). Rosco says that she always said Enos Strate would get married before he did (Dukes of Hazzard: Reunion!). He also claims that her favorite color is lavender (A little game of pool).


Mrs. Rosco P. Coltrane[]

Mama Coltrane walks into the police station, remarking ‘Greetings Cletus’ before asking where is her son as he didn’t come home for lunch again. Cletus greets her and says he is in his office. She tells him ‘that child’s gotten to be a caution to live with lately’. She says he’s been mooning about the house and not eating proper like. Cletus remarks ‘what’s a mother to do’. She goes into Rosco’s office and Rosco asks what is she doing there. She says she’s come to ‘feed my little baby’ before telling Rosco to go wash his hands and she will get lunch on the desk. Rosco says he has something bodacious to tell her and she says bodacious can wait but her fricasseed hog jowls can’t, laughing in the same fashion as Rosco.

As she prepares to finish lunch, Rosco tells her he’s getting married. Shocked, she drops a plate, breaking it. She tells Rosco that he can’t get married as he isn’t ready yet. She begins to cut up his food and Rosco says he’s 40 years old. She says that is true but he still doesn’t pick his clothes up, his socks don’t match and he still squeezes the toothpaste from the middle. Rosco says he wants a wife. She says when he was five he wanted a fire engine and look how fine he grew up without it. Rosco says all the other kids had a fire engine. She remarks now he has a police car before shoving a piece of buttered bread in his mouth.

Rosco tells her he made up his mind and he’s going to marry Sue Ann. He tells her they were meant for each other and shows her a newspaper article saying he was lonesome and that he was looking for a ‘date or a mate’ and it was the Dixie Computer Dating and Marriage Service. Offended she asks that Rosco got his future wife from a machine, asking what will they think of next. He hugs her saying ‘darling’ and that he loves her with all his heart and soul and he always will but there is something lacking deep inside of him and he’s a very lonely man. She smiles saying if that is the way Rosco really feels she won’t stand in his way. She says all she really cares about is his happiness. She starts packing up and tells him to go ahead and just get married and not to worry about his poor old mama, who is going to go look for a high window to jump out of. She then leaves.

As Rosco’s wedding starts, she sits in the crowd on the verge of tears. When Rosco walks by her, she grabs the back of his coat and says she still says he isn’t old enough. She is unamused when Sue Ann comes in and she whispers ‘I hope you know he still eats his peas’ off his knife’.  When Boss starts the wedding, she starts sobbing saying ‘my baby’. When Boss asks Sue Ann if she will take Rosco, Mama sobs harder. After the wedding she cries. As Rosco and Sue Ann leave, Sue Ann tosses the flowers to her and Boss laughs when she catches them.

After Rosco leaves, Bo and Luke arrive and inform them all that Sue Ann is a con artist and her friends robbed the bank. She is horrified.

After everything calms down, she makes Rosco food at the Boar’s Nest and serves him dinner, smiling and happy.