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Mandy Jo, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


A Boy's Best Friend[]

After her husband is fired by John J. Hooper, they take the man's prized basset hound Maxine and leave a ransom. While leaving, they cut through Hazzard. Rosco begins chasing them and B.B. asks what should they do. She tells him to take it easy as they can’t know anything yet. She says for him to pull over, get out, and act natural. She adds for him to keep the officer away from the truck. When B.B. gets out, she moves over to sit at the drivers window to watch Rosco give them a citation. As Rosco leaves, B.B. says he should check on Maxine but she says for him to stop later and get out of Hazzard first.

As B.B. drives, he asks if Hooper will really pay the ransom. She reminds him of how much he worked for the man, and he knows what Hooper and his ‘little wife think of that animal.’ She says he will pay as soon as he gets the ransom note.

After crossing the county line, she asks for B.B. to pull over saying the dog could probably use some water. He agrees but then calls to her to say that the dog is gone. She runs back, becoming upset and saying the dog must’ve crawled out the busted door. B.B. asks now what and she asks if she has to tell him everything before saying they turn around, find Maxine and get the ransom just like they planned. B.B. agrees and they close the van doors before heading back.

After looking on the roadside where they were stopped, they can’t find Maxine. B.B. asks if she thinks someone found the dog, and she says she hopes so and they need to start looking at the logical places. They leave for the pound.

They spot the Sheriff’s car and seeing a dog, she asks B.B. if he sees what she sees. B.B. concludes it’s Maxine and they stop. She points out the Sheriff isn’t there at the moment and they take the dog. She stays at the Sheriff’s car to provide cover, tripping Rosco upon his return and they rush off. In their hurry, they almost run the General Lee off the road.

When they cross the county line she goes to feed the dog only to be told by B.B. that it’s not Maxine as it’s missing the spots behind her ears. She says for them to go back to Hazzard. B.B. says that the Sheriff saw the truck and she tells him she will take care of it.

They find an unattended car and steal it to go back to town. B.B. says they are taking a big risk and she says that living broke is a bigger one. They hear Boss talk on the CB, saying he found the dog. She concludes they have the Sheriff’s dog and the police have theirs.

Mandy Jo and B.B. arrive in town and B.B. says they know Maxine is in the Police Station but so is the Sheriff. She says she is counting on the Sheriff as he loves his dog and she will help him find her.

Mandy Jo goes into the station, pretending to be frantic. She starts crying, saying ten minutes ago she was driving on Shady Tree Lane and nearly ran over the sweetest little basset hound. She says she didn’t see a collar but it looked lost and that someone ought to know. Looking at Maxine, she says it looked very much like that dog. As the officers rush out, Rosco tells her she doesn’t know what that means to him and she adds he doesn’t know what it means to her. Once they are gone she waves B.B. in and they trade Flash for Maxine. They flee town, Mandy Jo saying that as long as people think they have Maxine, they won’t be looking.

As they head for the county line, B.B. says they did it all thanks to her, which she echos. She says there isn’t much to outsmart with country hicks. They are suddenly startled when Bo Duke drops onto the top of the car on a motorcycle. As they try to figure out what just happened, Luke Duke drops on them next. They run off the road and the boys make a citizen’s arrest, claiming Maxine.