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Manny is a minor character who appears in the Dukes of Hazzard.


Repo Men[]

A counterfeiter who works for Joey Sagalo and his team. He is creating a plate to allow them to make money. Joey comes to check on him, asking if the plate is up to his usual standards and he remarks that the U.S. Treasury can eat their heart out and it’s all in his fingers. Joey tells him their boss Abe will be calling and what should he tell him. Manny tells him to order ink, lots of ink.

Later he is continuing to work on the plates when he hears from Big John that there are two men at their front gate. A few moments later Big John announces the farmers are stealing the Rolls and he runs toward the door with the rest of them. Seeing Bo and Luke run from the dog and leap over the fence, he is told to get the dog, which he does.

Later he installs an alarm on the barn where they lock up the Rolls. When asked that it will protect the Rolls, Manny tells the others that anyone who opens that barn won’t believe the noise they hear.

Later he stands over Joey as he talks to Abe on the phone. After Joey hangs up they hear the barn alarm go off and they run outside. He is told by Joey to get his car and he takes Joey’s girlfriend by the hand and runs to his car before getting in and driving. He drives through a wooden part of the fence, chasing after Luke. Bo comes up behind him in Cooter’s truck. He is alarmed when Bo pulls alongside him in a tow truck with mower teeth and starts tearing apart his car. Eventually the car is too damaged and he’s forced to give up the chase.

The next day they arrive at Ace’s to get the car back, seeing the Dukes leaving. He is horrified to see the Rolls was crushed. Rosco notices the plate and tells them if they don’t’ get out of his county in the next few minutes he will be calling the FBI. They flee