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Manny is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Deputy Dukes[]

Manny and Herky work for Rocky Marlowe. After he gets a change of venue, the two meet up to bust him free, getting in Herky’s car and checking their pistols. They follow Bo and Luke to Springville Police Department and he tells his partner that the two are real rednecks and busting the boss free of them will be a piece of cake. Seeing Bo and Luke on the move again, they follow, riding shot gun as his partner chases after Luke. He is highly amused when Herky hits off a man’s door with the car. After they loose sight of the police car, he suggests the Duke’s went down the next street and points where Herky should drive.

As a hearse drives by them, he explains to Herky that the cop car had to get out some way and suggests they try another road again. They stop at the used car dealership and are told that their Boss and the others are in a hearse and learn which direction they went after he pays the man.

They spot the hearse at a gas station but as they try to follow it, Bo runs them off the road and he tries to warn Herky but Herky is forced to jump the car. They catch up to see the hearse is abandoned. He orders Herky to follow him and they run after the boys on foot. They arrive just in time to see Bo, Luke, Mary Beth, and Marlowe leaving in a red convertible on the road. They check a map to see where the boys are going and he says the road is headed to a place called Possum Hollow. He tells Herky they can circle back around and pick up the road. When asked why they would go to a ghost town, he says it doesn’t matter and what does matter is that according to the map there is only one way in or out of Possum Hollow. They head back to the car.

They arrive into the town and after being scolded for taking so long he is told to help locate Bo and Luke and kill them. They try to leave but they are cut off by Rosco’s group and startled by Bo shooting at them with dynamite. They are distracted when Luke shoots an arrow into the convertible horn, allowing Mary Beth to escape. Bo then points another dynamite arrow at them and they surrender. They are arrested by Rosco and Enos.