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Margret Jean "M.J." "Maggie" Richmond is a character from Enos


Where's the Corpus?[]

While on her way to a public forum discussing better police relations with Charles Winters, the Deputy Assistant Mayor they are pulled over by a police car. Turk and Enos tell her to get out of the car and ‘spread eagle’. She gets out of the car in a fancy black evening dress, asking ‘spread eagle?’ before showing her dress asking ‘in this’. Enos tells her never mind as in that dress she couldn’t hide a turnipseed.  

While at work she hears a knock and says to come in before walking into the main room carrying a stack of papers. She turns to see Enos and Turk, freezing and saying ‘oh no’. She asks them if she should ‘spread eagle’ and at least this time she is dressed for it. Enos says they want to apologize for yesterday and Turk says they will get out of her way if she can just direct them to a Mr. M.J. Richmond. She says she is M.J. Richmond, Margaret Jean. Shocked, Enos asks that she is an assistant DA. She says she was first in her class at Baser, second in her class at Harvard Law, and last in the heart of the district attorney for affirmative actions at work. Enos asks what that means and Turk said it means they had to hire her because she is a woman. Enos says that is a great reason. She asks what she can do for them before saying ‘if it’s too many pets on the premises it goes on this stack, fence neighbors and property goes here, and dog bites go here.’ Enos asks which stack is homicide, stunning her, before he hands her a file. As she looks at the file, Enos admits that they were ordered to leave the case alone. She asks if they are for real before commenting that guys putting shaving cream in her purse is one thing, even nailing her door shut, but if this is someone’s idea of a joke. Turk cuts her off, saying if Enos says something it’s for real and this file really is for Moose Davis’ murder. Turk says Moose Davis was bad and she says apparently someone was worse as they killed him. Enos insists that he told Turk people can’t just go around busting up the sixth commandment because the people they killed was bad. Surprised she asks if Turk is sure Enos is real. Turk nods and she chews on the end of her glasses before agreeing to talk.

The three go to see Lt. Broggi and she explains that she wants Enos and Turk to be assigned to her for the duration of her investigation. He laughs at her before saying putting Strate on a homicide is like asking a gorilla to fix your watch. She says for them not to quibble and since there is no corpus her prosecution will hinge strictly on circumstantial evidence. She says she needs all the help she can get. Broggi says the help she is requesting is circumstantial and she says she is glad he sees it her way. She says the first thing they have to do is find Angelo Pecola as he is a small time bookie but a priority in the case. She says she needs the men for her case due to the tips he got. Broggi says it won’t be necessary as he can just get a warrant for Angelo. Broggi dismisses her from his office but she gets in his face saying she will add his witnesses into protective custody if he doesn’t sign the case over to her. She then says ‘chao’ before leaving.

After the police arrest Angelo and charge him with Moose’s murder, she goes to Broggi with Enos and Turk, saying they got the wrong man. When Broggi asks what she means, she says it means he arrested the wrong person. He asks if Angelo didn’t commit the crime, why did he turn himself in. She says it was for his own protection. Broggi says they rarely confess. She listens to Enos and Turk explain that the killer was left handed based on how the knot was tied. Broggi says the negatives could have been reversed and she says they weren’t. He tells her to prove it and she says a wedding ring is usually warn on the left hand and it is on the correct hand and finger in the picture. She says she takes it as they have Broggi’s permission to continue to investigation before leaving.

She goes with Turk and Enos to talk to Angelo’s wife, and Ms. Pecola asks why can’t they just ask Angelo these questions. She explains they are there because they knew Angelo didn’t kill Moose Davis and they are trying to help Angelo before asking why won’t he talk to them. Ms. Pecola shrugs as she has no idea. Margret asks if Angelo has talked about the people he’s worked with or if they have called. She insists that Angelo had mentioned a name, but Ms. Pecola denies it. Ms. Pecola says Angelo is a small timer who she hasn’t seen in three months and she doesn’t care to see him again. They notice Enos getting led away by Pecola’s daughter and continue to talk until Ms. Pecola notices her daughter with Enos. She goes into the house, dismissing them and she thanks Ms. Pecola before her and Turk go to Enos. She comments that the woman isn’t exactly pining away in grief and Enos remarks that she is bending the truth about Shoes since he was just there. M.J. says she wouldn’t be the first wife to lie to protect her husband.

They go to leave the Pecola home, and Enos says at least it’s a start, addressing her as Ms. Richmond. She tells Enos to just call her Maggie. Enos says that is a pretty name and his mama was named Maggie, surprising her. Enos says her name was Mary Margret but it was Maggie to those who loved her. He explains she died when he was born to which she apologizes. She says she is going to go talk to Angelo and maybe her and Enos can get a cup of coffee later. Enos says that is great but he doesn’t drink coffee. She becomes saddened and says someone she would have bet on that, patting Enos’ hand and telling him she will see him later. She says goodbye to Turk before leaving.

She and Enos have lunch and Enos asks that she is paying the check, noticing her hand the waitress the money. She says she invited him and Enos cites ‘affirmative action’. He says she will have to let him pay this back and she asks if tonight is too soon and that her time is his. Enos says she is mighty generous with her time. She asks ‘generous?’ and Enos says Abraham Lincoln said a lawyers time was stock and trade. She laughs and asks where Enos heard that. He says in his uncle’s office, as he was a lawyer. She says that sounds like Riker, Angelo’s attorney. She tells Enos that Riker has two bar proceedings and countless reprimands for unethical practice he is still the highest price attorney in Beverly Hills. Enos asks how Angelo can afford that and she suggests it’s the publicity. She adds that his associate Mr. Blutman was there to evaluate the possibility. Enos asks if she means Sam Blutman and surprised she asks if he knows him. Enos says that is who they had a run in with at the pool hall. She asks if he is sure as Riker has been rumored to be involved in shady dealings before the bar hearings found him to be legally beyond reproach. Enos says he bets Turk can approach him.

She rides in Enos’ car with him and Turk out to Riker’s office. Enos asks her if something is wrong and she tells Turk to be careful in there as Riker is one powerful attorney. Enos tells her Turk can talk like a preacher at Sunday dinner. Turk expresses concern and she wishes him good luck. After a few minutes Turk comes back out. She asks how did it go and he tells her that the man is nothing but trouble. Enos asks if he’s left handed and Turk says for Enos to drive.

After getting changed she goes to the police department, pacing in the hall. When Enos comes out, she smiles and greets him saying she finished early and thought they could save some time. Enos tells her that’s great but he hasn’t had time to go through the yellow pages. She asks about what that means and Enos says he doesn’t know too many fancy restaurants. He says he does most of his own cooking at his place. She says if that is an invitation she accepts. Enos protests that she’s all dressed up and she says she’s dressed for him. She says she can’t think of anything nicer than a quiet private dinner that Enos fixed. He asks if she likes onions in her ‘hotcake’ and she says she loves it. She then asks what it is and he says she tricked him. Enos goes to leave, saying he’ll see her there but she calls him back saying she needs his address.

She arrives at his place before Enos and when he does arrive she comes down to greet him saying she’s there. Enos says she is right on time and she helps him carry groceries up to his apartment. Enos gets the door for her and tells her the kitchen is to the right. As she puts down the groceries her and Enos begin to set up his tv when shots are fired into Enos’ apartment. The two take cover on the floor, holding each other. Turk comes running in, asking if they are okay before noticing the position they are in and asks if he’s interrupting something.

The next day she goes to see Riker, requesting to see Sam Blutman. She explains that she merely requested to see the man as he is listed as Riker’s corporate associate. Riker says she doesn’t have a case before offering her a cigarette. He continues to say she has nothing against Angelo and he can get the man out in twenty minutes. She asks why doesn’t he and he says he hasn’t decided to get involved. She asks ‘really’ and says he shouldn’t mind if she speaks to Blutman since he did speak to Angelo. Riker says that is impossible at the time. She says she sees before handing Riker a subpoena. She starts to explain that it requires that Blutman provide all documents, memorandums, ect. Dealing with her investigation to which he says he knows and this is unethical. She says if he feels slighted she can get one for him. As she leaves she stops at the door and tells him that they can find her in her office, in the basement.

She goes to see Broggi and Dempsy. Broggi brings up the incidents that happened and she reminds him that her life was in danger too as she was with Enos. Broggi says he was about to ask her about that and she says ‘don’t’. She explains that Angelo is innocent and they need to investigate Riker. She says Enos and Turk need a patrol car. Broggi refuses but she says Riker needs to know he’s being watched. Broggi addresses her as young lady, saying she doesn’t understand the consequences the department will suffer if she peruses this line of investigation. He says the captain will tell her but Dempsy says he agrees. He says she is asking for heavy surveillance, not harassment, and to allow it.

After she gets dressed up, she waits with Enos outside of a fancy restaurant for Riker. Enos asks how she knew he would be there and she says when you’re in her business at the DA, you learn to read a secretary note upside down very quickly. When Riker arrives, Enos gets her door for her. She asks if he’s sure that is Riker’s car but Enos confirms. As they go to enter the restaurant, she greets Riker saying ‘what a surprise’ and that she had no idea they shared the same taste in fancy restaurants. He asks what she’s doing there and she says having an early dinner before introducing Enos. After Riker leaves, she and Enos get in the car and wait near the road.

Riker’s limo drives by and Enos follows it to the winery. He calls Turk and Turk says to wait for him. Enos tells her to stay by the radio as he’s going around back. She tells him that Turk said to wait and Enos says waiting is what the old maid did.

After telling Turk that Enos went in, she follows him. She grabs a bottle as she goes into the winery and seeing Blutman strangling Enos she breaks the bottle on his head. They get shot at and her, Enos, and Blutman take cover behind some barrels. A few moments later Turk arrives and Enos leaves to help him. She watches the two fight Blutman’s guards and grabs another bottle of wine. She looks for someone to hit but sees Turk and Enos take the last ones down. She walks over to them, pointing out Riker who is hiding under a barrel. He whimpers when he sees what wine she is holding and she apologizes before smashing the bottle on the ground. She asks if it’s always like this for Enos and Turk, and Enos asks ‘like what?’

Later she talks to Angelo’s family before Enos and Turk arrive, dropping Angelo off. She gets in the car with Enos as Turk leaves. She tells Enos that she thought he might like to see her new office on the fourth floor. Enos asks if it’s affirmative action and she smiles. They drive off.