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Marjorie Dane is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Sound of Music- Hazzard Style[]

While looking for Heep and Morton, she sits in the passenger seat of the car with her partner while they watch the Mickey Gilley concert in Hazzard. While looking around she notices the blue van and gets Ben’s attention to point it out to him. He asks if she thinks it’s them and she remarks they have hit every other concert through the south why not this one. He drives over to block the alley. When Morton and Heep make a run for it, she gets out of the car and runs to the van before stopping to take her heels off. She chases after the pirates with Ben, reaching the road in time to see the pirates get in the General Lee and ride off. Concluding that they are partners, she and Ben head back to the car. They chase after the General but lose them when Bo jumps over a creek.

They go over to the Police Station where they go into the Sheriff office to see Boss and Rosco. Ben introduces them. Rosco kisses her hand, making her annoyed. When Ben asks to speak to the Sheriff privately, Boss introduces himself as the County Commissioner. Boss offers to shake her hand, but since it was just full of pizza she waves. She explains that they almost captured the men they were after but they got away. She explains that they have a sizable reward for the pirates capture. When Boss asks about the van and the tapes, she tells him all they got is the van and the pirates got away with the tapes. She says they will be in touch later before leaving with Ben.

As they get out of the van after looking it over again, she asks Ben if he really thinks they will come back for all the equipment. He asks her to look around for the orange car and she agrees saying for him to stake out the impound yard in case they try for it saying they’ll keep in touch on the walkie-talkies.

She goes to the Garage and talks to Cooter, asking about the General Lee. She says she is a nut about flash cars and she just has to have it for her collection. Cooter says it’s not a collectors item and she gets excited, concluding that he does know who owns it. Cooter says he’s met them. She pulls out a $50 offering it to him as a finder fee. Cooter says she is just wasting her time and money. He says the Duke boys will not sell the General. She tells him to take it as a deposit for one of his cars as she has to drive out there to find out for herself. Cooter tells her to keep her money, the key is in the ignition on the car, and that she is looking for the Duke Farm on the Old Mill road. She thanks him before rushing off and Cooter says she’s wasting her time.

While staking out the Duke Farm she watches Jesse get a call on the CB and leave. She gets into the car and balls Ben, informing him of the owners of the car and that she is at the farm. When Ben asks if there was any sign of the boys she says no, that the only one there was an old man who was talking on CB before taking off like Grease Lightening. Ben says to stay with him and call if she needs help. She agrees and drives off after Jesse.

He follows him to a meeting place with Bo, Luke, and Daisy. When the boys take off she continues driving to follow them. However as she does a van swerves on the road, running her off and into a tree. Marjorie goes to Ben's car. He tells her to go after the Dukes while he goes for the van and she agrees. As she turns to leave Boss stops her asking how is he supposed to go to town. She remarks he’s got a thumb before leaving.

She pulls up to the Old School House when Ben rushes up to her saying ‘come ride with me’. Confused, she sighs and follows him, learning they are chasing the boys who just escaped Ben. They chase after Daisy’s Jeep.

After catching Daisy, she shows Daisy her badge to confirm that her and Ben are federal officers. Daisy insists the boys are innocent and they are trying to help them find the real pirates. Unimpressed, she glances at Ben before remarking ‘what a pretty little speech’ to which Daisy says it’s the truth. As they leave to go back to town, Ben gets the car stuck by not listening to the directions Daisy gave them.

Later they arrest Heep and Morton and pardon Bo and Luke for their help.