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Marty Garbade is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard. Garbade ran a road hijacking operation with his girlfriend, cousin, and two others.


Road Pirates[]

Mary meets with Boss at the Boar’s Nest to sell him a shipment of color t.v.’s worth $100,000 for $10,000. He tells Boss that he needs it in cash and Boss says asks if he wouldn’t mind a check until Rosco says he has the money there in the Boar's Nest. He smiles to Boss and when requested, he turns around to allow Boss to get it out of the safe. He tries to peak but Rosco gestures for him to look back. Boss gets the money but says that is a hefty sum and he hasn’t seen even a tube of the t.v. sets. He tells Boss to call the company and gives him the number on the invoice. He watches Boss call and confirm the shipment. After Boss pays him the money and he accepts it. Rosco asks isn’t he going to count the money and he asks why should he, as Boss trusts him so he trusts Boss and that’s how he likes to do business. He tells them he’ll see them in church before leaving.

As he leaves, he calls his men to hijack the truck of t.v.’s that they sold him. He pretends to be a Hazzard County deputy and waits in the car until the truck driver moving $100,000 of t.v. sets comes by. When the man approaches him asking what can he do for him, he gets out of the car, telling the driver to put his hands up. When the driver asks that a cop is working on a hijacking and he says the man catches on fast. When the other two grab the man he tells them to move him. He tells his cousin to take the truck to the warehouse. When his cousin says that he thought the shipment was for Boss Hogg he says not anymore as Boss already paid.

He goes to see his girlfriend and gets a call from a clerk telling him that there are some people onto them. He tells the clerk that he’s not getting paid to think and that he has buyers lined up and they need the shipment to move on schedule. After hanging up his kisses his girlfriend again.

He and his men take a truck from Southern Express. They arrive at the warehouse and he opens the doors, insulting the others and telling them to move. Hearing his name he runs into the barn to learn Luke is in there. He tells his men they got him trapped, but Luke escapes on a motorcycle. He announces that they have to get him. He then gets on a yellow motorcycle.

They follow Luke around the property. They succeed in a jump, following Luke and through the creek. He follows Luke back to the barn and Luke ends up causing him to accidentally jump into a tree. He falls down and is caught by Cletus. Bo and Cletus take him to Rosco and he is arrested. They are put in jail by Cletus.