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Mary Belle Digbe is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


She considers her best friend to be Daisy Duke. According to Luke, she and Bo dated in the past.


Uncle Boss[]

As she is preparing to get married, her maid of Honor Daisy holds a bridal shower for her at the Boar’s Nest. She opens Daisy’s gift to see a dress, commenting it is so pretty. She thanks everyone who put it together. Daisy then makes a speech for the girls saying she wouldn’t miss Mary Belle’s wedding for anything especially since she’s the maid of honor. Mary Belle smiles but is a little annoyed when they notice Hughie Hogg. Daisy stays by her side, rubbing her shoulder and commenting Hughie hasn't changed.

As they prepare to wrap up, Luke, Jesse, and Bo all arrive.

The next day at her wedding, Daisy serves as her bride maid and is accompanied by Bo. After the wedding Daisy and Bo leave, Bo yelling for them not to do anything he wouldn't do.

The Return of Hughie Hogg[]

She has a black horse named Country Boy that Daisy takes out to give exercise for.

The Great Bank Robbery[]

When Cletus chases after the Dukes, Daisy says that if they stop they will not make it to Mary Belle's cake shop before it closes.