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Mary Beth Carver, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Mary Beth is the only child of J.J. Carver and because of that is very spoiled. She is also good with mechanics, having designed and engineered her own race car. She also graduated from college with honors, but her father says despite that she doens't have a head for buisness.


Undercover Dukes Part 1[]

She heads to Hazzard, intent on starting a career in racing. Now that she has a car she wants a driver. While Jojo drives she sits with Anna Louise in the back, watching a tape of Bo Duke racing. As the race draws to a close she gets excited, reaching for Anna Louise’s arm. She is in awe, saying Bo Duke sure can drive and that he’s awfully cute. She has Mr. Jones turn it off and Anna Louise asks if she is interested in what Bo can do on and off the track. She retorts that when you own a race car, who own what’s on it and what’s in it. Anna Louise reminds her that the boys retired. She asks what makes Anna Louise think they won’t and Anna Louise says she hopes she is right because she thinks the dark haired one is cute.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest and Mary Beth, Anna Louise, Jojo, and Mr. Jones the chimp all go inside. They are approached by Daisy, who is surprised to see Mr. Jones and the chimp climbs onto her. She asks Mr. Jones if he’s friendly to which the chimp makes kissing noises. Daisy shows them all to a table and they all sit down. When Daisy asks what she wants to order she says Bo and Luke Duke on a silver platter. She asks if Daisy knows them and Daisy says she sure does and ‘coming right up’ before leaving.

Daisy returns with Bo and Luke. After meeting the boys and introducing herself, she introduces Anna Louise and Jojo as her assistants. She then introduces Mr. Jones as her grease monkey and the boys shake his hand too. She asks them to join and the boys agree. Daisy offers a few beers and they agree. She tells Jojo to take Mr. Jones to the bar and to buy him a drink, saying to get him milk. Bo sits down beside her and ask what she wanted to talk to them about. She says she is a big fan of Bo’s, shocking him, adding Luke too and she had seen them race on the circuit. She tells them that she is starting her own racing team, this coming Saturday in Capitol City with the 150. Bo says that is great and she leans into him saying she put over 100,000 in the car, conditioning it and modifying it. She adds that all she needs is a first rate driver and a backup. Bo says he doesn’t really know anyone around there and she hands him and Luke the contracts, saying she thinks they will find them more than generous. She says she wants Bo to drive for her and Luke to be her chief mechanic and backup driver. When the boys don’t even look at them she asks if they are going to read them. Luke says no thanks and Bo says that he’s sure they check out fine. Luke says they decided to quit and they will stick with it. She asks that there isn’t anything she can say to change their minds. Bo says no but they do appreciate the offer. With that the boys leave. Anna Louise comments that is probably the first time she was told no.

Bender calls her in the motorhome and informs her that her father wants to talk to her. J.J. asks if she signed the Duke boys and she says no, telling him the boys said they were retired and not interested. J.J. says not to worry and they will talk to the boys. J.J. promises to talk to her later before ending the call.

While in the motor home, Anna Louise and Mary Beth watch Jojo and Mr. Jones play checkers. When Mr. Jones starts banging a piece she tells him to mind his manners. They are interrupted when J.J. comes in with Bo and Luke. He tells Mary Beth to go into the Boar’s Nest and take advantage of Boss Hogg’s gracious hospitality while he talks to the boys. She obeys.

After a shower she comes into the motor home to see Anna Louise sitting with Bo and Luke. She welcomes them back and asks if it’s business or pleasure and Luke says it is business. He tells her that they talked to her dad. Bo says they have a driver and a chief mechanic. She says she is delighted and that she guesses her daddy is a better negotiator than she is. Bo tells her that he did do some fancy negotiating but that wasn’t’ the only thing they took into account when they said yes. She smiles at him, telling him she hopes he means that and he grins back. They are soon joined by Jojo.

She waits by her motor home on the Carver estate with Anna Louise and Jojo as Bo and Luke arrive. Seeing the General Lee, she calls out to Bo to show him where to go. Bo gets out saying they got quite a spread and she says they were starting to think the boys changed their minds again. Bo starts to respond but she walks up to him, grabbing his shoulders and hugging him. Bo says they wouldn’t do that and she says she will show them their trailer. She tells Jojo to get the boys bags, but they say they got them. She offers to show Bo around and when Bo goes to the car, remarking it looks great and it probably handles well, she tells him that as soon as he unpacks she will let him take it out. Bo asks ‘really’ and she says after lunch she’ll let him go to the track and he can go all out and meet the crew. He goes to enter the trailer, saying he best unpack right now and she stops him saying if there is anything he needs, she lives all alone in the East Wing. Bo remarks her father must like his privacy and she laughs before saying they both do. She leads him into the trailer and closes the door behind him before heading to the house.

They go out to the track and watch Bo do a lap in the race car, going around a number of obstacles. She runs over to Bo, hugging his side and saying that was some kind of driving. Bo tells her it’s some kind of car she got. Her dad approaches and praises her, saying she got two good drivers. She takes both of her dads hands, saying she knows he has a big business deal cooking but he will be at the race. He assures her that as soon as the flag drops he’ll be there and tells everyone lunch will be at the swimming pool. Carver then asks her to walk him to the car and she agrees. Carver reminds her that they never mention business when there are strangers around. She says she is sorry but if Bo Duke is more interested in his business than her, she’s slipping.

After they finish lunch, Luke and Anna Louise head out for a walk. Her and Bo tell the two they will see them later. Seeing Bo still watching Luke leave, she says his name and Bo says ‘yes ma’am?’ She asks if he would tell her something truthfully. He tells her he will give it his best shot. She tells him the day before he said they took other things into consideration when they took the job, she wants to know if she was one of them. Bo laughs saying yes she was before taking her hand and repeating she was. They go to kiss but Mr. Jones interrupts them with kissing noises. Bo tells Mr. Jones to go find his own girl and to get out of there. After the chimp leaves, they kiss.

At the track she walks over to the car with Bo, stopping to greet Luke and Anna Louise. Bo asks her when the time trials are and she says tomorrow. Bo asks the day of the race and she says she is afraid so and they do things different out there as it is the tri-county raceway. Bo says he remembers from last year. She tells Bo that the engineer who modified the car would like to ride with him. Bo agrees, assuming it was Herky and Herky tells her he will get her a helmet. Stunned Bo asks that she modified the car herself and asks why she didn’t say something about it before. She takes the helmet from Herky, saying that some men don’t think women can do those things. Bo says not him and for her to hop in.

As Bo drives she reaches over and touches the steering wheel. Bo swats her hand away, telling her not to touch anything. She tells him that she has to read the tachometer. She tries again and this time Bo gets angry, losing control of the car for a moment. He stops and they get out after only one lap. They get out and Bo yells at her, asking what the heck did she think she was doing. He says that was a stupid thing to do and upset, she snaps that she was only trying to reach the ‘tach’. Bo says she could have gotten them killed. Bo tells her that if she wanted to know what the engine RPM’s are she should have just asked. He says he is the driver and she says she is the owner. Angry, Bo says it’s her car so she can drive it before walking away.

Undercover Dukes Part 2[]

That night she sits in her room, brushing her hair when she hears a knock at her door. She says it’s open and Bo comes in. She stops brushing her hair and becomes upset, asking what he wants. Bo says he is not good at making speeches and she becomes upset saying she told him she was sorry. She adds she was just trying to check the tachometer. Bo becomes upset asking if she realizes what a silly thing that is to do when someone is driving a car out on the track. Bo stops before calming down and tells her that he’s not used to having a co-driver sitting right next to him. She shakes her head and Bo adds ‘especially not one as pretty as you are.’ Bo pulls her up and she turns to face him. Bo asks if she has ever given a long look at his cousin Luke, saying he has to drive next to him every day. Mary Beth can’t help but laugh at that and they hug. She says it was kinda silly and Bo says it was but he had no call to yell at her like that. He says he is real sorry and she says she is sorry too. Mr. Jones makes kissing sounds and she asks if it’s past his bedtime making the chimp flee. Bo and her kiss.

Saturday morning Bo does a lap in the car at the Carver property when he spins out. They all rush to see what happened. As Luke helps Bo out of the car, she goes to his side asking if Bo is hurt and what happened to his arm since Luke is looking it over. Luke says there is no time for that now as it’s starting to swell. She says they got everything the boys need at the house and lead them up.

They go up to the house and she gets ice while Luke tries to examine Bo and Bo protests. She tries to put an ice pack on him but Bo asks for her to take if off and says Luke can take care of him. Bo adds there is something more important she can do and asks for Herky to check out the front end of the race car as it was acting strange. She asks if he wants to get rid of her and Bo protests he isn’t but Luke says Bo just doesn’t want her to hear him scream when he wraps Bo’s arm. As he grabs Bo’s arm again, Bo yells before protesting he won’t scream. She laughs and agrees to go see Herky. She kisses Bo’s cheek saying ‘Okay Mr. Macho.’ before leaving the boys.

She looks under the car herself and Herky confirms the front end is fine. Bo and Luke return and Luke helps her up while Bo wipes some oil off her face. She asks how Bo’s arm and he says it’s fine and the swelling has gone down a bit. She says they need to get to the track as the time trials start soon and Bo asks if her and Herky can take the car. Luke says they need to pick up a distributor cap. The boys then leave.

Mary Beth, Anna Louise, Jojo, Carver, and Jojo go to see Bo, Luke, Herky and the team before the race starts. She tells Luke she brought his suit and helmet and she hopes he won’t need them.

As the race starts, Carver tells her that he has some important things to take care of. She protests that he can’t leave now but he assures her he will be back before the race is over. Anna Louise tells her that is a first and her dad has never left during a race before.

Bo makes a pit stop at a yellow flag and Mary Beth and Anna Louise run over to praise him. Bo asks where Luke is, not having heard from him in a while. They realize they haven’t seen him for a bit and go to look but a young man comes up, saying he saw Luke.

As they watch the race, two cars crash. They are approached by Daisy and Uncle Jesse and say it’s nice to see Daisy again before officially meeting Jesse. When the two ask if they can see Luke, Mary Beth says he went to call them. After a moment she adds that now that she thinks about it, that was a long time ago.

Bo makes a pit stop and goes to talk to Daisy and Jesse for a minute after an accident occurs. A stack of tires is knocked onto Jojo and Mary Beth and Anna Louise check on him and ask if he’s alright. When Anna Louise says Bo is in the car again, she runs over and wishes Bo luck.

When Bo makes an unscheduled pit stop she runs over to ask if anything is wrong and she is worried that Bo dropped to third. She says he has to push it and becomes frustrated when ‘Bo’ refuses to talk to her. Bo is told to get out of there and speeds off, despite her protests. As the race continues she wonders what is wrong with Bo as he’s become a different driver in the last half hour. Jesse assures her that is just Bo’s style.

Bo wins the race, taking a victory lap and returns to the pit where they all rush to greet him and congratulate the win.

Later Bo explains that it was Daisy who finished the race, that he was working with the FBI to get evidence against her father and have him arrested, and that he is sorry. She is shocked. He tells her he wishes things could have been different but they aren’t. She shakes her head, upset and Bo kisses her forehead. She offers him a small smile and he says he does wish things could be different before leaving.