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Mary Beth Malone is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Her father Nipsy Malone was a small time Bookie but Marlowe wanted his business and framed him, sending him to prison for five years. Hearing Marlowe getting a change of venue, she decided to use this to get her revenge.


Deputy Dukes[]

She attacks and knocks out Officer Price of Springfield and pretends to be her after Price was assigned to escort Rocky Marlowe to Hazzard. Seeing the Sheriff is no longer in the office, she goes in and introduces herself to Bo and Luke. Bo comments that she's a lady and if he may say so the "Price is right". Unimpressed, she hands over the papers and Luke says if she shoots as good as she looks then they are in the best of hands. She informs them that she’s going to accompany them and Bo offers for her to sit in the front with him so she won’t have to sit in the back with Marlowe. She remarks it might not be much safer upfront and impressed Bo remarks they should hope not. She says for them to go.

She sits in the back with Marlowe and asks if Bo and Luke usually travel unarmed. Luke says they don’t feel guns are necessary. When Marlowe taunts Bo and Bo says they haven’t lost a prisoner yet, she tells them they better check the rear view mirror as Marlowe’s men are behind them. They are thrown around in the back of the car as Luke loses Marlowe’s men by hiding in an auto sale yard.

The boys trade the police car for a hearse. When the boys grab a few cases from the car to take with them, she asks what is inside and Bo tells her it’s an insurance policy he and Luke carry around. Marlowe tells her she looks familiar and she tells him that he probably says that to all the cops. They begin to have car trouble and after Luke gets out to look at the engine, she listens to Marlowe try and proposition Bo. Bo refuses and gets out to help Luke. She tells him to keep cool and when the right time comes she will bust him loose.  He asks who is she and she asks if it really matters.

When Marlowe’s men arrive, Bo and Luke get back in the car, having fixed it. She is thrown back when Bo slams on the gas. After they find their path blocked by a jack knifed truck, Luke decides they need to run and she follows them. She is amused when Marlowe tries to bribe Bo again and Bo tells him he’ll need 2 bushels of corn to try and convince him.

As they walk they find a red convertible. When Bo comments ‘hot damn’ she asks if there is trouble and Bo and Luke tell her it’s poetic justice. After they take the car Bo is laughing hysterically and she asks what’s so funny. Bo tells her it was a long story. They head for Possum Hollow and Marlowe asks when she is going to bust him loose. She tells him when they get gas.

When Bo and Luke go inside to talk to the gas station attendant, she hands Marlowe the keys and tells him to go into the ghost town as the rest is swamp. He says she really does look familiar before running. She gets a gun from her purse before following after Marlowe. He gets free of his chains when she finds him, pointing a gun at him and telling him his time is up. He realizes she is Malone’s kid and she says she is there to collect a little debt. He tells her he had nothing to do with her father going to prison and she says she knows different. Bo and Luke arrive and she tells them to stay back as this is personal. Bo tells her this isn’t how to settle this and the gun gets taken from her. When Marlowe starts shooting she takes cover with Bo and Luke. Luke tells her to stay in the saloon they took shelter in until the boys come back. She asks if they are going after him with bows, Bo says they’ve taken down tougher game with them.

One of Marlowe’s men comes in and grabs her, dragging her to the car. They try to leave but they are cut off by Rosco’s group and startled by Bo shooting at them with dynamite. They are distracted when Luke shoots an arrow into the convertible horn, allowing Mary Beth to escape and run to Cooter and Daisy. Bo points another dynamite arrow at Marlowe and he and his friends surrender. They are all arrested by Rosco and Enos.

At the Hazzard Police department she is amused that the boys are fighting over who gets to take her back to Springville and Daisy decides she will take Mary Beth back. She thanks them both before leaving with Daisy to go talk things out with Chief Lacey.