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Mary Hanson is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Too Many Roscos[]

Sue Ann and Mary are out driving around town when they get a flat tire. After looking at it, they spot Bo and Luke coming up in the General Lee. They wave to flag the boys down and they stop. Bo asks where they have been hiding out for the last few months and she moves up to Bo saying they will be happy to tell the boys all about it. She gives Bo the keys to the trunk as Sue Ann tells them to change the tire and Bo agrees.

The girls stand by their car with Luke, watching Bo fix their tire. Bo tells them that he’ll take the tire to Cooter’s and get it fixed for them. Bo then returns her keys, which she happily accepts. When Luke suggests they go for a picnic to Jensen’s Hollow in an hour, she happily agrees saying they will bring the food. After she drives away.

The boys never show to the picnic.