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Mary Kaye's Baby is the third episode of the First Season of The Dukes of Hazzard TV Series.

While running from Enos in Cooter's car, Bo and Luke run into a couple of problems: 1) the car they're driving is loaded with moonshine that Cooter was to deliver for Boss, and therefore have to avoid getting caught with it, and 2) they pick up the very pregnant Mary Kaye Porter, who has with her over $100,000 meant for an Atlanta gangster named McQuade, who is hot on its trail, as well as hers. And shortly before McQuade and his accomplice Leo find her with the boys, Mary Kaye goes into labor, complicating things even more.

Balladeer: It seems everybody’s Daddy used to run moonshine at one time or another, along side everybody else’s daddy. Now who in the world would get chased by the law and not know why? Bo and Luke Duke, the Duke boys, they fight the system. When they ain’t fighting among themselves. And who do you know who would borrow the only car in the county loaded with the very thing to get their probation revoked? Getting caught with that moonshine means two years in prison, sure as God made little green apples.


Rosco is chasing Bo and Luke in a car they borrowed from Cooter. He radio’s Enos, who is staking Parkin’s Road. Enos and Rosco believe the have the boys cornered and when Rosco follows them down a dirt road they nearly hit ‘old Slade’ and his horses, going into a field. Bo and Luke fight about how Rosco knows it’s them since they aren't using the General Lee. Enos joins the chase but Bo runs Rosco off the road. Boss Hogg calls Rosco over the CB and tells him to come see him now, annoyed with Rosco’s CB talk. Before leaving Rosco checks on Enos and tells him to stay on the  boys. Bo remarks that Enos is good and Luke says he should be as Enos’ dad ran moonshine right along with his and Bo’s fathers. Bo and Luke continue to argue when Luke learns that they are carrying moonshine. Knowing they can’t get caught with it, Luke starts throwing it out of the windows and the jugs break. One is accidentally thrown on a fire of a man who is under a bridge, exploding. Bo asks who Cooter was running whiskey for and Luke doesn’t really care at the moment. The boys lose Enos.

Balladeer: Now don’t y’all go relaxing too much. The boys ain’t out of trouble yet. Like my old uncle used to say, there’s trouble, and there’s Trouble and the trouble with some Trouble is at first, it don’t look like trouble. You ever seen a car chase where you can’t go over 30 miles an hour?

Mary Kaye is walking along the road when Bo and Luke pass. Bo stops and the boys go back to help her, learning she is very pregnant. They hear Enos coming after them again and head off. Due to Mary Kaye, Bo can’t go very fast.

Boar’s Nest

Rosco arrives at the Boars Nest but Boss starts calling him on the CB. He returns to the car to answer the CB and Boss starts threatening to make him the ‘night rent-a-cop at the drive-in deli on Frontage Road’ while Rosco runs into his office. Boss tells him that one of his customers, a mayor, has been waiting for over two hours for a delivery and he hired Cooter as ‘he loves my money’ to drive because all his regular drivers were at the church Fish Fry, but Cooter hasn’t done it. Rosco tells him that Bo and Luke took the whiskey but got away. Boss tells him to arrest them.

Balladeer: In case you’re new around here, Boss Hogg runs things in Hazzard County. Including the Sheriff. Now if he want’s somebody arrested, somebody’s gonna get arrested. And Bo an' Luke are leading candidates to be somebody. Now that’s just the first twist of the few knots in this tale.


Bo, Luke, and Mary Kaye hide out from Enos after Cooter’s car dies. Bo works on the engine while Mary Kaye and Luke talk about her failed relationship. Bo finishes with the car and says her husband’s family should have sent her some money but she says she doesn’t want anything from them.

Town of Hazzard

Rosco is driving around town and radio’s Enos. He learns Enos lost the boys to his annoyance, calling Enos consistent.

Balladeer: Now what’d I say? Didn’t I tell you there’s a twist or two to go?

Bo stops at a gas station and gets $2 of gas. He and Luke decide to slip some money Mary Kayes suitcase to help her out while she goes inside. Together they have a little over $10 to put in her bag but find thousands of dollars hidden in it to their shock. Having returned, Mary Kaye tells them about the money.

Boar’s Nest

Boss Hogg meets with McQuaid and his assistant Leo about Mary Kaye stealing his money. Boss tries to argue Mary Kaye wouldn’t but McQuaid insists that she did as her boyfriend was working for him when he was arrested. He tells Boss that they are going to get all the money back.

Gas Station

Mary explains that the money she took is for the baby and they are looking for pickled peaches in the gas station. She explains that she lied about being married, that they were just dating but Andy worked for McQuaid and got arrested. Bo and Luke become alarmed, knowing who McQuaid is.

Balladeer: If you’re wondering why the boys eyes are bugged out like a popeyed mule, well in Chicago it was Al Capone; in New York, Dutch Schultz; and in Atlanta, it’s Quirt McQuaid and most everybody knows him. You know there’s times when it’s hard for good old boys to be good old boys. And this is one of them.

Mary Kaye decides to leave the boys there so they don’t get involved any further, however she starts to have labor pains and Bo and Luke help her out. Meanwhile Leo and McQuaid head out to find Mary Kaye.

Boar’s Nest

Boss Hogg summons his driver and they leave for the Porter Farm.

Duke Farm

Daisy and Jesse excitedly wait for Rosco to arrive at the farm, running into the house. Rosco pulls up and makes his way to the door, eaves dropping. He hears Jesse yelling at Bo and Luke for hauling moonshine, saying that he asked them not to haul moonshine. He also hears Daisy frantically asking why the boys had to do it as now they’ll go to jail. Excited that he found the boys, Rosco goes to charge in but Jesse opens the door, causing Rosco to fall into a chair. Jesse greets him and Daisy says they were reminiscing about the boys getting caught with moonshine two years before. Jesse tells him the boys aren't there. Rosco sits down at the kitchen and Jesse tells him that Cooter already called him about the mixed up cars and the boys have already dumped the whiskey. When Rosco asks if Jesse minds him sticking around, Jesse says of course not as he is a sheriff trying to do his job and Jesse is just an uncle trying to do his job. Rosco asks what that is, and Jesse tells him it’s keeping Rosco from doing his job, amusing Daisy. Rosco reveals that there is moonshine in the trunk and he gloats that the boys were seen running the shine anyway.

Balladeer: Wouldn’t you just love to wipe that egg-sucking grin off of Rosco’s face? As you probably guessed, these are the two city dudes tracking their money and a pretty, pregnant woman. They ain’t doing bad for old city boys. In fact, they’re hotter than a pair of blue tick hounds on their first hunt.


McQuaid and Leo get directions to the Duke's Farm. In the car the boys discuss taking Mary to the farm, which is 10 miles away and then 40 miles to the hospital. Mary suggests cutting across Narramore’s place to save a few miles. The car breaks down again and they start checking on it. Luke sends Bo to get a tool kit and Bo tells him he needs to make like one hell of a mechanic and fast before they need to become midwives, alarming Luke.

Balladeer: You reckon it’s gonna dawn on them to wonder why the tools were up front instead of in the trunk where they belong?

Duke Farm

Rosco vents to Daisy and Jesse as Jesse makes him some coffee. Rosco says the boys keep thumbing their nose at him and Jesse says maybe it was a gracious gesture. Jesse says he was once a fair lawman and Rosco says he was for 20 long underpaid years. Jesse asks where his sense of justice went and Rosco says it went with his pension that Hazzard vetoed. The phone starts ringing and Rosco wants to answer it but Daisy does. After being handed the phone, Jesse talks to Cooter and Cooter expresses worry over the boys, calling him ‘Uncle Mr. Jesse’. Jesse pretends that Cooter is telling him Bo and Luke are at the garage, confusing Cooter. When Rosco rushes out, Jesse tells Cooter to ignore everything he just said and that he needs to stall Rosco when Rosco gets there.


Boss tries to wonder what Mary Kaye will do with the money. McQuaid and Leo spot Bo, Luke, and Mary Kaye as they get the car running again. They pull over and get out, McQuid approaching Bo and Mary Kaye, and Leo holding a gun on Luke. Bo gets out of the car to stop them and when Leo moved to the back seat, Luke shifts over to slam on the gas.

Balladeer: I don’t know about you, but I’m running out of things that can go wrong. Stick around.

Bo dives back into the car and they speed away. The two drive after them. Bo climbs into the front passenger seat.

Balladeer: If I was Mary Kaye’s baby, I believe I’d think twice about being born today. Spunky ain’t she? Of course there’s one advantage the Dukes have. They know the country. Maybe taking that advantage is no way to treat a visitor from the city. But under the circumstances Luke don’t mind being called a poor sport.

As McQuaid and Leo chase Bo, Luke, and Mary Kaye, Bo decides to throw out the money but Mary Kaye says no and Luke tells Bo to leave it as Mary Kaye has enough problems. The Dukes pull off under a bridge to allow McQuade to pass them. Luke decides to get back to the farm to get Jesse’s pickup.


At Cooter’s Garage, Enos and Rosco are talking to Cooter, angry. Rosco yells at Cooter saying he heard about how the boys were at his Garage and Cooter plays dumb saying that running moonshine is illegal and he wishes to report a stolen car, a 1975 blue Plymouth Fury to which Enos snaps that they know what the car looks like as they have been chasing it all morning. Cooter asks Enos how it runs and Enos becomes happy again, asking him what modifications he made to the engine. Cooter and Enos get excited, kneeling down to talk about engines, annoying Rosco. Enos suggests making adjustments to Rosco’s car and Cooter offers to make the changes for a price.


On a bridge, Boss and McQuaid meet and both say they have had no luck before going their separate ways.

Duke Farm

Bo, Luke, and Mary Kaye arrive, honking the horn. Daisy and Jesse come out, surprised to see Mary Kaye and learn she is about to have a baby. Daisy tells them that the sheriff is looking for them and Luke says he’s going to have to stand in line and wait his turn. Bo says that they already dumped the whiskey and Jesse asks if they got the trunk too, to which Bo comments ‘oh lord’. Jesse realizes they don’t have the time to go to the hospital and he sends Bo and Luke to boil water and tells Daisy to get the comforter turned down. Bo and Luke challenge him on this and he says his mom was the best midwife in Hazzard and makes Bo go tear up sheets. He tells Mary he had delivered a number of babies, including Bo and Luke. They all go inside, leaving the money in the car. Jesse and the others set about their tasks and Jesse tells them that the baby will be born soon.

Balladeer: If that baby survives this start, it deserves to become President.

McQuaid and Leo arrive on the farm. Luke gets frustrated at waiting and Bo concludes some of what they did may just be used to keep the father busy. Luke says he’s not the father but with a woman like Mary Kaye, he wouldn’t mind. He goes outside and is confronted by McQuaid and Leo. Luke escapes when the baby is born and starts crying from the house, distracting them. Stray shots hit the trunk of Cooter's car, allowing moonshine to flow out, and Luke gets in the house. He tells everyone what is happening. Jesse gives Bo and Luke their bows and the boys go outside, shooting at the two. Bo chases one through the barn but gets chased back to Luke. Bo and Luke go into the woods and McQuaid and Leo follow them. All four split up but then accidentally find each other. All four scatter.

Boss Hogg arrives and sees McQuaid by the road. He tells McQuaid he’s been shot at by arrows because he made the Dukes angry and that Boss doesn’t waste any love for the Dukes but he doesn’t tolerate guns as they can kill people. He tells McQuaid to go back to Atlana and they are interrupted by the Dukes firing a few arrows into his car. Daisy and Mary Kaye talk about the money and how Mary Kaye can’t remember where it is.

Jesse makes a dynamite arrow and Rosco and Enos arrive on the farm. Leo shoots at the police car and Rosco shoots back, hitting Leo in the toe. Enos arrests him as Rosco moves on. Luke gets the arrow from Jesse before hiding from McQuaid. McQuaid finds Luke but is arrested by Enos and Rosco. The two lawmen get distracted and McQuaid pulls a gun on him, only to be tackled by Bo (which Rosco praises him saying ‘attaboy’). Luke tells them all to get out of the way, shocking them all and Bo, Enos, McQuaid, and Rosco scatter. The car explodes, the moonshine and the money all being burned. Boss and McQuaid are disappointed about the money and Rosco is upset about his evidence.

Balladeer: End of story, almost. The truth is he aint’ really that mad. As much as he wants to see Bo and Luke back in jail, he don’t want to see ‘em dead. Then there’s capturing them two big city hoods. And that’s okay. I mean everybody should ought to get a little something out of all this. And that’s the legend of how Mary Kaye’s baby got himself a fine start in life. There ain’t nobody would deny him that.

Rosco and Enos arrest Leo and McQuaid. As Boss and his driver leave, Bo and Luke get the arrows from Boss’ car. When they go inside Daisy confirms everyone is gone before showing everyone that she brought in the money.


  • Daisy remarks that is has been two years since Bo and Luke were caught running moonshine and have been on probation. If the General Lee was built in 1976, that makes this episode around 1978
  • Jesse Duke states that not only was his mother a midwife, but he was also the one to deliver Bo and Luke when they were born
  • Enos Strate's father had ran moonshine along with Jesse and Bo and Luke's father's.
  • Rosco was an honest lawman for 20 years before his pension was vetoed
  • Rosco first uses the phrase "Hot Persuit"


  • This is the only episode where the General Lee does not appear. The Duke boys drive a 1975 Plymouth Fury sedan instead.
  • Rosco shoots Leo in the foot in self defense
  • This episode was inspired by a real life event that happened to Gy Waldron when he was rock climbing in Georgia.
  • The intro title sequence introduces Cooter's title card for the first time.

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