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Mary Kaye Porter is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard


Mary Kaye Porter grew up in Hazzard. She was the youngest child of Henry Porter. At some point she met Andy and left to Atlanta with him, thinking he worked in real estate. When he was arrested she learned he worked for McQuaid. Nine months pregnant and about to give birth, Mary Kaye decided to move to Florida to have the baby.


Mary Kaye's Baby[]

May Kaye is walking down a dirt road when Bo and Luke pass by. Bo slams on the breaks and asks if Luke sees ‘that’ to which Luke responds ‘no unless you mean Mary Kaye Porter, 5’5’’, 115 pounds, honey-blonde hair, baby blue eyes, nice smile and loads of dimples. The boys reverse to her and they greet her. Bo remarks that he hasn’t seen her in months and she agrees, moving her bag so they can see how pregnant she is and asking ‘how about nine?’ which the boys surprised, agree. She thanks them for stopping as Luke opens the back door for her to get in. She tells the boys she is trying to get to Florida to have the baby. She struggles to get in the car, explaining she always was partial to Florida and Sheriff Rosco doesn’t allow hitchhiking on the main roads so she had to take a back one. She tries to ask about Uncle Jesse and Daisy but the boys rush her as they hear sirens. When they are on the road again, Luke checks on her to see if she is okay and she says either Enos is after her for hitchhiking or Bo has turned into Richard Petty.

After Cooter’s car breaks down, she sits by the car as Luke reports Enos went home. She says even deputies get hungry and one thing you can always count on with any of Cooter’s cars is that you can’t count on it, making Luke laugh. Luke says he never got to meet her husband but that man has elevated being a fool to a new level. She says she was the fool  and that she’s happy it’s over and Andy’s family never liked her anyway. Luke says they must be nuts and she says as a country girl she wasn’t right for their son. Bo tells her that she should have had Andy’s family send her some money to help with the baby and get back on her feet. She argues that she doesn’t want anything from them. She is glad to have the baby and it might become a President. Luke asks ‘well Mr. President, would you and your mother please get in the car’ to which she corrects him saying it’s a girl.

Bo stops at a gas station and she goes inside, returning to find Bo and Luke in her suitcase. Annoyed she tells them she’s surprised they didn’t just drive off with it. When asked if it’s her money she says it is now. Luke asks if she’s in trouble and she snaps at them for already deciding the worst. Bo denies it and asks where she got it. She tells them that there is $118,254.37 in the bag. They go back into the store and she explains that the money isn’t for her. She explains to Bo and Luke that child support would come to 93,600 and the rest is for medical expenses and dental costs and college. She says that should also cover inflation at about 10% per year. She tells the boys that she needs some pickled peaches. She finds some and after Bo and Luke try and fail to open the jar, she does. Luke says she has a mind for figures and she snaps that she can add and multiply. She tells them that that she never actually married Andy and that they did love each other but it turned out he worked for a man named McQuaid. She explains that when Andy was sent to prison, McQuaid didn’t try to help. Luke says the money was McQuaid’s and asks if she knows what McQuaid will do if he finds her. She says they are sweet but she is leaving them there as she doesn’t want to get involved. However as she goes to leave she has labor pains and Bo and Luke take her out to the car.

In the car Bo explains that in 10 miles away they’ll reach the farm before going the 40 miles to the hospital. Mary Kaye suggests cutting across Narramore’s place to save a few miles. Luke says if they do that they’ll have another passenger before they get there, making Mary Kaye laugh. The car breaks down again. Bo tells her to hang on to ‘everything’ while they fix the car. Mary watches Bo manage to start the car but is surprised when McQuaid and Leo pull up along side them. McQuaid runs up to her asking where is his money and she insists it’s her baby’s money. Leo starts to pull her out of the car and she offers to give the money back when Luke slams on the gas pedal, freeing her to stay in the back seat as the car drives away. Bo ends up in the back seat with her and climbs to the front. She gets thrown around and when Luke asks how she’s doing she says ‘just dandy’. Bo reaches for her suit case and she yells ‘no’ before biting him. Bo says if they throw it out McQuaid will leave them alone but she insists that it’s for the baby and Luke tells Bo to leave it. They hide under a bridge as the two go past and she agrees to go to the farm to get Jesse’s pickup.

When they reach the farm they are greeted by Daisy and Jesse. Jesse says there isn’t any time to take her to the hospital and that she will have the baby at the farm. Jesse tells her not to be worried as he had delivered a number of babies, including Bo and Luke. They go into the house, leaving the case in the car. Inside they prepare to deliver the baby, Jesse having her drink some moonshine to help with the pain. She holds Daisy’s hand through the birth. After the baby is born they hear gun shots. She stays on the couch with her baby and Daisy while Jesse, Bo, and Luke move to handle Leo and McQuaid. In the house, Mary Kaye holds her baby and tells Daisy that if she thought giving the money back would make them leave, she would. Daisy asks where the money is and Mary Kaye admits that so much has happened that she doesn’t remember where it is. Daisy tells her it isn’t hers to give anymore as it’s the baby’s so Mary Kaye can’t even give it away. On top of that Mary Kaye can’t give it away since she cant’ give something that she can’t remembers where it is. Mary Kaye asks why is she getting a headache from Daisy. She says she thinks they are pretty smart and Daisy asks how no one else has figured it out. Mary Kaye says they keep a good secret.

After everything calms down, Mary Kaye and Daisy wait for the boys all to come in. Daisy tells them that she forgot to tell anyone that she brought in the money and Mary Kaye smiles at Daisy gratefully as the Dukes toss the money on her and the baby.


While he never acts on it, it is heavily implied Luke Duke has romantic feelings towards her.