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Mary Lou Pringle is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Mary Lou grew up in Hazzard and knew the Duke Family. At some point she left Hazzard. A few years after her Uncle's death she returned to Hazzard, planning to either move into the old family home or sell it.


The Hazzardville Horror[]

After she inherited her uncle’s house, she heads to Hazzard where her carburetor gets clogged. She goes out while Cooter Davenport looks over her car. She comes back asking if the car is done yet and Cooter says he’s waiting on a part. Bo, Luke, and Daisy all are standing there surprised before greeting her. She and Daisy happily hug and Luke says she’s changed since sixth grade to which Bo says there is more of her now. They talk to her about the house and she says that she doesn’t believe the rumors that it was haunted but her uncle left it to her and she’s there to sell it, if she can ever get out there to actually look at it. Bo tells her to look no further as he will take her there himself. Luke however excuses them as Rosco is watching. Bo and Luke leave with Rosco chasing and she asks Daisy what kind of trouble the boys are in. Daisy says not to ask and Cooter says it depends on the day of the week. Daisy says she’ll drive her out and she thanks Daisy as they leave, Cooter dropping her bags in the Jeep as they go.

When they arrive at the house she says it’s creepier than she remembered and she asks if Daisy would like to come in with her. Daisy says no, but she will. She grabs her bags and Daisy helps. They go inside and they are startled by the door closing on it’s own. She says it’s all going to take a lot fixing and cleaning before she can sell it. The lights shut off and she gets a match. She lights a few candles and starts looking around with Daisy. They are startled by the wind and Daisy asks if she’s sure she wants to stay there. Mary Lou says they are getting carried away and the house is fine and she’s fine. She says she’s sure Daisy has better things to do then stay there with her. Daisy asks if she’s sure and is there anything she needs. She says she’s fine and thanks Daisy for driving her out. She says goodbye to Daisy. She continues to look around, getting more and more uneasy and becomes afraid when the candles blow out, wondering if Daisy was right. She pulls out a match to relight the candles and screams when they light themselves.

As she looks around the organ starts to play. She looks at it, only for a chair to come at her. She bumps into a wall and finds the painting hanging over her bleeding causing her to start screaming. She keeps screaming as she hears wolves howl and pleads for it to stop. The painting falls, the chair moves again and she keeps screaming when Daisy comes in and everything stops. She asks Daisy to help her and the chandler falls nearly hitting them. Bo and Luke come in and she screams for Luke before running to him and hugging him. She helps Daisy explain to Bo what happened while Luke wonders away. Daisy says she knew it was a bad idea and Mary Lou says she’s just thankful Daisy came back. Luke tells them they need to leave and she says she came to sell the place. Luke tells her to come to the farm and whispers for her to just say okay, to which she does. Daisy pulls her out to the jeep and they head to the farm.

Mary Lou arrives at the Duke Farm and Jesse tells her that there are people who would swear that Ezekiah’s ghost is running around. Luke tells them about the tricks and she asks why someone would rig the old house with traps. Luke shows them a silver bead he found. The boys explain they think the silver thieves are in the house and they are going to check now that Mary Lou is settled. She protests saying she isn’t settled anywhere and she is going with them. Jesse says they move fast and she runs over jumping in the General asking if that is fast enough for them and they should go. As Cletus arrives the boys get in and they leave. They lose him in the creek.

When they arrive at the house, she goes with Luke while holding his hand to the house. Luke helps her through the window and looks around for any hidden places. When Luke finds it behind the fireplace, Bo tells her that her Uncle sure was a sneak. Bo lets her go first down into the basement. They find a large device and Luke explains it’s a silver smelter. She says maybe they ought to call the Sheriff and once he sees the evidence, he will know the boys are innocent. Luke decides she and him will go get Rosco and Bo will stay and watch everything. They leave, Luke helping her out the window.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest and she gets out of the car. Luke comments about how Bo gets out of the driver side of the car, saying he’ll never know before taking her hand and they run inside. When they open the door to Boss’ office, Boss shoots a shotgun and she screams as Rosco and Cletus start yelling. Luke calms everyone down and explains that they found the silver thieves. Boss refuses to believe them and she says Luke is telling the truth and they have to listen to him. When Luke offers to let Rosco put cuffs on him, she asks doesn’t anyone believe him. When Boss refuses she insists saying ‘then believe me’. After Rosco convinces Boss to allow it, Luke tells her she isn’t coming this time. She is upset but Luke says to stay there and Boss will take care of her. Boss sends her to sit in his barber chair.

She sits, board, until Billy Joe and Claude arrive. She jumps up and puts her hands up. After they steal all the silver, she is tied up. Daisy and Jesse come in and Daisy unties her. She explains that the robbers left just as they got there. She listens to Rosco tell them about having the boys and the silver thieves being at the house was a lie. Hearing the boys get free, Jesse radios the boys and then tells them ‘let’s go.’ They get in Daisy’s jeep and head out to help. They arrive just as the silver bandits are being arrested. She is amused to see Boss crying over only getting his baby pot back.

Later Bo puts her bags in the car and tells her not to worry about a thing, that he and Luke will get the house cleaned and sold for her. She thanks them and kisses Luke. After she shakes Bo’s hand and thanks him while not looking at him. She says goodbye to Daisy before leaving.