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Mary Lou Tompkins, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Mary Lou grew up in Hazzard County where she was close friends with the Duke Family. In 8th Grade, she and Bo were in the same homeroom together and she witnessed Bo almost blow up the science classroom.

Around 1973, Mary Lou left Hazzard County. She met Roger Craig while working at his father's cotton mill in 1981 and the two fell in love and married against Roger's family's wishes. They had a son together, Jamie, but shortly after Roger passed away. Disgusted with Mary Lou's background Emerson Craig, her father-in-law, had her declared an unfit mother and had Jamie removed from her custody. Distraught, Mary Lou takes Jamie and leaves for Hazzard.


A Baby for the Dukes[]

She arrives in Hazzard, trying to flee from Fielding and Baldwin behind her and assuring Jamie, who is next to her, that she is not going to let them get him. She continues to keep ahead of the two investigators and temporarily loses them when they are ran off the road. As she drives, she sees the General Lee on the side of the road. Recognizing the car as the Duke Families, she stops and takes Jamie before putting him in the back and writing a quick note, telling the Dukes to please watch over her baby as some bad people are trying to take him. She begs them not to go to the police and promises she will come back soon. After she tells Jamie to be good before kissing his head and leaving.

The two catch up to her and cut her off. Fielding pulls her out of the car, asking what did she do with the baby. She pulls her arm free of him, yelling that it’s none of his business and it’s her baby. She tells them to stop chasing her and they say for her to tell them where the baby is. As they threaten her, another man arrives to see what is going on. Using the new arrival as a distraction, Mary Lou gets in her car and drives away.

After making sure she isn’t being followed, she returns to Hazzard to find the Dukes. However her car runs out of gas, leaving her on the side of the road and she is forced to walk to find a gas station.

At Sherwood’s gas station, a man gets her a can of gas while she tries to use a phone booth to call the Duke Farm. She is informed the phone is out of order. She then rushes back to the car.

Finding a phone, she calls the Duke Farm and Bo answers it. She greets him, saying she is Jamie’s mother and that she left him a note. Bo says her name and she asks how did he know it was her. Bo says there’s a whole lot of funny stuff going on there and for her not to worry as everything is fine. She says she misses Jamie so much and has to see him. Bo asks where is she and she says she is about 25 miles from Hazzard. Bo asks if she remembers where Jensen’s Hollow is, and she says it’s past the old quarry. Bo tells her to meet them there and she says she’ll be careful and make sure no one sees her. Bo says for her to do that and then they will take her to her baby. Bo tells her that Daisy is with him and she asks how can she ever thank him. Bo says not to worry about it and they know how she feels. She thanks him before hanging up.

She arrives at Jensen’s Hollow where Bo and Luke meet her. She greets the two before running over and hugging Luke before Bo. She says it’s been ten years since she had seen them and Luke says her and Bo were in the same homeroom together. Bo asks if she remembers when he nearly blew up the science class, to which she laughs. She apologizes for getting them mixed up in her trouble but she doesn’t have anyone else. Luke says that ain’t true as there is one little tyke who is real fond of her. Bo says they all met Jamie and they love him. She tells Bo that Mr. Craig is trying to take Jamie away from her and that is why she had to run away and he said all kinds of bad things about her in court. Bo says they met Mr. Craig and can believe that. She is shocked that he’s in Hazzard, but Luke quickly assures her that they have a lawyer and getting a judge. Bo adds that even Boss is helping them and Luke says Daisy has Jamie right now and they are taking her to him. Mary Lou is relieved and says this is why she came back to Hazzard, so Jamie can be raised around such good people like the Dukes. Luke tells her to get in the car and she puts an arm around Bo as they get in, heading out to where Daisy is.

While on the road, she hears gunshots and learns Craig and his men are trying to follow them. She thinks they are shooting at them, but Bo says if they were they would have hit them by now. Luke says they can’t lead Craig and his men to the baby and changes directions. She asks what about Jamie and Luke says they can’t go now. Bo says they have to shake her dear old father in law first and assures her he taught Luke everything Luke knows, but Luke says he’s been driving while Bo was still on a bike. She becomes alarmed when they do start shooting at them, Bo telling her to watch out. Luke then passes a water truck, losing Craig and the others.

Having lost Craig, Luke says it’s too risky to go see Daisy and Jamie now. Bo tells her not to worry about a thing and for now he’ll call Daisy to make sure Jamie’s alright. She hears Daisy say everything is fine over the radio and smiles.

They arrive at the police station to see Boss and Jesse calling around. Boss announces that Druten is at Spruce Lake. The boys leave, asking her to stay with Jesse as they go get the Judge.

While waiting in Boss’ office, they hear Daisy call a ‘condition red’ over the radio. Jesse is unable to get a hold of Daisy again, and alarmed for Jamie, she leaves with Jesse and Boss for the sawmill. Boss tries to reassure her.

As they approach the sawmill, she is horrified to see the area is consumed in a fire. She is worried about Daisy and Jamie.

When they arrive at the fire, she gets out and helps all the people of Hazzard try to get the flames under control. Her and Jesse find Craig, and when Jesse asks where Daisy and the baby are, Craig admits they are in the midst of the fire. She says he probably chased them there and asks if he’s happy now. He begs them to save his grandson, saying he will do anything. Even let Jamie stay with Mary Lou. Mary Lou is happy and Jesse says there is some hope yet for Craig.

She is happy to see the General Lee arrive with Bo, Daisy, Jamie, and Druten in it followed by the water truck. Daisy hands her Jamie, and she happily holds him, smiling to Boss and Rosco. Druten approaches Craig, informing him he will be looking into this matter of custody but Craig tears up the court order.

Later she is saying goodbye, kissing Craig’s cheek while she holds Jamie. She is surprised when Craig gives Boss the reward money.


The actress who play Mary Lou is Janeen Best, the daughter of James Best who plays Rosco P. Coltrane. This is the second relative of James Best's to appear on the show.