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Mason is a minor antagonist from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Diamonds in the Rough[]

Boss contacts him to pretend to be an FBI agent and go to the Duke Farm to collect stolen diamonds the Dukes found.

He pulls up to the Duke Farm where Jesse Duke comes out to meet him. He remarks that he must be Jesse and he introduces himself as Mason with the FBI, showing Jesse a badge. Jesse looks it over and says it is a good likeness and he thanks him. He asks if Jesse has the diamonds and Jesse says ‘yes’ after a moment he asks if he can have them. Jesse pulls them out and hands them over. He pulls out a paper saying he will need Jesse to sign it to show he turned them over. Jesse signs it. Jesse then says if he doesn’t mind he would like him to sign a paper for him, writing out a receipt to show he received one bag of diamonds from Jesse. Mason sign it and gives Jesse the paper. He goes to leave but Jesse stops him asking what will happen now when the thieves find out that Jesse doesn’t have the diamonds. He tells him that it will be any comfort to him he will have two agents to stake out the property. Jesse agrees and he thanks him before leaving.

As he leaves he radio’s Boss, saying he got the merchandise and asks if there is any other instructions. Boss tells him to meet them at Primrose Corners in 20 minutes.

As he drives he sees Bo and Luke behind him. Startled by how fast they caught up, he calls Boss and tells him the Dukes are onto them and they are behind him on Highway 124. He asks what now and Boss says to lose them. Bo and Luke manage to drive up along side them but an oncoming car belonging to Agent Caldwell stops and he is forced to stop alongside Caldwell’s. Lisa and her boys hit his car, ramming him into Caldwell. Bo and Luke check on him before taking the diamonds from him.

After Rosco arrests him for impersonating the FBI.