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Mason Dixon Jr. or commonly called Mason Dixon is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Mason Dixon is named after his father who is also a private investigator. He started his own company called 'Mason Dixon and Associates' and has a history with Dempsey.


Mason Dixon's Girls[]

After parking he has a snack of peanut butter and crackers while reading a criminology book. When the phone in his RV rings, he goes to answer it as 'Mason Dixon and Associates'. He tells George Henry to get it off his chest and tell him why he called as he only calls for business. He is told in a place called Hazzard, the Sheriff picked up two boys ‘with a bag of grass’. He asks how much of a reward can their be for ‘a few lids of grass’? And he and the girls got to live too. George tells him it might be one of Dempsey’s operations. Shocked he asks when that ‘backslider’ got out and learns it was six months ago. He concludes if it is Dempsey, there is a big reward. After confirming he goes up to the roof to see Tinker and Sam. He comments ‘we got us a little whoop-de-do right away’ and they need to leave for Hazzard. The ladies complain, to his annoyance. He reminds then that the motorcycles, the van, and the car all need tune ups and asks if they have the ability to pay for those bills. When they are silent he says that is what he figured and so Sundays or evenings, they need to go out and earn it. He says for them to get dressed before going to pack up his things.

They arrive at the Police Station to see Rosco sleeping. He wakes Rosco up, who freaks out. Rosco tells him not to threaten him and he introduces himself and the girls. Boss Hogg comes in and says they aren’t FBI and for Rosco not to talk to them. He explains he is a private investigator. Boss forbids Rosco to say anything else but accidentally mentions the name Duke. Mason asks that their name is Duke and thanks them before leaving.

They arrive at the Duke Farm to watch the family. The see a few men arrive and talk to Jesse and Daisy about the mix up of the creates. Sam tells him the car’s plates and he goes to run the plates through the capital. After he returns to the girls to tell them it belongs to a man named Johnny Ryan. He eats an apple while he waits for the girls to listen to Luke and Jesse’s conversation and Sam tells him they need to find ‘Cooter’s Farm’. He comments ‘let’s go sweet things’ before he drives out looking for Cooter’s.

He looks in the rear view to see Ryan and Davis commenting ‘uh oh’. When Sam and Tink come to see he tells them that they know what to do. A few minutes later after chasing after them, the girls radio back that they lost them. He tells them to never mind and he located Cooter Davenport's Farm. He says for them to meet him there.

He arrives at Cooter’s to see Jesse and Daisy have also arrived and Jesse pulls a shot gun saying for them to back off his boys. He tells Jesse he would like all the Dukes to back off from his girls. Jesse asks how he knew they were Dukes and Cooter explains he isn’t a Duke. Daisy asks what is going on here and he says the boys were caught running marijuana. They bicker about what happened, Cooter even forcing him to lower his gun. They decide to trust the Dukes. Luke offers his and Bo's help and Sam and Tinker refuse. Mason says the boys do have a point and they could use all the help they can get. Jesse tells him to get rid of what isn’t a water heater, and they agree. Before they can do much, they hear sirens approach. Rosco and Enos arrest them all.

While sitting in the jail, Luke signals to them a plan. They wait and when Jesse yells ‘go for it boys’ they all jump forward, tackling Boss, Rosco, and Enos. He helps Luke get the cuffs off him and Bo and onto the three others. After they all flee and he gets the RV to drive out of town.

As they stop to regroup, he asks how they are going to find Davis and Ryan. Tinker mentions the damage to the car and Luke asks if he’s got a portable lab. Confused he says sure but it doesn’t fix car dents. Luke says they can look at the dirt in the hubcap. He laughs and says he gets where Luke is going, slapping Luke’s back.

After Bo and Luke come back with the hubcap he tests it and explains that it had a low concentration of red clay. Bo suggests Bronson Canyon as it has a lot of red dirt, and he corrects them saying he told them a low concentration with a high concentration of copper. When they go quiet he asks ‘what’s a matter? Cat’s got your tongue on that one?’ When Bo suggests Razoback Mountain, Luke says they also got a ghost town. He smacks both of their backs, agreeing to check it out.

They go up to Razorback Mountain and he confirms Dempsey and his men are up there with his sights, but says that there are armed guards all over the road. He says they need to find a way up. Two guards come over and say they just found a way. He helps Luke take out one of the guards while they are distracted by Tinker and Sam. Him and Luke decide to take the guards uniforms. They watch the boys disappear up the mountain, confirming that they made it. They are surprised when the guards get free and they tell him he needs to learn how to tie a knot better. They are told to get in the car and Tinker and Sam pretend to be hurt, which Mason uses to take down both men, laughing at the cub scout comment. He tells the girls to make like mountain goats to get up the hill and then calls Rosco and Boss with an anonymous call.

He waits at the bottom of the hill, worried when he hears nothing from the girls. He gets called by Jesse and is asked where Bo and Luke are. Boss warns him they are coming. He heads up the mountain to find the four when Sam calls him. She says Dempsey and his men moved out and are headed East on 24 and asks if they can slow them down. Daisy says she is about two minutes out and will join him. He tells her ‘then do it girl, do it’.

He catches up to the truck and passes Daisy after she redirects them. She tells him they have gone up Benedict Canyon and they will follow him. As he drives he passes Enos and Rosco who fall in behind him. The truck driver starts shooting at him and he swerves.

He manages to get in front of Dempsey’s car and slow them down. After making sure Luke and Sam got on the truck, he pulls off.

He pulls back after the truck to pick up Luke and Sam and they watch the truck blow up. He stops and helps arrest everyone involved.

Later while out he gets a call for Dallas and tells the girls they need to go. He turns to Daisy, grabbing her arm and asks her if she ever thought about being a private eye. Daisy asks Jesse and he says no. He shrugs saying ‘there you go’ before they load up to leave.


Mason Dixon is similar to Jude Emery in both have their own way of pursuing criminals that makes many people question them. Both were set up to have their own spin off series, but neither had been ordered.

The Balladeer remarks that Mason's father was a traveling Pinkerton man. Pinkerton National Detective Agency is a private security guard and detective agency in the United States founded in 1850.