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Mason Dixon's girls

"Mason Dixon's Girls" is the twenty-first episode of the second season of The Dukes Of Hazzard.

Rosco returns from his refresher course at the Police Academy in Atlanta. Bo and Luke, thinking that there is a new hot water heater in the box that they picked up at the bus depot, soon discover that they have picked up a box full of marijuana, and Rosco arrests them. Private investigator Mason Dixon (Dennis Rucker) and his two associates, Tinker (Mary Margaret Humes) and Sam (Robin G. Eisenmann), arrive in Hazzard to go after Dempsey (Morgan Woodward), the drug ring leader that the box of marijuana belongs to.

Balladeer: Now knowing the Duke boys, that might be something that they rigged up on the General to give him a little more sting. But really it’s just a hot water heater they picked up for Uncle Jesse down at the Depot. That seems simple, but this is Hazzard County where hardly nothing is what it seems. Here’s old Rosco, back from the Police academy which they are still trying to put back together after he left.

Bo and Luke are headed to the Farm after picking up a water heater. Rosco follows the boys, intending to give them a ticket for not having the water heater box marked. Luke decides to pull it over to see what he wants, shocking Rosco who is unable to stop fast enough and hits the back of the car. Luke says if he broke the water heater he will pay for it. Bo checks the water heater, handing over a bag of something to Luke. Luke and Rosco immediately realize it’s marijuana. Bo is stunned and Rosco says he never thought they would stoop to drugs. Bo and Luke pull down his hat and run. In the car they talk about what to do about it. For now they want to hide it.


Two men arrive to pick up a water heater that is supposed to hold the marijuana from Sunshine.

Balladeer: Now this old boy looks like anything but what he is, Mason Dixon Jr, Private Eye. Now the thing that makes him good at it nobody would ever suspect. Did you? Mason’s daddy was a traveling Pinkerton Man, so snooping is in old Mason’s blood. Now he’d rather go to the trouble, than to have it come to him. Old Mason’s RV is his office, his lab, his home, and whatnot. Now these whatnots are Mason’s associates, Tinker Churchill and Samantha Rose. Well they can drive anything that moves and shoot anything that fires. They use all the weapons they got too.

Mason is having a snack when his phone rings. He gets a call from a federal agent to go to Hazzard to look into a call from the Sheriff about two boys with marijuana.

Police Department

Rosco shows Enos and Boss. Boss says this is hateful and he draws the line at drugs as it makes people unpredictable. Rosco says he called the FBI and they have no one in the area who could be moving drugs in their county and they will ‘get around to them’. Boss says that they will get around to the FBI after they get the Dukes and sends the two officers out to find the boys, wondering if there will be a reward.

Razorback Mountain

Balladder: Razorback Mountain used to be a mite taller till the top was cut off by them copper mining fellas. Now the mine played out, the land growed over. Now the business there is weed, and they ain’t dandelions.

Dempsey learns of the mix up and sends his men to find the other create.

Cooter’s Farm

Bo and Luke go to Cooter’s farm and hide the create in a pile of hay as Cooter watches. They talk about what happened. Luke says there was a second create and that might be theirs. They decide to go ask Sunshine.

Police Station

Mason and the girls arrive at the police station. They wake up Rosco and introduce themselves while the women flirt with Rosco. Boss comes in and tells him to hush as they never said they were from the FBI. Boss adds he’s never seen any FBI look like them. The girls try to get Rosco to allow them to see the criminals but learns they aren’t in a cell. Boss accidentally lets it slip that the name of the people are Duke and they leave, causing Rosco and Boss to argue. Boss sends Rosco to find the Dukes first.


Bo and Luke see the signature from Sunshine of who signed for the create. Bo and Luke leave, concluding that it sounds like a fake name. Luke decides to call Jesse and check in but Jesse doesn’t answer. They find that the transmitter isn’t working.

Duke Farm

After learning who signed for the box, Dempsy’s men go to the farm to talk to Daisy and Jesse, explaining there has been a mix up at the Depot. Meanwhile Mason, Tink, and Sam are watching. Jesse tells the men that they don’t have a create and the men insist they do. Jesse explains the boys haven’t returned with it. Daisy deescalates the situation. The men decide to attack the Dukes but they spot Mason’s Girls and decide to leave. Mason identifies one as Johnny Ryan and Sam says that the other must be Rayford Davis and that they ran dope together in Memphis. In the house Jesse gets a call from Bo and Luke and Luke explains to him what happened much to Jesse’s anger. Mason’s girls, Daisy, and Mabel all over hears the conversation.

As Mason drives he notices a car following him, which is Davis and Ryan. The girls chase after them but lose them when a hubcap comes off Davis' car, nearly hitting them. Mason tells the girls to go for Cooter’s Farm.

Cooter’s Farm

Bo and Luke return to Cooter’s and Cooter introduces them to his dog Buster. They see a car coming up on them and Bo and Luke try to run. The two in the car attack them and beat both of them down, to Cooter’s amusement. They remove their helmets and Bo and Luke are stunned to see they are women. Jesse and Daisy arrive and start yelling while Mason also arrives. Cooter, the Dukes, Mason, and his associates all talk about what is going on and sort out their stories. They all agree to work together and try to figure out how to move forward. Luke offers his and Bo’s help but Tinker and Sam refuse. Mason however agrees and before they can do much, Rosco arrives. Rosco and Enos arrest them.

Hazzard Jail

Rosco and Enos bring in Bo, Luke, Jesse, Daisy, Mason, Tinker, and Sam. Boss comes out to talk to the five who were arrested and Jesse argues that Bo and Luke were innocent. Jesse says he hasn’t asked for a favor in 30 years and Boss asks ‘til now’. Jesse says he’s begging him not to do this to his boys. Jesse begs, taking off his hat. Daisy and the boys tell him not to do it and Jesse calls him Boss. Boss refuses to let the boys solve the case and Jesse becomes furious. Luke comes up with a plan and when they go to put the group in the cell, the five tackles Boss, Enos, and Rosco while Bo throws out the keys and everyone runs. Boss, Enos, and Rosco are cuffed together and the five escape. The three others come outside and try to disentangle.


Mason, Sam, Tinker, Bo and Luke regroup. When Tinker brings up the hubcap, Luke asks if Mason’s got a lab in his van. The boys leave to find the hubcap.

Razorback Mountain

Ryan and Davis inform Dempsey about what happened on the road. Realizing its Mason Dixon and his girls, they decide it’s time to pack up and leave.


Mason analyzes the hubcap and determines it’s a place with high Iron. Bo suggests Razorback Mountain which Luke agrees as it’s been deserted.

Razorback Mountain

They head up and Mason sees the guards.  They talk about getting around the guards only to have two approach. Tinker and Sam distract the guards and Bo, Luke, and Mason knock them out. Luke and Mason decide to use the uniforms.

Bo and Luke head up the mountain in the guards uniforms while the real guards are tied up with Mason and the girls. They find their water heater and are sent to help the others pack up, being mistaken for real workers. Meanwhile the guards get free and call ahead. Bo and Luke are found and caught. The boys are tied up and the guards go to bring Mason and the girls up but they trick the guards and knock them out. Mason calls Rosco and puts in an anonymous phone call to send them to Razorback Mountain. Boss and Rosco head out. Bo and Luke try to get free and Luke admits that he thinks they will kill them if they don't escape. Tinker and Sam climb up the mountain with gliders and locate Bo and Luke. However they are also found and tied up. Bo and Luke manage to get free and the four of them escape.

Mason is worried and Jesse and Daisy call him. Boss and Rosco tell them all that they are headed to Razorback Mountain and Daisy and Jesse head out to help. Bo, Luke, Sam, and Tinker set up the gliders. Daisy ends up joining the chase in front of Rosco, Boss, and Enos. She tries to slow them down with Jesse yelling directions. Sam and Luke get ready to use the gliders. Sam asks Mason to slow Dempsey down and Daisy says they will too. Mason tells her they are going East on 24 and Daisy says she’ll be at the Willow Road junction. Boss tells Rosco to catch Daisy and offers him 20% of the reward. Rosco gets an idea.

As Luke and Sam take to the sky, the others drive toward Dempsey. Luke spots them first. Dempsey sees them and tries to shoot at them but Daisy cuts them off at the junction, forcing him to miss. The cars go up Benedict Canyon with Mason and Daisy following. Bo and Tinker reach the cars and Bo lets Tinker drive the General. Meanwhile Enos and Rosco also find the truck and join the chase.

It is now the truck with drugs, Dempsey and his men, Mason, Rosco and Boss, Enos, and Daisy and Jesse with Luke and Sam overhead and Bo and Tinker catching up in the General. The truck starts shooting and hits Enos’ windshield. Enos wrecks and Daisy stops to pick him up. The truck continues to shoot and Boss becomes alarmed causing Rosco to crash. Daisy stops to pick up him and Boss. Tinker spots Luke and Sam and Bo tells her how to get to them. Luke and Sam land and run to the truck, climbing onto the back. Mason slows down the others. Luke and Sam put the bombs in the truck and Tinker reaches them, chasing after Dempsey’s car. She runs them off and Tinker and Bo arrest all three. Mason picks up Sam and Luke and the truck’s cargo blows up.

Balladeer: Ain’t it amazing sometimes how simple it is to solve complicated problems. Mason, Sam, and Tinker still got their rewards even though there wasn’t much left of what they found. And Rosco and Enos got some glory out of it. And all Boss got out of it was a lift home in Daisy’s jeep. When duty calls for Mason Dixon and his girls, it calls. You got yourself a problem or two that needs fixing? Well you give them a call, they’re in the book. Under Mason Dixon and Associates. And you know what, the Dukes ain’t got a new hot water heater yet.

Mason and the girls are with the Dukes when they get another call to Dallas while Tinker and Bo and Luke and Sam are together. Mason asks Daisy if she would join them and Jesse says no.

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Hazzard County[]


  • Rosco returns from the Refresher Course he had been at
  • Boss explains that he draws a line with drugs and will not deal with them for any price
    • This is the second time we see Boss with a line he will not cross. The first is using guns and causing harm to people or killing them.
  • In this episode we see the Davenport Farm located on Jessup Road.
    • Cooter also has a pet dog named Buster
  • Luke mentions he used to do hang gliding/ Paragliding in the marines
    • He clearly enjoys it, having smiled when he realized what it was and rushed off ahead of Sam


  • This episode was meant to serve as a pilot for the second of the three spin off series that were attempted.
    • This series was supposed to focus on Mason Dixon and his team but was never ordered.
  • The marijuana in the water heater was alfalfa