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Matt Mallory, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Ding, Dong, The Boss Is Dead[]

After being hired by Floyd Calloway to kill Boss Hogg, Lorna and Matt head to Hazzard. While Lorna tries to flag down a car, he looks at the blown radiator in their brown four door. Vance and Coy stop and get out of the General, asking if they need any help. He says not unless they have an extra radiator. Coy and Vance introduce themselves and they shake hands. Coy says the problem is a busted hose and he asks if it can be patched up to get them to Hazzard. Coy says they don’t have the tools and the boys offer to take them to town.

The boys take them by Cooter Davenport’s garage to introduce them but Cooter is out. He tells the boys that is no sweat as they planned to stay in town for a few days. He says he heard the fishing is good around there, and Vance tells him that there is a fishing pond a few minutes’ walk away. They decide to go to the hotel and as the boys drive around he notes the number of places J.D. Hogg owns. Coy tells him the man owns just about everything in Hazzard.

They arrive at the hotel and he gets out was Lorna kissed Vance. Vance assure them Cooter will get the car fixed before the boys leave. Lorna says they were real nice to which he scoffs saying they would be after the way she was shining up to them. She says being nicer is better to get information and they go into the hotel.

While in the hotel room, Lorna looks around town form the window. He asks if she spotted anything interesting and she hands him a set of binoculars pointing out some scaffold on the county building. He reads the sign on it, saying he thinks the ‘J.D. Hogg Painting Company’ just did half their work for them. Lorna says she hopes Hogg’s wife will collect on the accident insurance after they kill Boss, making him laugh. The two kiss and when she goes to kiss him again he tells her to save it for later as they got plenty of work to do, but relents to give her ‘one for the road’.

Matt waits by the county building until Lorna signals him with car lights. He unties to scaffold so that it will kill Boss, but the Dukes see it falling and save him. Since the plan fails, he flees to Lorna and she drives them out of town. He climbs up front as Lorna drives and she asks if the Dukes recognized him, which he says no. He tells her they do need to ditch the car though. They lose the Dukes and ditch the stolen vehicle.

While Lorna calls Floyd, he sabotages Boss Hogg’s car.

After returning to their hotel, Lorna and Matt watch Boss leave in his car. When Lorna says he’s going toward Petersville he remarks ‘ain’t that sad? Seeing as how that road is downhill all the way.’

When the breaks fail to kill Boss, they hide a pipe bomb in his car, but it fails too.

After reading in the Hazzard Gazette that Boss Hogg is dead, he calls Floyd. He explains that it was sudden and Boss was gone in seconds. Floyd says he needs more proof and Matt tells him he plans to attend the wake the next day at the Boar’s Nest.

Matt and Lorna arrive at the Boar’s Nest, shaking Lulu’s hand before going to look at Boss’ body in the casket. He comments that the only thing missing is the apple in his mouth. They take their seats for the speeches. They listen to Jesse speak, trying not to laugh and saying they should just bury Boss with his wallet. When the coffin is taken outside, Lorna and Matt follow and watch it being loaded into the hearse.

While having a beer at the Boar’s Nest, they see Floyd Calloway arrive. After he talks to Daisy and Enos they go outside with him. Floyd says he wanted to see Boss’ dead body himself and Matt tells him to head south on the road and he and Lorna will follow in the other car.

While following Floyd out to the cemetery they get blocked by a police car. They hit the car, causing it to flip so that Floyd could go after the hearse.

They are arrested by Enos and to get lighter sentences gave up Calloway as their boss.