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Matthew Taylor is a character from the series Enos


Grits and Greens Strike Again[]

As the case of the city vs Banjo starts, he asks everyone present if he can see that he has all this. He expresses that the arresting officers, Enos Strate and Turk Adams have filed a request that the minor not be sent to a correctional facility. He asks if this is in the nature of asking for a second chance but Enos argues its for a first chance as Banjo hasn’t really had one yet. He asks about the petition of guardianship and Lilly explains that is hers. Enos elaborates that she was the victim of Banjo’s theft. Lilly says people do sometimes meet in the strangest ways. He agrees and says having heard all parties the court has decided not to send the minor to a juvenile facility and to place him home on probation instead with the usual conditions set by the probation officer. He says since Banjo doesn’t have a home it creates a bit of a problem, which the court will solve by granting the custody request. He addresses Banjo, having him stand. He says he’s getting a very unusual chance and to make it work before dismissing them for the next case.