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Maury is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


The Canterbury Crock[]

After getting a lead on the Canterbury Crock, he and Beckman head to Hazzard. While entering the county he hits a large bump and is scolded by his boss. He apologizes.

He arrives at the Partridge Farm and waits for his boss to buy the Crock from Miss Emma. However they learn it was already sold to the Duke Family. They head out again to find the General Lee.

When they spot the General he follows it. He is told to stop the boys and that Beckman doesn’t care how he does it. He starts shooting out the window at the car. He shoots repeatedly until Bo is forced to stop the car. He rushes out and points his gun at Bo, telling them both to stop. Luke comes over to the same side and he keeps them covered while Beckman talks. When suggested that they can check the car, Beckman orders him to do it. He tries to open the door and Bo says he might have to use two hands as it sticks sometimes. He looks at the car and Luke grabs the gun as Bo punches him in the face.

They arrive at the Duke Farm and Beckman says ‘you know what to do’ to which he says ‘you bet I do’. He gets out of the car and goes into the barn. After he completes planting a bomb, he return to the car. They leave and he takes Beckman to a phone. He waits beside him as Beckman calls to threaten the Dukes for the vase.

They arrive at the county building and he says he doesn’t get it and why bring ‘this Boss Hogg’ guy into it. Beckman says he’s greedy.

He sits beside Beckman as he proposes a deal to Boss  for Boss and Rosco bringing them Bo and Luke and in return he will give Boss $5,000. Boss asks about the history of the crock, and when Beckman tells him Boss changes the agreed amount to $50,000. Angry, he snaps ‘that’s blackmail fat man’ but Beckman calms him down and says it was his own fault for telling Boss the true worth of the vase. Rosco then leaves to get a bottle of wine.

Rosco returns with the wine, Bo, and Luke. The boys cut a deal and show them where the vase is. He pulls out a gun and takes all three hostage to allow Beckman to get the vase. When they fight over whose vase it is, he points the gun at Boss saying it’s Beckman’s vase. He has them all face the wall so they can leave.

As he drives he notices Rosco is behind them and informs Mr. Beckman. He expresses concern about the car and is told to turn off at the next intersection. As the radiator goes he remarks they are overheating and can’t outrun the officers now. He is told they have to get another car. They turn a corner and he stops the car before getting out and laying in the road. Boss and Rosco stop the check on him but Beckman approaches them with a gun. He gets up and takes Rosco’s car. He remarks no one is going to catch them with the vase now until Beckman realizes they left it in the other car and they head back. They see Bo and Luke driving their car, and follow after them. They are forced to turn around at a road block set up by Jesse and Daisy. They follow the car up the hill but when it stalls out they are forced to reverse and drive off the road.

They climb out of the car and are approached by Boss and Rosco. When Bo and Luke show they still have the vase Boss and Beckman try to buy it. However Boss accidentally breaks it. Cletus arrests them.