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Max is a minor Character from Dukes of Hazzard.


Daisy's Song[]

Boss Hogg contacts him to make a deal in record piracy. He arrives in Hazzard with a few of his men to see what Boss Hogg’s record Pirate operation is about. He is on edge when they get there, saying that he doesn’t like being out in the country as there is no place to hide before telling one of his men to keep an eye out. Inside they meet Daisy Duke, who is alarmed to see Boss Hogg. He is upset when Boss says that he doesn’t know anything about her, saying that they took a big risk going there and Boss hadn’t heard her sing. Boss Hogg backtracks, saying that he and Daisy sang in the same Church Choir. Daisy flees to the bathroom and he watches Boss follow her. Lester Starr tries to settle him. Daisy comes out to sing and starts to stall. He tells the others that stalling makes him nervous but is surprised when they hear a bunch of voices outside. They go outside to see an RV of women and he begin to argue with Boss Hogg and Lester Starr about what is going one while one of the women is trying to get his attention. Bo and Luke Duke pull up and Bo announces that the FBI are on their way. Max and the rest all flee into their cars and drive away. He watches the plant get blown up by Bo Duke.