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Maybelle is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Deputy Dukes[]

After Bo and Luke win the $100 first prize at the Hazzard County Snipe Hunting contest, she agrees to go out with Luke, riding in the General Lee to the lake. They are making out when she decides she wants to go down to the water, inviting Cindy Lou. While they go to the lake she is excited when Cindy Lou suggests they go skinny dipping. After Bo and Luke are naked, the two women pull shot gun on them and take the boys clothes. Luke calls for her to take the clothes but leave the money and she ignores them, driving away. As they leave they are laughing and counting the money. They run through an intersection, nearly crashing into Rosco.

Later they try to rip off two more men by stealing their clothes. They return to their convertible to hear Bo yell ‘Thanks for the car Cindy Lou’ and see Bo, Luke, and two others take off in the car. She runs after them screaming for them to come back and calling them dirty thieves.