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Melanie Dubois is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Miss Tri-Counties[]

When the Miss Tri-County Beauty Contest is being held, she is sponsored by Big Jim Mathers. He and his men Grogan and Malone escort her to Hazzard to Register. At the table she meets Rosco and Boss Hogg. She is formally introduced and Boss says she filled out her form real pretty. When Boss tells her she is officially entered in the competition she comments ‘competition? From around here? Don’t make me laugh’. She then leaves with Grogan and Malone.

She waits with Grogan and Malone until Jim joins them. A few moments later he excuses himself again, taking her hand and kissing it to which she gives him a forced smile. After he leaves she glances at her hand. As they wait she sees Daisy, Bo, and Luke come out of the county building. She remarks that the woman must be Daisy Duke. When Daisy asks who she is she tells her in a few days Daisy will be calling her Miss Tri-County. Luke asks that she’s jumping the gun a little bit as the contest hasn’t started. She says she just wanted to give Daisy a chance to quit before she embarrass’ her in front of her friends. She scoffs and they leave.

They go to the Boar’s Nest for the first event and Boss announces her saying she is sponsored by a distinguished gentleman who will be unnamed. She winks at the crowd before she kisses her hand and places it on Boss’ face as a flirt. She then blows a kiss to Jim. When the contest starts she goes into her booth and starts to assemble a carburetor. When a screen is brought down she turns on a light and continues to work. Before she can finish, she hears Daisy announce she is done. Furious she comes out of her booth with the carburetor and shoves it at Jim before storming off. Daisy forfeits the event and she is named the winner.

They gather at the Boar’s Nest to wait for the second event, a race, and she smiles proudly when everyone toasts the next ‘Miss Tri-County’. Jim tells her not to worry as he has Boss in his pocket and she smiles saying he better have because if he messes this one up, she’s leaving. She then stands up and struts around.

Later she gets in her car to get ready for the race, mostly ignoring Jim as he talks to her. Boss starts the race and she speeds off, falling in behind Lue Ann. When they pass Willow Creek, Lue Ann flips her car and Daisy goes around her. She follows Daisy back to the Boar’s Nest, losing the race. She gets out of her car, furious. She kicks her car.

As the swimsuit contest starts, she comes out in a red swimsuit. She struts down the stage and looks at the judges before getting her score of three nines. She sits down with Jim, but then Daisy arrives and wins the contest. Annoyed, she takes off Jim’s hat and dumps a pitcher of beer on his head, leaving him.