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Mick, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Targets: Daisy and Lulu[]

Under Mr. Lipton’s orders, Pete and Mick wait outside of the Capitol City Airport for the guards transporting the Osborne diamond necklace. Seeing the guards, they get out of their car before chloroforming the guards from behind and hiding them in the bushes. They take the case with the necklace. They take the case with the necklace. Mick and Pete take the bag to Mr. Lipton and Wilbur and confirms that they checked the bag and the ‘sparklers’ are in there. Mr. Lipton tells them to disappear for a few days and they go to leave. However they stop when Daisy and Lulu confront Mr. Lipton about the case being Lulu’s. Mr. Lipton gives them the case to avoid making a scene. As the women leave, he goes over to Lipton, who orders them to go after the women and get the case back. They get in their car and follow Bo and Luke in the General Lee.

While Pete drives, he remarks it’s hard to keep up with the General. He tells him ‘this will slow them down’ before he starts shooting at the car out the window. The General takes off and they lose them.

They call Mr. Lipton using the car phone and are instructed to get the necklace and kill the women.

After finding out the General Lee belonged to the Dukes, Pete and Mick head to the Duke Farm and tear the house apart looking for the necklace. He pulls all the books off the bookshelf, tossing them on the ground. They leave and he says the necklace wasn’t there before asking what to do now. Pete says to locate the fat lady.

They go into town and learn the ‘fat lady’ was Lulu Hogg and where she lives.

After checking the street to ensure they have no unwanted guests, they go into the Hogg Family home to see Lulu and Daisy. When Pete asks for the case, he finds it and opens it to find it is empty. He says there is no necklace in it before tossing it to the ground. Lulu says that her husband is taking the necklace to it’s rightful owner and Pete says that the girls will stay with them in the meantime.

They take the ladies outside but are startled by Bo and Luke’s arrival in the General. Lulu shoves him back and the girls escape. They flee into their car. He listens to Pete call the owners of the car over the radio, giving them an hour to find the necklace or promising to return to kill the women.

Pete and Mick find a place to wait on the side of the road for Luke to call. Mr. Lipton calls in the meantime to get a progress report from Pete. Pete then calls for Luke over the radio, setting up a time and place to hand over the necklace.

They go to the bridge and wait. The car passes, tossing out the necklace. Pete checks and confirms they got the necklace. Bo yells that ain’t all they got before he and Luke drop down on them. Bo and him fight and Bo knocks him out. He’s arrested by Enos.