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Mickey Gilley is a real life Country Music Singer who featured on the Dukes of Hazzard.


Gilley was born to Arthur Fillmore and Irene Lewis. He becan singing 'boogie-woogie' and Gospel music. In 1958 he came out with a record "Call Me Shorty" and it sold well. His first album was released in 1967 titled 'Down the Line'. In 1980 he entered the County Music industry and did a country remake to "Stand by Me' for Urban Cowboy.


The Sound of Music- Hazzard Style[]

Mickey Gilley goes to Hazzard County to perform a concert for the orphanage benefit, playing piano on the gazebo and singing ‘Object of my Affection’. As he continues to sing he pauses in playing in order to dance a bit. When he finishes the song he puts a leg up on the piano.

After learning Heep and Morton, who tried to pirate his concert, was arrested, he drives to Hazzard. He meets Jesse, Daisy, Bo, and Luke, shaking all their hands and kissing Daisy. He tells them he just dropped by to say thanks and that he brought the reward money.

As he leaves he’s caught in a speed trap by Rosco and forced to do another concert in the town Square. As he prepares, he hears Rosco call out. He addresses everyone present saying he’d like to dedicate the first song to the Duke Family and to the Sheriff, who if it wasn’t for his speed trap he wouldn’t be there today. He plays ‘the Girls All Get Prettier At Closing Time.’