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Mickey Larsen is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Strange Visitor to Hazzard[]

A Thief. After holding up a church bingo game in Greenville, they flee to Skunk Hollow to hide out. As they get out he tells Buck to get the beer. As they walk around, Buck says it’s alright again and he asks if he really thinks so, to which Buck admits he doesn’t know. As they lay down some blankets he remarks that the law will never find them out there. They put down their guns and prepare for some sleep. He lays down on his stomach and drifts off. However he is woken up when Buck suddenly shoots his pistol. Thinking Buck was scared by an animal, he starts laughing. He tells Buck to ‘stop shooting up the landscape boy, that possum ain’t gonna turn us in’. He then goes back to sleep.

Before they can sleep, he hears a car pull up and alerts Buck. He tells Buck to take it easy and not go shooting up the county this time. They look to see Bo, Luke, and Daisy gathering crab apples from a nearby tree. They then see Rosco and Boss Hogg arrive. They watch the Dukes dump apples on them and flee, then Boss and Rosco chase after them. Buck remarks they sure picked a great hideout. He remarks there is more traffic there than downtown Atlanta. They go back to sleep.

They are alarmed when Boss and Rosco return and spy on them from the bushes. They are confused and dumbfounded when they hear the two are making a fake alien landing site. He becomes amused at how crooked they are. Mickey says he got an idea that will make them a killing and give them a few laughs at the same time. He says they will out-scam the scammers. When Buck reminds him they are supposed to be laying low, he says this is too good to miss and all they need to go is make the locals think an army of space monsters got out of the saucer and attack the town. When Buck asks what good will that do them, he says the locals will run for the hills and they can just walk into town and rip it off. Buck agrees.

When they go into town, he notices the radio station. He remarks it’s perfect and they will use that to scare the overalls off of everyone. He says they will take over the place and broadcast emergency bulletins. He says it’ll be like ‘that radio show years ago’ asking if Buck remembers. He says it started a riot. He says to cruise around to see all the places they are going to hit before they swing into action.

Having finished casing the town, they head into the radio station. When Elton greets them and asks if they have a request, they pull a gun on him. He tells him to stand up and do as he’s told. He covers Elton while Buck closes the blinds. He then sits down and tells Elton to show him how to work the equipment.

They lock Elton in the closet, telling him to shut up when he protests. Buck asks if he knows what he’s going to say. He says he does. As they sit down to broadcast, Boss, Rosco, and Enos enter the station. They both stand and draw their guns. He tells them to shut up and put of their hands if they go for their guns they are dead. He tells them to behave and puts all three in the closet with Elton. They then laugh over having the local law in the closet. He sits down to start broadcasting. He announces that Hazzard is being invaded and everyone is ordered to evacuate the town. He continues to broadcast, getting more frantic as he does.

He is told by Buck that Bo and Luke are coming. The boys come in and confront them, asking what are they doing there. He asks what are they doing and didn’t they get the order to evacuate. Bo asks them where is Elton. When Luke says it looks like they are the invaders, he says they are a little too smart for their own good, drawing his gun. Luke attacks him, hitting him in the stomach. He manages to knock Luke to the floor. Before they can finish off the boys they are stunned by Little Cousin’s arrival. He asks if this is trick or treat. When Little Cousin teleports he is stunned. Bo tries to bluff, telling him they got one last chance to put down the guns. He tells them to level with him and Luke refuses. He knocks out Little Cousin out before capturing them. He carries Little Cousin out as Buck locks the Dukes in the closet.

As they drive out of town he checks on Little Cousin to say they are still out. He notices Bo and Luke are following them. He leans out the window and starts shooting at the boys. He tells Buck to hold the car steady but Little Cousin hits his hand with lasers causing him to drop his gun. He tries to capture Little Cousin but the car is nearly wrecked. Bo pulls him from the car. He is arrested by Rosco and Enos.