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Miller is a minor character from The Dukes of Hazzard.


Follow That Still[]

They go to see Boss Hogg about buying contraband cigarettes, paying one thousand dollars for them. His partner Flint tells Boss they will pick them up the next night and Boss says nothing can go wrong, he agrees saying if something does, they know right where to find Boss. They leave.

After the APC vanishes, he and Flint go to confront Boss. Seeing Boss packing he asks what is wrong and isn’t he happy to see them. Boss says he’s always happy to see a satisfied customer and says the problem is they aren’t supposed to pick up the cigarettes until that night. He tells Boss that is going to be hard to do as the tank is gone. After Flint suggests they go back inside, he grabs Boss’ arm to ensure he goes.

In the Boar’s Nest, the play pool while watching Boss. They are thrown when the APC crashes through a wall and are arrested by Enos and Rosco before being handed over to Agent Buchanon.