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Milo Beaudry, is a minor character in The Dukes of Hazzard.


Season 5[]

Daisy's Shotgun Wedding[]

They head to the Boar’s Nest to meet with Boss Hogg, Sledge running an orange car off the road in the process. They go in the back to see Boss and Rosco playing cards. He offers a hand to Rosco, who takes it, and he squeezes so hard that Rosco is hurt. He then gives Sledge a proud look, that his brother returns. While Pa and Boss talk business, he wanders around and picks up a small incense burner. Unimpressed he puts it back down when he notices a dog statue. He tries to leave the office with it, petting it, but Boss stops him to reclaim it. Boss take it from him, upsetting him, but he leaves with the others anyway. They go to the bar and he grabs a man off a stool and shoves him aside.

When Daisy comes in, he leans over to his Pa, pointing her out and asking isn’t she pretty. As Daisy passes him, he turns her around to face him. He grabs her arm, addressing her as sugar and saying she’s cute. Daisy thanks him and tells him to get his hands off her. He tells her no and Daisy becomes upset, pulling against him and telling him she said to get his hands off. When Bo stands up to help he shoves Daisy into a group of people and squares up. Bo punches him in the face, which doesn’t even phase him. He shoves Bo to the ground. Bo gets back up and tries to hit him a few times but he barley feels it. He hits Bo back, throwing him through a table. Bo gets back up and breaks a chair on him, but he hits Bo in the face, knocking him down. He then throws a random person over the bar before hauling Bo to his feet about to hit him again. He’s stopped by Rosco firing his gun. They listen to Daisy say she can take care of herself before shattering a glass pitcher on his head. Milo just comments “Awww.”

The next day they go into Hazzard and he sees Daisy in town, pointing her out to Pa. He is scolded, told to keep his mind on the job. He says he would like to marry her. The go through the front door of Boss’ home. They walk up to Boss, who is angry that they disobeyed. While Boss and his Pa argue, he starts looking around Boss’ house. He finds Boss’ money stash and when Boss says he’s short of money, he announces Boss is lying as he has loads of money. He keeps the money out of Boss’ reach as his Pa pulls a gun on Boss and Rosco. Following his father’s orders, he puts Boss in a closet. After they go outside with the stolen money and take Rosco’s car. He gets excited to see Flash in the backseat yelling they also got a hound dog.

As they head home, they see Daisy. He asks his Pa if he can have her, and he agrees telling Sledge to run Daisy off the road. After Sledge succeeds, Daisy angerly confronts them. Excited, he looks at Daisy before announcing he has a bridge, grabbing her arm. He tells Daisy she is going to be his bride. She tries to run but Sledge picks her up and hands her to him. Milo takes her and puts her in the car, ignoring Daisy’s protests. They get in the car and continue driving home.

He sits upfront with Flash as his Pa says he’s got a wife and Daisy yells that he does not.

They arrive at home and he gets out, petting Flash and saying its his lucky day as he got a dog and a bride. They head up to the house to call the preacher. After his Pa calls and confirms the preacher to come out at five, he grins at Daisy.

After they put Daisy in the house, they are watching Flash, Sledge and Pa both trying to get her to do anything besides lay there. They hear Daisy fall and they run after her. They find her in the police car, talking on the CB and pull her out.

They retie Daisy to a chair.

As he fixes his hair to get ready, he looks over at Daisy and laughs. He reaches out and scratches her chin and Daisy kicks him in the shin.

They all wait by Daisy for the Preacher to arrive. Sledge points him out to them and they head down to meet him. After Pa pays the preacher, they start the wedding. The preacher asks if he will take Daisy to be his wife, which he says he sure does. However Daisy refuses. He is surprised by Bo and Luke arriving and sending smoke everywhere. He shoots at the boys. When the boys land, Bo runs at him and he flips Bo over his head and onto the ground. Bo gets back up and he grabs Bo, wanting to choke him. Bo knocks his arms away and punches him but Milo knocks Bo down. Bo tries to get up again, telling him to wait a minute. Bo repeats it a few times and Milo pauses to see what Bo wants. Bo says they need to get one thing straight before hitting him across the face, hard. Milo gets mad, saying Bo tricked him on that one and Bo calls out to Luke for help. He hits Bo hard and goes to attack him again but Luke comes running up. He blocks Luke’s attack and throws him onto the ground. The two cousins charge into him, bot hitting him and knocking him into the pig pen. Jesse Duke arrives before he can get out and he loses Daisy and Flash. They are arrested.

Season 6[]

Boss Behind Bars[]

After Milo accidentally blows up the family still, they head to Hazzard to get a new one. Excited, he asks his Pa if he thinks he will get to see that Daisy gal again and his Pa snaps to stay away from her. When Sledge snaps they are only there because of Milo, Milo makes faces at him. As the road comes together with another, they nearly hit the General Lee and run the car off the road, all three laughing and cheering. The General quickly catches up and Milo and Sledge bicker until Bo forces them to stop. He gets out of the truck, squaring up with Bo and when Sledge says they got him mad he adds ‘me too.’ Bo snaps that he almost wrecked them and Luke says they have nerve coming back. When Sledge tackles Luke, Milo picks up Bo and swings him across his shoulder. Pa shoots his gun, telling him to cut it out and he stops with Bo across his back. When Pa says to put Bo down he tosses the man onto the ground. Pa then tells him to apologize to the boys. When Sledge apologizes and slaps him, he says ‘yeah what he said.’ Bo says words are cheep and Luke says to keep passing through. They watch Bo and Luke leave, and when Sledge smiles and waves to them he slaps Sledge’s hand down. He asks why they had to apologize. Pa says they don’t want any trouble with the Dukes and for them to leave. The two elbow each other before getting in the truck and leaving.

They arrive at the Boar’s Nest to see it is packed. Unable to read the sign above the bar, he asks what it means and Pa says it has something to do with a race. Boss comes outside and they hide behind a hay bail. They watch Boss look under a car before Enos arrives, saying it’s Jesse Duke’s car. The two go into the bar. Pa says it’s the break they need and when Sledge asks what he means, Pa says they need to get Boss out of the way to take his still. They make their way over to Jesse’s car and he watches Sledge sabotage it. While Sledge and Pa work, he realizes it’s not Boss Hogg’s car but Jesse Duke’s and expresses that. Pa tells him he knows that. Milo is confused and Pa assures him that is part of the plan.

They sit on a hay bail until the people start filing out of the Boar’s Nest. They stand to see the Dukes come out with Cooter, followed by Boss, Rosco, and Enos who express shock at seeing them. He waves to Daisy, greeting her but Pa slaps his hand down and scolds him. While the race happens, he blows a kiss at Daisy only to get an angry look from Cooter. A few moments later he tries to wave to Daisy again only to have his Pa slap him. They hear Bo report on the radio that Jesse crashed and the Beaudrys leave to the crash site. When they arrive, he hangs back by the pickup with his brother. They watch Boss Hogg get arrested.

They head out to find one of Boss’ stills but he’s too distracted by his thoughts of Daisy. He comments that he sure hates leaving that Daisy gal as she looked so pretty but Sledge yells at him for forget her and that they came for a still.

After finding the nearest site, they tie up the worker and pack up the still. As they head home, they nearly run into the Duke boys again. The boys give chase before breaking off onto another road, confusing them. After Pa shoots out the Duke’s radiator they head home.

They arrive home and begin to set up the Sill. He pets the still, saying it sure is a beauty but Pa pulls him away saying they don’t need him blowing up another one. He and Sledge fight for a moment but Pa stops them. As they finish setting up, Pa informs them one of their traps went off. He tries to get a gun but collides into Sledge who calls him a big dummy before chasing after their Pa. However while they are looking they hear an explosion and realizing their new still just blew up, they head back. He insists it wasn’t him this time. Seeing the still on fire, they rush to put it out. Pa sends him to get water.

While pumping water he hears his name and turns to see Daisy. Milo is stunned and calls out to her. Daisy runs over and he asks what is she doing there as his Pa would be mad. Daisy says her family would be furious too but she missed him. Milo is stunned and she says she wanted to see him. Confused, Milo asks that she isn’t ‘bugged’ at him anymore and Daisy says that she thought about him and how big he is, and strong. He fixes his jacket and Daisy calls him smart, shocking him but he quickly agrees. Hearing his dad yell he promises that he’s coming and Daisy stays by his side. She says when she realized it was him who set up Boss, she realized she lost a smart man. He admits it was his Pa’s idea. He tells Daisy everything that happened while laughing. As he continues to pump water he tells her she is cute and that he has to get back with the water. He scratches her chin, asking if she will wait for him and Daisy promises to. He hears Jesse, telling him if he makes even one word it will be his last. He puts his hands up, saying he was just talking.

Pa and Sledge come to rescue him but Jesse and Luke take down Pa and Sledge. Bo elbows him in the stomach and hits him in the face. He shakes it off and punches Bo, knocking him down. As he moves to go after Bo again, Daisy starts hitting him with a broom, telling him to leave her cousin alone and she means it. When a police car crashes through the fence they use the distraction to flee to the truck, Sledge calling him a big dummy as he gets in.

Sledge asks why are they running away and Pa says he is leading them into their bobby traps. They watch the Dukes drive into one before going around it. However they are caught in their own pitfall and arrested.