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Mindy Lou Hale is a minor character from the Dukes of Hazzard.


Mindy Lou enrolled in Nursing College in Macon but doing so took all the money she had. She has been working her way down to Macon, trying to do odd jobs and sell items along the ways to make up enough money to put her through her first year. She explains she had done laundry, waited on tables, and even made t-shirts to sell.


The Fugitive[]

After getting a ride to Hazzard, she thanks the driver in the truck, tells him to have a nice day and begins walking. She sees a barn and outside are two men, Boss Hogg and Sheriff Rosco. She calls out to them saying ‘excuse me Sir’ before asking if she can use their telephone. Rosco says yes she can use it and points to the barn, however Boss protests and asks how long she’s been standing over there. She explains not long and she just wants to use the telephone. Rosco smiles saying ‘right in there’ but Boss whispers for him to arrest her. Hearing them she asks they want to arrest her and for what. She flees and the Sheriff chases after her yelling for her to flee. She gets across a small river with Rosco behind her but trips and falls on a small hill. Rosco grabs her and asks her what she was doing nosing around. She says she wants doing anything, honest, and just wanted to use the telephone. Rosco says she’s lying and she going to call someone about what she heard. She asks what she heard and Rosco says about the motorcycles. She gives him a smug look but Rosco pulls her up and takes her back toward the barn, saying he is arresting her for trespassing.

As she rides in Rosco’s car, they nearly have an accident with an oncoming truck and motorcycle. She screams to look out and Rosco stops in time. Rosco gets out to talk to the three individuals and she gets out of the car. She runs down the road a bit to hide in the bushes. When the truck passes, she runs over and jumps in the bed. While she hides in the back the truck is suddenly jerked off the road. A few moments later the back is opened and three people from earlier, Bo, Luke, and Daisy spot her. Luke comments that it looks like they got a stowaway. Bo says she’s a pretty stowaway and Daisy tells them she looks scared enough. Luke says that it’s okay and she slides to the edge saying she’s fine except for a few bumps and asks Luke if he always drives like that. Bo says he only does that when being chased by the sheriff. She explains it’s her the Sheriff was after the Luke asks what Rosco wants with her. She says ‘trespassing’. Bo says that makes no sense and everyone pretty much does that anyway. The three quickly introduce themselves and she introduces herself.

Daisy asks where is she headed and she explains about college. Bo asks what brings her through Hazzard and she explains her financial situation. Luke asks how she wants to get money. She explains she made some t-shirts for the motocross race and intended to sell them. She says she got a whole duffel bag but all she wants to do is get down to Macon because if she doesn’t register in time she will lose all the money she put in. Luke says he doesn’t see why they can’t run her down across the county line and Bo says they can also sell the t-shirts for her and Daisy says they will send her the money down in Macon. She agrees and Luke says that for now she should ride in the back and she agrees. Bo hands her his helmet and she moves so he and Luke can load up the bike.

While in the back, Luke suddenly screeches to a halt. Suspecting trouble, she climbs out of the back and hides under the truck as the boys and Daisy talk to Cletus. When they start driving again, she climbs in the back of the truck, waving to Luke in the rear view so he would know she is back there again.

At the Duke Farm, Bo and Luke are helping her out when Jesse comes over asking how they can get in trouble with the law before seeing her and saying ‘that’s how you manage’. She gives a nervous laugh and he says hello. Luke introduces them and Jesse welcomes her. Luke sits next to her explaining that Rosco wants her for Trespassing. As the guys start talking, Daisy says she’s taking Mindy Lou inside and she smiles, grateful. After a few moments Bo comes in to get them both, saying they have to move to Still Site 3.

After they arrive, she tells Jesse, Bo, Luke, and Daisy everything that she can remember. Boss ask where the conversation was and she says she doesn’t know ‘Mr. Duke’ as she was running in so man directions she can’t remember. Jesse says it’ll come to her. Luke asks if she can remember anything else that was said. She tells him something about him repainting his motorcycle. The Dukes realize Boss is stealing and repainting motorcycles.

After Luke comes up with a plan to decoy Rosco, she gets in the pickup with Jesse to head to the Choctaw County line. They arrive and Jesse tells her to get across the line and gives her a little bit of money. She hugs him, thanking him and Jesse yells at her to run. However Rosco comes out from behind the line. She is horrified when Rosco goes to arrest her but Jesse grabs him and tells her to get across the line. She does and watches in horror as Rosco arrests Jesse.

She walks back to the Still Site 3 to find the Dukes. They are all surprised to see her and she says she can’t let Jesse get arrested because of her. Bo says not to worry about it and they will get him out. She cuts him off saying she wants to help and it was all her fault. She says she isn’t going anywhere until she gets them out of trouble. Bo protests and she says they have been like family to her, family she hasn’t ever had. She hushes Luke from arguing and mentions she might be able to help them find the barn. Luke says she had never mentioned a barn before. She is surprised and says she’s sorry she guesses she was so scared she must have forgotten. Luke says he didn’t exactly ask either and asks if she remembers where it was. She says not far from where she got in their truck. The Dukes figure it can only be the Old Peabody barn and she rushes off with Daisy in Dixie to find the barn.

They drive out to the barn and she waits in the woods with Daisy as Bo and Luke check the barn. They sit down to discuss a plan that Luke has. While in the car Luke says it wouldn’t be a bad idea for her to hunker down in the back and Bo jokes that it wouldn’t do their reputation any good to be seen with a desperate female fugitive. They all laugh as she gets down. When Rosco chases after them, they go into Timber Top Acres and Bo tells her to hang on as she’s tossed around on the back seat. She sits up to see where they are and warns them about a tree across the road.

Luke starts laying out a plan for how they are going to save Jesse. He tells Daisy to go to town with Mindy Lou’s t-shirts. Daisy tells her she is going to sell a lot of them but Luke says Daisy is going to give them away. Daisy protests saying what will Mindy Lou do for her money for school, but she tells Daisy that she doesn’t mind. She tells Luke to go ahead and finish his plan.

The next morning she rides on the back of a motorcycle with Luke as he goes into town, showing her to Boss. She calls ‘hiya Mr. Hogg’ and laughs as they drive away. She continues to ride behind Luke as they flee from Boss, who is on a motorcycle. Luke pulls off after a bit and they hide in the bushes until Boss passes. They wait for a while before hunting him down and passing him on the road again, getting him to chase. Luke tells her to hang on as they head toward the Peabody Barn. When Luke turns around she asks him what is wrong and Luke says nothing is wrong but if they are going to clear the creek they need a good run at it. They jump the creek and keep driving, losing Boss.

They arrive in at the barn and hide in the bushes, watching Boss arrive. After Boss starts yelling at who he thinks is his men, but is actually Bo, Daisy, and Cooter; she and Luke enter the barn. She stands with Bo and Luke, an arm around Luke as he confronts Boss about his confession that Cooter recorded. Boss agrees to drop all the charges against her.

After Bo wins the motocross the next day, he gives her the $500 first prize for her tuition and the Dukes put her on a bus. She waves goodbye as she leaves.